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Where Is Hell
Hell is a locale in Riverside County, California, United States, approximately 29 miles (47 km) west of Blythe on Interstate 10.

There is also Hell, Michigan, Hell, Arizona, Hell, Grand Cayman, and Hell, Norway. Far too many places named "Hell".

Do you know exactly what place you are talking about?

In IC.XC.,

Do You Bear Truth
"they....teach salvation by works" (Mark V)

Never met anyone that taught that.

However, some believe you are saved by saying a prayer, confessing your sins and proclaiming Christ as your "personal" Lord (a work).

"Also, you assume that all RCC and Orthodox DO beleive in salvation by works - those I've met don't
---Peter on 10/3/11"

You have to excuse Mark V. He is prejudiced agaist other Christians. In fact, he doesn't believe Roman Catholics, Eastern Catholics, Eastern Orthodoxy, Coptic Orthodoxy, Assyrian Church of the East, are part of the Body of Christ. We all damn to hell (unless we repent, she says) in her book.

Pray for her.

In IC.XC.,

Parts Of Bible Not Applicable
For Protestants, the deutercanonical books are not appicable or even considered Scriptures (even though the majority of Christians outside the RCC consider them to be). My original 1611 KJB and Orthodox Bible has these books in there, so modern day Protestants have a altered Bible, full of holes.

In IC.XC.,

Do You Bear Truth
"History of the RCC is written already....Documentary movies are made of those who molested children" (Mark V)

The same can be said for Protestantism. In fact, a recent survey suggest that molestation of Children is more high in Protestant churches and the cover ups are high. Does this make any less wrong? No. Does this excuse the RCC? No. Should clergy members be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law? Yes. Should clergy members be punished by their Church hierarchy? Yes.

"And everyone turn an eye to what they did"

I don't.

" many died fighting for the Truth. "

Today, many Protestants are finding the Truth, and coming home to Orthodoxy.

In IC.XC.,

Do You Bear Truth
Mark V

"they opposed each other"

I am no trained Historian. I got that statement straight from Protestant Historians. You go argue with them, not me. I am only related what I personally read in historical books on the matter.

You first mention what the RCC atrocities (and then said "what rights did these men had?"), and then you praise the Reformers, as if they spoke the Truth in it's entirely. I simply stated (with sources) that they were just as corrupted and had their own version of what the Truth was.

If you going to attack the RCC for their acts in the past (and rightly so), then you should also point out the evil acts of your Protestant Reformers.

In IC.XC.,

Do You Bear Truth
Poppa Bear:

1) You accept 27 books in the NT because men in the Early Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, told us that. That's a doctrine outside of Scriptures that is Truth. Do you believe the the Gospels was written by the authors assigned to them? Another doctrine outside of Scriptures.

2). Christ or the Apostles did not quote or alluded to Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Ecclesiastes, or Obadiah. Should we reject these books too?

3) The Ancient African Jews (now living in Beta Israel of Ethiopia) accept the Deutercanonicals as Scriptures, as do most Christians outside the Roman Catholic Church (Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy, etc).

4)The Original 1611 KJV had these books in the Bible.

In IC.XC.,

Repeated New Testament
Uhh, that's a double negative, Iggy. You have been too busy with personal attacks to address the blog question.
---jerry6593 on 9/29/11

"uhh" is not a word. You been disrespectful the moment you got here. You changed Cluny's name to "Clueless". You changed my name to "iggy". You changed StrongAxe name to "Axey". Why don't you address people with the names they chosen on this blog?

You keep ignoring my (and others here) questions toward you.

You love to criticize others here, but, like I and others have shown, you don't keep all the OT Laws. But you like to parade like you do, just like the Pharisees.

Being a hypocrite isn't from God Jerry6538. Repent.

In IC.XC.,

Do You Bear Truth
Mark V,

You are not fooling anyone. You mention the corruptions of the RCC during the Medieval period. I am only one that have mention the corruption of the Protestant Reformers You praise them. I do not. You defend their atrocities.

Why haven't you agree with me about your Protestant Popes excommunicated people? Burning people? Killing people? Why do you defend them?

"Igantius, you lie about reformers when you say they called each other names."

I do not. I got that straight from Historian Diarmaid Macculloch in his book "Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years" and renowned Protestant scholar Philip Schaff in his "History of the Early Christian Church".

In IC.XC.,

Do You Bear Truth
"Ignatius, I knew you were not speaking for the body of Christ." (Mark V)

And you are? Self-proclaimed leader I see. Just like the Roman Pope.

"You were singling out others."

Because you are doing the same. Did I hit a nerve?

"I don't defend a denomination, I defend the Truth of the gospel."

You defend your own version of the Truth and your personal interpretations of Scriptures. Martin Luther did the same thing. So did John Calvin, and all the Reformers of the 14-16th centuries.

". But you defend every tradition they believe."

That's a lie. If we did, we will become Catholics ("head shaking" at the insanity).

In IC.XC.,

Repeated New Testament
Iggy & Clueless: You guys crack me up. You've gone from a theology of "salvation by religious affiliation" to "salvation by Bible ownership" and now to "salvation by hymnal selection". Good luck with all that in the final judgement. Perhaps if you spent more time learning to obey God rather than looking for ways to disobey Him with impugnity you might fare better.
---jerry6593 on 9/28/11

You didn't answer none of my questions.

Bye Jerry. I knew you wouldn't last long in this blog.


In IC.XC.,

Do You Bear Truth
Mark V-

Yet the Reformers couldn't agree what was the Truth. Martin Luther (and his church) believed John Calvin was heretic. John Calvin believed he was a heretic. Martin Luther believed Zwingli' was a even more heretic. He even said one was better of becoming a Catholic then to join his heretic Reformed church.

