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Sabbath Keepers Moses Law
Pastoral Rectoceles teach their Helplessly DELUSIONAL VICTIMS that they CANNOT Keep God's Commandments. HOW ABSURD! I VOW in Love to OBEY God, and I DON'T Have to have 'Protestant gods' in the stead of the REAL God. Neither do I have to make Graven Images, Vow God's Name IN VAIN, or POLLUTE His Sabbath. Must we Dishonor our Parents, Murder People, Commit Adultery, Steal or LIE??? I don't HAVE to COVET other people's belongings. DO YOU??? It's Your CHOICE: SIN and HELL, or OBEDIENCE and LIFE!

Why Minor Doctrine Differences
If I were a foreigner contemplating Christianity, and hapt upon the 969 TOTALLY DIFFERENT so-called 'Christian' Religions of Protestantism that are so Disputed and Fought Over between their OPPOSING CULTS, I would honestly think the Entire Scheme of American Protestantism IS INSANE, and Of Course IT IS! It's like they ALL want their Wee little Bits and Pieces, but NONE Want ALL of God and Christ.

Eye Of The Needle Meaning
In Proper Context of Christ's Saying, the "Camel" was understood by His Listeners to be the more-expensive Camel-Hair ROPE of those days, and the 'Needle' He Spake of was a Common-like Needle as we know it.

Which Religion Is Correct
Much ARGUMENT here has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the QUESTION! PROTESTANTISM is a FALSE Religion, ALL OF THEM! They EACH CLAIM to teach of ONE God and Christ, Yet they ALL teach OPPOSING DOCTRINES! Christ Spake UNITY IN PERFECTION IN ONE!!! Protestantism is NOT OF ONE, it is NOT UNIFIED, Neither is it of GOD AND CHRIST, even though they ALL SLANDER the HOLY NAMES and FALSELY CLAIM 'Christian' Fame. Google the Name and search the TRUTH.

Who is John Hagee?
For the last four years I was Caregiver to an old Tennessee Baptist Preacher who Purchased John Higgee's Miracle-Cure Snake-oil Faith-Healing SCAMS on a regular basis. He DIED of the Cancer that John Piggy SWORE he'd be Cured of! False Reverend Higgee is a GREEDY LEECH who thrives on the Blood of his WEAK AND GULLIBLE VICTIMS, and is an ANTICHRIST if I've ever seen one. WHERE'S THE GRAND JURY?

What Is God's Grace
Christ is our EXAMPLE to FOLLOW. He (John 8:29)PLEASED the Father in ALL things. He Says SIN NO MORE, and (1 John 3:5-10) defines the Born-Again Christian. False Pastors Swear that we CANNOT Cease from Sin, but the Book of God (Rom. 6) Says that We'd Better. GRACE (Heb. 12:28) is given Whereby we may SERVE GOD ACCEPTABLY with Reverence and FEAR. (Rom. 12:1-2) We are to SACRIFICE our SINFUL Human Nature SO THAT we may DO THE PERFECT WILL OF GOD.

Can The Holy Spirit Leave
Acts 5:32, The Spirit is given to THEM THAT OBEY! John 15:14, You ARE Christ's friend "IF" you "OBEY". 1 John 3:5-10, If you Willfully CHOOSE to SIN, you ARE NOT Born of GOD! Protestant Doctrines KILL! Google "Bad Boys: Organized Crime In America", and see how preachers swap the Truth for LIES.

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