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Can Dictators Use Religion
So Jews welcomed Hitler's coming to power in great numbers. And pigs fly.

Is Abortion A Political Issue
"Vengeance is mine," saith the Dudley, who talks like a Muslim.

What Is A Rosary Used For
Repetitions in prayer are not necessarily meaningless. Check out Psalm 136.

God Takes Bad Christians Home
Rhonda, who appointed you or anyone else here to issue warnings? No one on these blogs has the authority to tell anyone what to do or what to refrain from doing.

Is Abortion A Political Issue
Jennifer, you are right. This is absolutely the wrong site for those in need of comfort.

Is Abortion A Political Issue
Elder, what church appointed you an elder. Just wondered.

God's Will For Osama Bin Laden
Tray, yup, that's me -- love aod flowers and butterflies. :-) I don't hate Mr. Bin Laden. And I still have no idea of what you are trying to tell me, and, frankly, I have just about lost interest. God bless you!

Condemning Christians
It must be okay for Christians to condemn nonchristians. The practice has been around from the beginning and is ubiquitous.

Can Dictators Use Religion
There were no elections in Germany in 1940.

Hitler, Mussolini Hirohito
They couldn't be in heaven. No one has yet been resurrected.

Number One Heresy Today
Christians can't identify heresy until the can agree on orthodoxy.

The Antichrist Conspiracy Exists
I am sure he is alive and well -- in the White House.

God's Will For Osama Bin Laden
Tray, sorry, I don't follow you at all.

Is Harold Camping Correct
Whether Harold is camping correctly or not, I hope he remembered his flashlight.

What Country Are You From
Born in SoCal. Still there.

Is God's Kingdom Democratic
It doesn't matter what kind of government is on earth during the millennium. We won't be there. We are seated in the heavenly places, not on earth. Ephesians 2:6.

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