The Reformers was just as corrupted as the RCC. They also killed people that disagreed with them.

While they all believe the RCC needed reformed, they all died with a VERY different profession of what the Truth was. They excommunicated each other and often spoke badly about each other. Each became the Pope of their church. Which Pope do you want me to follow? Which one are you bondage to?

In IC.XC.,

Do You Bear Truth
"What people are you talking about? You, me and all those who are saved? (Mark V)

Protestants, of course. Protestants since the 16th century has been slipping from each other and started churches where they have their own Pope. No Protestant can agree on what "Protestantism" really is, although they all agree that the RCC is wrong. "Truth" in Protestantism is in the eyes of the beholder. There is no central authority.

"Why don't you repent for defending them? (Mark_V. on 9/28/11)

I only defend doctrines in the RCC that agree with Holy Tradition. If you speak any doctrine in agreement with Holy Tradition, I will defend you too.

In IC.XC.,

Do You Bear Truth

Because the listing of the 27 books was the early as the 2d century.
---lee1538 on 9/27/11

I have several historical books written by various Anglican/Protestant scholars and Historians, and they all disagree with you.

Most notably, J.N.D Kelly "Early Christian Doctrines", Philip Scahff (History of the Christian Church).

Historians Mikhail Emmauelovich Posnov (the History of the Christian Church Until the great Schism 1054) and Diarmaid MacCulloch "Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years" also disagree with you.

Google "The Formation of the New Testament Canon" by Historian Richard Carrier.

These are your own people.

In IC.XC.,

Repeated New Testament
Cluny is correct on both terms. In an SDA hymnal YE WATCHERS AND YE HOLY ONES (text by Athelstan Riley, I believe.) there is a stanza that goes like this:

O higher than the Cherubim,
More glorious than the Seraphim,
Lead their praises, Alleluia.
Thou bearer of the Eternal Word,
Most gracious. magnify the Lord. Alleluia, alleluia, alleulia.

It's a Catholic hymn too. This is a pure invocation of the Virgin Mary, the Theotokos (compare this to our Orthodox hymn sung in our services: "More honorable than the cerubim, and more glorious beyond compare than the seraphim, who without corruption gave birth to the Word of God, and are truly Theotokos [she-who-gave-birth-to God], we magnify you."

In IC.XC.,

Struggle With Sexual Addictions
Cluny, WHO has succeeded in the 12 step group? Certainly not Peter, not Paul, not John, right? WHO? These 12 step programs are all man made and not executed by the Power of the Holy Spirit. WHO has succeeded at them?
---Donna5535 on 9/24/11

A couple of members of my parish before they were saved. Are you calling them liars?

In IC.XC.,

Do You Bear Truth
"If Jesus believed in what was written in Scripture, then should we not also do so?" (lee1538)

That's a red-herring argument. I NEVER once said otherwise.

First, not everything was contained in Scriptures, as Saint Paul alluded to a extra biblical Jewish Tradition in 2 Timothy 3:8. Second, some NT doctrines came from extra biblical Jewish Tradition: Abraham's Bosom, Moses's Seat, the names of the magicians in Exodus 7:11,22, etc. And Third, the words of God came through in the Ancient Church which told us which books belong in the Bible and which doesn't. Why do you accept only 27 books in the NT? Where it Scriptures does it say that?

In IC.XC.,

Do You Bear Truth
"they are so deep in their traditions" (Mark V)

So are Protestants. For example, you believe in Sola Scriptura, even though you admitted before that the doctrine or principle has no basis in the Scriptures. It is a Tradition of Men.

But I am sure that you and other Protestants don't like to hear such things because the darkness hates the light, as Jesus said (John 3:19-31). Those who are spiritually dead can not comprehend the Mysteries of God.

In IC.XC.,

Repeated New Testament
"Andd just how is my marital sleeping arrangement of interest to you? Are you some kind of pervert or something?
---jerry6593 on 9/24/11

In others words, you don't follow the laws of marital arrangements in the Old Testament. Thus, you are a law breaker, and if you break one Law, you break them all.

In IC.XC.,

Immortal Soul Biblical
"the story of Lazarus is a PARABLE - the BIG LIE about this parable is the false teaching that ADDS heaven and hell because those ideas must be implied the parable makes no mention of EITHER!
---Rhonda on 9/24/11"

Who said anything about "heaven or hell" in Luke 16:19-31, but you alone?

Jesus taught a parable about a man who went to Abraham's Bosom after his death and another man who went into torment, based on their works. Are you saying Jesus was wrong in using the "afterlife" in one of his parable?

The REAL Jesus believe in the afterlife and the immortality of the soul, otherwise he wouldn't used such doctrines in his ministry.

In IC.XC.,

Do You Bear Truth
"What you have listed is known as ADD-ON" (lee1538)

Nope. It's called Apostolic Tradition, which was in both written and unwritten form passed along by the successors of the Apostles (2 Thess. 2:15, 2 Thes 3:6, 2 Timothy 2:2, 3:14). By the way, the Seat of Moses was a extra biblical tradition, yet Jesus recognized it's authority (Matthew 23:2).

"To you guys the simplicity of the Gospel has become complex. One is saved and lives by the grace of Christ, not by religious junko!"

On the contrary, we preach the WHOLE Christ and salvation, not fragments of it.

"The flesh loves religion!!!!!"

The Spirit does too. But it's called pure religion (James 1:27, KJV).

In IC.XC.,

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