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Who Survived The Flood
Learner, did God have any part in this endeavor or not? This was God's project and he gathered the animals. Some times we just have to read the Bible.

Divorced Christian Wedding
It is God who gave the requirements for marriage. It is also God who gave the requirements for divorce. Divorce is allowed and in some cases there is no bondage after one occurs.
Men put restrictions where God never did!

God Doesn't Intervene
"why doesn't God intervene to protect the unborn Americans who are being slaughtered daily in the United States of America?"

Simply because we have kicked God out of every part of our daily life in the USA. We have demanded Him to leave in the good times so why would He hang around and help us in the bad times?
Another sign of this is how the false cults are able to flourish in this country.

Oil Flowed From Hands
Yea, I got oil on my hands one day while working on my car.

Church Out Of Touch
"Elder, that was very slick, but it was a gross misinterpretation of Cluny's intention."

Oh, really. Wasn't Cluny saying that Satan had/has activity in ALL churches and ministries? If not, then what was he saying?

If I disagree with Cluny I'm "wrong." Now, if I agree with him I'm "wrong." So, where do I go from here?

Church Out Of Touch
"\\Satan has had over two thousand years to infiltrate and divide the church into tens of thousands of different denominations each having their own traditions, rituals, ways of living and interpretations of the bible.\\
And every single one of these either directly or indirectly left the Orthodox Church."

So, you admit that the Orthodox Church has been infiltrated by Satan.

Good information, thanks for your post.

Lord Help Me Help
"shira NEVER said, "I'm sorry,..."

So, someone has to say they are sorry for you to exercerize forgiveness?

Sounds kinda whiney to me.

Do You Own A Bible
"I know satan has tried to change God's Word.
Can you support this assertion, shira?"

What? No one has to read futher than Gen 3 to see Satan doing this very thing.

Lord Help Me Help
"My experience with shira is that she usually projects her own inner hostilities and misery onto me, even telling me to kill myself so I wouldn't be miserable and lonely any more."

Whoa... such hatred and unforgiving spirit. Shira tried to get that issue right with you. I guess you conveniently missed that post.

Maybe you shouldn't act in such a way as to have someone tell you that. She sure didn't do it because of your defense of Christian things.

You also need to get out more and see how windows are put in houses in this century.

Against Capital Punishment
"Elder, you're talking samantics and you know it."
Nurse Robert

No sir I am not. But if I were how come you can and I cant?

For the information of all who want to know there is no difference except age progression and development.
So, if its OK to murder a fetus why not a Senior Citizen? They cost a lot more.

Since no one really knows all of what is in ACA/Obama Care anything can be added at anytime. Now of course the Liberals will deny that but they cant prove it wont or doesnt all ready happen.

And Haz, yes you have proven exactly who you are and I love you for it! Continue on as the voice of sanity.

Against Capital Punishment
"Elder, Hobby Lobby certain did offer the abortion pill..."

Wrong again! An Insurance Company they used for their employees may have provided baby Death Pills.

But any way, please tell me the major difference in a "fetus" a newborn baby, adolescence, teen, young adult or a senior adult.

By the way you have never explained to me just when a fetus becomes a human being.

If you answer I'll tell you just what I do for the poor and needy providing you are willing to match just 1/4.

How Should Christians Get Along
How should Christians get along?

It seems to depend on if you are face-to-face or posting on ChristiaNet.

Scott's answer covers it all and brings up other questions.

1. What is a Christian?
2. How do you become a Christian according to the Bible?
3. Are you/am I a Christian according to the Scripture?
4. Do you/I live as a Christian according to the Bible?

Let's answer these but there are more.

Now these don't ask someone else's opinion of you because how do we know they are Christian according to the Bible?

Democrat Christian Possible
How did the actions of some people affect Sodom or the world of Noah? Are we to accept all actions of everyone except God?

Just like Hobby Lobby. They never offered the abortion pill and such to their employees before Obama "care" and nothing was said. Now all of a sudden the baby killers are screaming for not getting to murder babies for free.

Now the unholy trio supports this action with vengeance.

Threat To Christianity
Steveng the verses you posted on 6/29/14 have nothing to do with falling out of Salvation or falling away in that concept.

Even your attempt using Hebrews 6:4-6 fails. You should take notice of the word "if."

What this passage is teaching is that IF it were possible to lose your Salvation you could NEVER be Saved again!

Could Mega Churches Survive
Cluny if you are going to explain the big words what time will your mama be over to help you?

You always avoid answering. I stated that you said miracles do not prove the existence of God. You then stated that was not what you said.

So, the process states that you believe miracles do prove the existence of God.
Do you even know?

Just for fun tell us one big word that you know now that you can read the News Paper.

Democrat Christian Possible
Ahh... Leon is trying to gain support for his twisted views. I think Nurse is smarter than that.

Leon wants to build a Waco Clan all to himself.

Wait.... wait for it... wait...wait, yea there it is a new name calling... Leon lyrics. Ain't ya happy wit ya new meds Leon?

Democrat Christian Possible
"a millionaire widow is not a widow indeed.

If you go back and reread what I posted you will see that is what I was leading to. I'm sure you are smart enough to see that if you reread my post.

A widow that has children that could take care of her is the same.

Next, the government welfare system has taken away what the churches used to do.

Yea, yea, yea... the next statement is the churches don't do what they are supposed to.

One reason is because people just don't need churches any more. They get everything they need from the government.

Could Mega Churches Survive
Cluny, so your answer is...?
Com'on now this is a easy one. Deny it or defended it just answer it.

Democrat Christian Possible
"Haz,You chose to be pro-fetus...."

Nurse with your vast knowledge of medical stuff and all of your years of experence could you tell us when or at what point in time a "Fetus" becomes a baby?

Now this is not like a wart is it?

Do you believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible? If so, it speaks for itself.

The Bible calls them babies.

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