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What Is Your Favorite Food
Pinto Beans & Cornbread. At least twice a week.

God Happy With Today's Church
To be honest, I believe that He would prefer His name not be associated with the building/gathering place.

Am I Going To Die
Your Christian friends have forgotten that what seems impossible to man is possible with God. Keep praying and praising God.

My Father-In-Law Died
Lord, touch this family and comfort them, especially during the upcoming holidays. Mend their broken hearts and hold them in your arms.

My Grandmother Just Died
I am sorry for your loss. God hold you and your family in His loving arms.

No Money To Tithe
Tithing is more than money. When I was a teenager, I didn't have any money to give, so I gave of my time by typing church bulletins. Perhaps you can offer your time through phone ministry such as praying for others or just listening or giving the widows/widowers a call to check on them. Ask God what you can do for Him.

Christians Partipate In Halloween
I've always allowed my kids to participate in Halloween. They had no idea of it origins. The only thing on their mind was CANDY! Now that they are grown, they know, but enjoy sharing candy with children and passing out children's Bible tracts.

What Country Are You From
I'm from the beautiful state of Virginia, USA! I've never travelled that much, so it would be interesting to hear of the places in your state/country that you enjoy.

Your Favorite Vacation Spot
We go to Natural Bridge every year for a day. It's very majestic, yet quiet.

This Is The Whining Blog
I am stinking tired of people calling me and my husband and telling us what we should be doing or what we need to do or why didn't we do something. We're busy, irritated, middle aged, and tired! Boy, that felt good!

How Many People In Your Church
Our church has between 40 & 50 people attending. Most are elderly. Our pastor is accessible, but even he is burdened with numerous health problems.

Major Surgery Prayers
I ask, in the name of Jesus, for the surgery to be a great success and that a quick recovery take place. Amen.

My Pastor Irritates Me
Thanks for your input. I'll pray and ask God to do some root pulling to find out why I'm feeling this way. Love you out there.

My Pastor Irritates Me
I'm not complaining, it's just that my Grandpa died several weeks ago, and even the funeral service was dramatic. Extended family asked, "What was that?" We simply wanted to hear a few words about my grandpa and his Savior. I'm just bothered deep down spiritually about it.

Age Your Kids Got Saved
My oldest two were both nine years old. My youngest child is thirteen and has accepted Christ, but has not been baptized, yet.

Why Do People Leave Church
I have left a church before because the moral actions of the pastor/wife,deacons, & congregation were not Christ-like at all. Church was more of a business than a place of worship.

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