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Speak Things Into Existence
I need bibical clarity on this verse.I have been chastized by a family member who believesthat I bring "it into existence" if I comment " "Kathy is a sick women" or "He probably won't be here next year". Is this a bibical fact or is stating the condition of someone "speaking it into existence?" Realize that I have total faith that God is the great healer. My sister thinks that I will be happier if I ignore the absolute truth or known fact in issues that are unwanted and not pleasant in earthly life. Please comment.

In The Bible Do Angels Have Wings
JoelV -- When the Bible says "Let US create man in OUR image," the "We" refers to God and Jesus (pre-incarnate) -- not God and the angels. The angels are created beings, just as we are.

Divorce For Abandonment
What about a Christian spouse who "abandons" his wife mentally, emotionally, is not trustworthy and physically (sex)? Financial support is not the only thing required in a marriage, is it? They are virtually "sharing space."

Divorce For Abandonment
So what does "provide for his own" include? Does that get into anything other than financial provision? As a Christian spouse, I am thinking about spiritual, emotional, medical insurance, trustworthiness, home responsibilities. Even though not enumerated in the Bible, they are still provisions, aren't they? Any scripture references? Maybe that is just part of a man loving his wife as Christ loved the church from Eph 5:25-27.
Thanks for your thoughts.

Favorite Christian Songs
I like the Gaithers and Lynda Randle`s song
He will carry you and Mark lowery song Make It Real

Was Lucifer The Choir Director
can anyone show me the scripture in the Bible where satan/lucifer was at one time the leader of music in heaven

I Want Some Penpals
Ithink that no matter what your going through God has it all under control i guess i'm speaking from experience Iwas married to a man tyhat wasn't a christain and he was abusive to me and my children my children all ended up in fostercare and i was left all alone i seemed no matter what i did it wasn't good enough, long story short the Lord sent this man to speak to me and he showed me that no matter what was going on he was still there for me that he never left me i left him so beileve it God really has your life planned

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
I've had these dreams too - I think it is a condition called "sleep paralysis." You should be able to find out more through a google search.

Just Lost Husband And Need Help
I lost my husband July 11th 2008. I know how you feel if that helps.Sometimes I wonder if I will ever quit crying.I am going to start volunteering my time and maybe that will help.I miss him so much and though I know he's finally home with the Lord I wish I could hold him one more time and hear his voice.Just keep your feet planted firm and stand.One day you will see him again.We were married 48yrs.I am 64.His 70th birthday was in heaven.God bless you.Nancy

Drug Rehab For Crazy In-Law
Just to get you some info you might need her doctor should make an assessment on her. You really cannot insist on her doing anything unless you are her guardian. If you're not, find a way to take her to her doctor or psychiatrist or therapist if she has any of them and they can take it from there. Unless she does something to endanger you or your family, or if she tries to hurt herself, there is not much you can do. I don't know what state you live in, you might have more options in your state. You might want to call a mental health agency in your area or your church to see if they can help you in any way. God bless you and I will pray for you and your family to find your way.


Drug Rehab For Crazy In-Law
Hi there friend! I am very sorry to have read what your mother in law is going through at this moment. Well, as for myself I haven't came across such experience yet but I'll give what my heart can give to you and your wife. Keep praying for her and keep her in your prayers, love and treat her with love, live life in a way that she would enjoy and most importantly giving drug rehab treatment would surely help her as well. Think that's about it and Bless you!

Is Watching TV Worldly
What are you watching? PBS, news programs, most documentaries, how-to programs, and sports (well, maybe not the more violent sports, LOL) are all types of programs anyone can watch without worry.

There are also classic films, shows based upon literature (such as Pride and Predjudice), lots of quality music--all are acceptable.

The thing is, watchers need to differentiate between "living in the world" and "worldly". After all, there's quite a gap between the Home and Garden channel and HBO.

Can I Marry A Poor Man
One, has he actually proposed?

Assuming he has, have you discussed fiscal prospects? You'll need to do so.

If he isn't willing to go into a more lucrative field (or sub-field, such as teaching band), you'll have to step up to the plate and support your family.

On the up-side, most musicians work nights and weekends, so it should be possible to arrange your schedule so that he can take care of the kids while you work.

Oh, and word to the wise, if you go to a lot of his concerts, and they use amplifiers, wear earplugs. (We have a lady at our church who has gone to her son's karaoke things for years and has lost most of her hearing from that.)

Homeless People In The Park
If you've given money to any of these persons, it's possible that word has gotten around and you're seeing more people because they know you're a source of funds.

You should also be aware that many people actually earn their living by begging, even when they aren't actually homeless. (This has been true ever since Victorian times--it was even the focus of a Sherlock Holmes story.)

That's not to say that times aren't tougher--they are--but to point out that there may be many reasons to be seeing more people begging.

I Feel Guilty From An Abortion
No. What you did was justified, because the rapist's actions put your life in jeopardy--prenancy is a hazardous life-threatening state that NO ONE has the right to force upon another.

Put the blame for the abortion where it belongs: on the rapist!

As for your life, try taking a different way to work, so you don't have to think about it so much. And do try to get some counseling.

(And for any blogger here who thinks otherwise, here's something to think about: it's one thing to risk one's life to willingly donate a kidney, it's another thing entirely to have a kidney stolen.)

Faithful Christians Are Attacked
Because they are praying for healing, when they should be praying for mental and spiritual strength.

But it is unreasonable to ask Gd to change the laws of biology and physics (which He Himself made) to allow a person who is not meant to be well, to be healed. No amount of prayer will ever remove the extra chromosome that causes Down's Syndrome, for example, but it will help the parents of a child with said syndrome have the strength to deal with the extra tasks needed to raise such a child.

Prayer is that way for many incurable disorders: it doesn't heal them, but it makes them more tolerable.

And when an illness becomes intolerable, and no cure is in sight, then prayer eases the way for the sufferer into the next world.

Jerusalem Center Of World
Humans tend to forget how much creation there actually is. To quote the Animaniacs "It's a great big universe, and we're all really puny."

There are uncountable numbers of galaxies in the universe, each with billions of stars in them. And our own planet is just a small rocky orb, around a small star, in a back-water arm of a middling-sized galaxy in a small galactic cluster.

So, I'd have to say, while I'm sure the Creator keeps an eye out for good old Earth, I think it'd be quite egotistical to assume any part of it, even Jerusalem, was the center of the world in His eyes. (The center of His plans, at times, perhaps, but not the center of the world.)

Do I Give The Ring Back
The rule is: you get to keep everything an ex-fiance gave you EXCEPT the engagement ring.

However, if you physically gave it back to him, and he handed it back and said keep it, you might have an argument for it no longer being an engagement ring, but instead just a present.

But I don't think just an offer would fly in court.

And if it was a family heirloom, you are absolutely obligated to return the ring, no matter what.

My recommendation? Send it back with a note saying good riddance.

And make him sign a receipt!

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