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Unmarried Couples Serve In Church
My ans is simply yes.
Why? If their money is acceptable, why their service will not be acceptable?

Again,if their relationship is well recognize and accepted by the families, it is no longer a sin.
Also, the Bible does not speak against living together as concubines, even though it is good be wedded.
Lastly, we do not know the mind of God behind every relationship.

There Is A Demon In My House
Does this silluette have a face, if so, you might have a ghost instead. unlike demons, ghosts are mostly harmless (although some can be evil and just as bad as demons, those are usually the ghosts of people who have done evil things) Again, most ghosts are good, most died a tragic death and do not know they are dead or they were victimized and are asking for someone to help them and bring the people who victimized them to justice. If it is a ghost, you must in the name of Jesus Christ guide them to heaven by letting them know that you are going to help them, then through prayer, guide them to the light, so that they can cross into heaven. If this is a demon, you must rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ, the same with spirits of evil people.

Is Levitation Demonic
Read Deuteronomy 26: 9-14. There is one way to GOD and tat is through His son JESUS. So if he is "spiritual" and not filled with the HolySpirit, then thats of the enemy. Remember 2 corinthians 10:3-5

Explain Romans 1:20
From what I have read about this passage is that the people were knowingly doing what was wrong. The gentiles were ignoring their own conscience. By doing so they were securing their own fate. It was designed to show that all men and women need the salvation of God.

Are Some Sports Unchristian
Who are we to decide what sports are "unchristian?" That is between you and God at the end. Live your life the way you want and read the bible yourself to make your own decision, don't take what others (including your priest) tell you as absolute truth.

Confess Adultery To Husband
Confess...Yes, it may hurt the husband, for a short timeWithout confession there can NEVER be full recovery! How can you expect the husband to trust you again? Hiding the truth will create a pain & suffering that will NEVER go away. You will be keeping a door open for torment, deception & jealousy! It is so selfish to hide it! What about the husbands needs? God has for those who are willing to truly confess, to follow through with the healing & James 5:16 Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.

Should I Divorce My Husband
Being someone accused of abuse and having my wife file for divorce. I can honestly say that there are men out there that will stop at nothing to get things back to the way they were. That being said, I have voluntarily enrolled in anger management, personal counseling, started to volunteer my time to charities and even begun going to church on my own. I still wish to reconcile with my wife and seek counseling, but she refuses and thinks I am manipulating her once more.When a person has really made changes in there life and is still accused of being the same person they have always been it is more than difficult to accept.I have to put my faith in God that only he can show my wife I have changed and give her the courage to trust and love again.

Is Time Moving Faster
The ancients had many a saying for the feeling of lost time . Especially when it's do to positive living. Tempest Fugeot!!( is my favorite) Especially when things are good. In general Life is good. Therefore it will generally seem shorter as we come closer to our mortality. The divine wisdom is in the experience of living a "Golden Example". Which "NO MAN" is capable of emulating purely.
At least not yet.

Girlfriend Won't Give Up Smoking
We have a 6 month old little girl.
We are not married yet and She quit during the pregnancy and for 2 months after we had her.
Now she is bumming from people and smokes an average of 2-3 a day and now she wants to buy a pack! She owes over 13 thousand in child support and we cannot afford to buy cigs. I want to tell her to choose, but then I loose my baby girl if I loose her. She says that I am too controlling.

Praying For A Soul Mate
God has led me to this blog tonight. Don't reduce your standards. God listens and answers our prayers... in god's time. We as mankind often get in a hurry. I have learned that God will answer the prayers of his believers, not always as we would have had him do so, but in a way that we can later reflect on and realize that he was looking out for us. We must be patient. It's not easy. Another thing that I have learned is that sometimes , insteady of steadily praying, we must listen. Find a quiet place and sit and ask god to speak to your heart, lend you the knowledge you will need, and just listen. Thank god for your trials as well as your blessings. I have prayed for your request tonight also. Praise God. Amen

Does God Forgive Sin
GOD is all-forgiving, so I believe, However, one must have true faith, and learn from that mistake, and ask for forgiveness, and face what ever circumstances that may come of the inapproprate action that one selfishly has taken............

Do Muslims Worship Same God
I'd suggest you aquaint yourself with what the Koran teaches about the God they belive in and then compare that to what the bible says about God. The only conclusion I can come to is they are not the same.

Genesis Account Mythological
There is an excelletn magazine called 'Answers in Genesis'. Also check out John McKay. Christian scientists who look at creation from a scientific viewpoint. Makes a lot more sense than evolution I can tell you.

Divorce My Muslim Husband
Dear Susie,

A muslim man can marry a christian lady and she is considered to be Islamic by virtue of the marriage - so from his perspective you are subject to Islam(I think his mistreatment of you follows from this). He is also permitted to have 4 wives. Muslims often get around monogamy by not declaring their other wives (in Australia we have situations where the 'non-legal' wives may collect unemployment benefits to raise their children which are considered to be outside of wedlock, i.e single mothers who never married).

If you are his first wife, you are legitimately married in the Lord's eyes (though you are definitely unevenly yoked , as others on here have said). I think prayer must be your first recourse in this matter.

Seeker Friendly Churches Biblical
"Are seeker friendly churches Biblical" - form the perspective of the 'falling away' mentioned in scripture , they are. However, they are not the church of true believers, though true believers , for better or for worse, may be attending them. I've decided I don't want to be a part of this anymore - so now I attend a home fellowship of like minded christians. Should the Lord lead me to a regular church thay lifts up him and his word I'll gladly attend - but till then, I want to be on the straight and narrow path.

Affair With A Church Woman
I agree with Randy - I wish I had run from a woman, like Joseph (I am single, and she was divorced), but I succumbed. Repent of your sin, and yes, break it off cold turkey - but be warned - she probably won't accept you doing that without trying to keep involving you, so remain steadfast and don't contact her or allow her to contact you.

Hookers For Jesus Marries
He forgave you and I , didn't he. Remember, he said he came for sinners, not for the perfect. If you're perfect, then you don't need Jesus.

Often our biggest problem is we don't understand the state of our own sinfulness. The bible however, is a mirror to our soul and shows us all for the depraved people we are by nature - there is NO righteousness (right standing with God) outside of Christ.

Divorce My Muslim Husband
I'm not sure , firstly, if you are a christian believer, but regardless, how I understand the bible, you get one shot at marriage. Yes, you can divorce (though I don't believe divorcing frees you up to remarry - just bare that in mind) if your spouse is unfaithful, but understand also that God hates divorce, and despite Israel's disobedience, he never divorced his people, but sought to lead them back to himself. If, however, your husband is physically abusive, separating fro m him makes sense - use that time of separation to pray for his salvation, and see what God does.

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