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Spanking Teenage Boys
im 16, i usually get a choice though now between spanking and grounding, i always choose spanking. 8-10 hits with a belt, underwear down now since i tried to use padding before. not so bad, hurts for an hour and thats it

Explain Bible History

Brendan you wrote:

"But the point is that the decisions were made by a synod of bishops in any case,"

Agreed, but the real question is did they decide or recognize the Scriptures??

Remember, on another blog, you did admit that no church father ever taught or believed that they themselves "Gave the world the bible." or "Gave the bible its authority."bi

Adam Eve Free Will
Earl ask, "Would you say that,ordained to this condemnation",at Jude 4 is the same about the sons of God in Gen 6.4?"

Yes and a good question.

Explain Bible History

Vrendan states, "You know that the Early Church Fathers, in and around the First Ecumenical Council, made the final decisions about the Canon in (approx) 325 a.d."

Again sir, you are in serious error.

Nicaea had nothing to do with the cannon, only Laodicea, Hippo, and Carthage made statements relating to the Scriptures.

Have you not read Trent's statement on this?

Explain Bible History

samuelbb7 said, "I believe the second."

Sir, if the second is true then the Scriptures are not as Paul states, "Theopneustos."

If the second is true, then the Scriptures are not infallible, but fallible.

Mankind is not infallible.

I appreciate Brendan stating on a prior blog that the church fathers never taught or stated that they "Gave the world the bible." or "Gave the bible its authority."

If the church fathers believed and taught they "Gave the world the bible." or "Gave the bible its authority." then they themselves would have had to be infallible of which those men in their mindset would have been viewed a heretic and anathematize.

Explain Bible History

I challenge Cluny and Brendan to show us from the councils of Hippo and Carthage NT Books that had not been quoted, known, and defended by Early Christians??

Remember, Carthage's List is the exact NT Books listed by other Christians.

Explain Bible History


Sir, You are in Serious Error, the Scriptures were known and quoted much much earlier then the Fourth Century:

Athanasius lists all 27 NT Books in 367 AD.

Cyril of Jerusalem lists all NT Books except revelations in the Catechetical Lectures.

Eusebius, lists all 27 of the NT Books.

Turtullian mentions 24 of the NT Books.

Irenaeus quotes almost all of the NT Books

The Muratorian Fragment, mentions all NT Books dated about the Second Century.

Language Of The Bible

"The idea of the bodily assumption of Mary is first expressed in certain transitusnarratives of the fifth and sixth centuries."

(Ludwig Ott, Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, pp. 209210)

"The first express witness in the West to a genuine assumption comes to us in an apocryphal Gospel, the Transitus Beatae Mariae of PseudoMelito"

(Juniper Carol, O.F.M. ed., Mariology, Vol. l (Milwaukee: Bruce, 1957), p. 149)



Language Of The Bible

Everyone please note:

Brendan has honestly stated 2 facts that can not be denied historically:

1. The dogmas about Mary developed later after the close of the Scriptures.

2. He has stated that no church father ever taught or stated that they "Gave the world the bible." or "Gave the bible its authority."

Sir, I really do appreciate your honesty in being forthcoming on this topic.

Ideas On Theosis

Cluny said, "john9345, as I've said elsewhere, there is no point in discussing these matters in front of people who don't even believe in the Trinity, or that the Savior is God Incarnate."

But apophaticism contributes to people not understanding the "Trinity." and "The Deity of Christ."

It attacks the knowability of God.

Language Of The Bible

cluny said, "Your final authority is your understanding and interpretation of the Bible, which is not the same thing."

To correct you Irenaeus disagrees with you.

"Since, therefore, the entire Scriptures, the prophets and the Gospels, can be clearly, unambiguously, and harmoniously understood by all , although all do not believe them ... those persons will seem truly foolish who blind their eyes to such a clear demonstration, and will not behold the light of the announcement [made to them]...(Irenaeus, Against Heresies, Book 2, Chapter 27.2).


Ideas On Theosis
"If someone asks How can I become god? the answer is very simple: go to church, receive the sacraments regularly, pray to God in spirit and in truth, read the Gospels, follow the commandments."

(Ware, Timothy .

The Orthodox Church pg. 236)

Belief In The Trinity

See below:

And the catholic faith is this: That we worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity,

Neither confounding the persons, nor dividing the substance

. For there is one Person of the Father, another of the Son and another of the Holy Spirit.

. But the Godhead of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit is all, the glory equal, the majesty co-eternal.

Orthodox Hell Bound Priest

Brendan and cluny,

Remember the following gentleman and please think on it.

"If you have a Wrong View of God, then you will have a Wrong View of everything else."

Eastern Orthodox Theology has a definite Wrong View of God and I plead with you both to repent/turn from your sins and trust the Jesus of the bible alone to save you from his wrath...

Language Of The Bible

Brendan you said, "I never said Joseph Smith (or MBE or EGW were inspired!"

Sir, the very position you are holding to regarding the Scriptures is the same as EGW, MBE, and Joseph Smith.

You believe that your church, "Gave the world the bible." and that your church gave the bible its authority.

They believed this as well and their followers believe the same as you even today.

The problem for you and any catholic or orthodox is you will not find 1 church father who believe and taught such a belief.

Orthodox Hell Bound Priest

In Eastern Orthodox Theology, God reveals himself through icons, but this is idolatry according to the Scripture in Christian Theology see Exo 20:1-5, and 2 Tim 3:16-17.

"An icon is not simply a religious picture designed to arouse appropriate emotions in the beholder, it is one of the ways whereby God is revealed to us. Through icons the Orthodox Christian receives a vision of the spiritual world,"

(Ware, Timothy

Orthodox Hell Bound Priest

Everyone please note, Cluny is NOW arguing with his own authority from a man who knows much more than him and is very qualified to write on Eastern Orthodox Theology.

Father Anthony M. Coniaris graduated from the Boston Latin School, the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Theological Seminary, (Bachelor of Theology) as well as the Northwestern Theological Seminary in Minneapolis (Master of Divinity).

Author of several books, he received the Three Hierarchs Medal for outstanding service from Holy Cross School of Theology.

Orthodox Hell Bound Priest

Cluny said, "john, you were the first one who suggested that salvation was NOT comprehensive. Therefore it's up to YOU to prove it, and not I prove the opposite."

Sir, pay attention, I only quoted an Eastern Orthodox Authority, are you now arguing with your own authority??

"You see, salvation is comprehensive. It has to do with our pastwe have been saved from sin and death through baptism. This we call justification,"

""Justification, which is our being cleansed of sin through baptism and after baptism through repentance."

(Coniaris, Anthony M.) Introducing the Orthodox Church: Its Faith and Life.

Orthodox Hell Bound Priest

In Eastern Orthodox Theology, the (church) is, "The Final Authority."

The church defines interpretation and decides the Scriptures, but in Christian Theology the (bible) is, "The Final Authority." see 2 Tim 3:16-17.

"It is from the Church that the Bible ultimately derives its authority, for it was the Church which originally decided which books form a part of Holy Scripture, and it is the Church alone which can interpret Holy Scripture with authority,"

(Ware, Timothy (

The Orthodox Church ( p. 199)

Orthodox Hell Bound Priest


I want to remind you of the following:

"Those who do not have good arguments or verses for their views. Often resort to juvenile remarks, snide comments and personal attacks."

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