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Was Jesus Political
Nikki, so you are saying that if I had a robe, cow, gold bars or other things belonging to Ceasar I would only have to give what had his inscription on it?
No, my friend, Jesus plainly said to give/render to him what was his.---Elder on 7/27/13

You might be right, but I am only taking the Scripture as it is written.
I am not assuming anything.
Jesus looked at the coin, and asked a question on who's inscription was on it.
Now, He could have said: give the coins to Caesar. Or, give part of your wealth to Caesar.
Since He didn't, I shall not assume.

BTW, paying taxes today in America is doing exactly what Jesus said to do.
The Government prints the money and I return part of my money printed by them to them.

Was Jesus Political
I've observed you constantly saying things, here on Christianet, that are NOT found in Scripture. Where do you get these ideas?---Grandma

Either you haven't read all the Bible, or forgotten?
My ideas came from Scripture.
Go to Mark 12:15-16, or Matthew 22:19-20. I believe Luke also speaks about the coin and Caesar.

Yes, but even God doesn't want it.--Nikki
why not?--francis

I quess because Caesar always thinks he is a god.
Or maybe because God thinks that wreath on his head is stupid.
Maybe because he can't even wear leather, but wears white linen for clothes.
Better yet, maybe because he doesn't wear underwear. (no source on the underwear part. he just looks like he wouldn't wear anything too binding.)

Life, Death, Blessings & Cursings
While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. God made us alive when we were in traspasses and sins. We are not saved by keeping the Sabbath, or following the laws, we are saved by the Grace of God.---Mark_V. on 7/27/13

Do you think God gave us the Law for the fun of it?

SOMEONE has to keep the Law!
God became Man so HE can KEEP the Law and shed His blood for us who can't keep the law.

But, just because He kept the law it doesn't mean we can WASTE HIS shed blood.

Was Jesus Political
that even the very coin which has the image of Cesar belongs to God.--francis on 7/26/13

Yes, but even God doesn't want it.

Bless The Jews For Blessings
There are some Protestant sects that believe that if you bless the Jews, God will bless you.--Ignatius

As this Catholic also believes as well.

It can't hurt.

Life, Death, Blessings & Cursings
He did not abolish the law, but to fulfill it. For who? For us who are saved. Without Him fulfilling the law for us, we would remain the same, condemned. He came to save that which was lost. It is the lost for which He became incarnated.---Mark_V. on 7/26/13

As I said:
Jesus kept the Law so we can use His blood to wash away our sins.
Only Perfect BLOOD can SAVE.---Nikki on 7/25/13

You still have to keep the Sabbath, Keep God as #1 and no other, and don't steal, kill, dishonor your parents, lie, or take your neighbor's wife and goods.

If you paid your child's credit card off because he couldn't, does this mean he can to go back into debt?

Was Jesus Political
while the tribute money may be temple taxes, giving to ceasar is Roman taxes
---francis on 7/25/13

I agree!

But, what is ordered to give to Ceasar? Ceasar's coins.

If you put money in the bank, and ask for it back 2 years later. The Bank will only give back your money plus interest.

No more and only your money.
Not John's, Paul's or David's money.
Only your money

Jesus is saying give Caesar only his coins.
Nothing of God which is everything. Jesus is giving permission for the coins with Caesar's inscription only. No other King or Queen's inscription

Was Jesus Political
Elder, I am saying the question was posed to Him, and Jesus answered it.

He didn't say pay taxes to Roman.

Caesar's coins were NOT the only form of payment.
Live stock, produces, unmark gold and silver. Even human beings.

Remember the Pharisee was trying to trap Jesus. And Jesus knew.
He answered him correctly.
The coin given to you by Caesar give back to Caesar for his Demanded tax payment.

'Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar?'
You all are asking the same question.
Why isn't Jesus' answer good enough?
Even the Pharisee who asked accepted the answer.

BTW, I pay taxes as a good Christian. But it was Paul, not Jesus who said pay taxes. Jesus only agreed to the temple tax.

Was Jesus Political
I think we only are to disobey the laws that require us to disobey Scripture.---Grandma

In other words you are saying just laws. As I said. We are only told to obey THE JUST LAWS.
Killing is against Scripture.
I'm not adding to Scripture, you just want to argue with me.

And so we are bound by Our Lord's precept to obey the civil laws about taxation.---Cluny

Yes. but up to a point.
I pay taxes, because taxes are needed.
But, Jesus DIDN'T say pay taxes.

AGAIN, you can pay Roman taxes with unmarked gold.
Jesus knews that.
He could have said 'pay the taxes to Roman.' BUT DIDN'T!
He said: give his coin back to him. A difference.

Jesus didn't suggest any PAYMENT but Caesar's coins.

Was Jesus Political
Scripture is clear that believers are to obey the government that rules over us. If that includes taxes, then we pay the taxes.---Grandma on 7/25/13

We are to obey JUST Government laws.
German people didn't have to obey Hitler's laws.

Jesus is clear. Pay the government with ONLY government monies. The Bible is clear on that.
As I do. I pay my taxes with dollars. Who makes the dollar bill? The Government.

Temple taxes are not Roman Taxes.
Are you saying they are one and the same?
Jesus paid the temple tax.
No where in the Bible does it state Jesus paid Roman taxes.
No where.

Life, Death, Blessings & Cursings
Not true at all. He kept the law perfectly because we could not keep the law perfectly on our own.---Mark_V. on 7/25/13

Not true at all.
Jesus kept the law perfectly to fulfill the Law not to allow us to dismiss the law.
Jesus said He isn't abolishing the law.
For us not to kept the law means Jesus abolished the law.
Which He didn't.

According to your logical, since Jesus kept the law perfectly, you can kill, steal, dishonor your parents, curse God, not keep the Sabbath, take your neighbor's wife and goods?
After all you are no longer under the law.

Jesus kept the Law so we can use His blood to wash away our sins.
Only Perfect BLOOD can SAVE.

Wilfully Sins All The Time
I always capitalize deity and I never let anyone lay anything on my bible---shira4368

Continue respecting the Bible as you are doing. You'll never know how that actions leads others to God including your family.

I grow up in a Catholic Culture family. We didn't go to Mass every week. We would for a couple of years, then it would stop for several years until another round of weeks later on.
But, one thing I remember as a child was our Holy Bible on the coffee table in the living room. My mother didn't allow anything including dust touch the Bible. We couldn't even touch it. (We had our own children's Bible)

The holy awe of the Bible held strictly by my mother was one of the greatest influence on me.

Was Jesus Political
Strongaxe, Temple taxes isn't Rome taxes. Jesus paid the Temple taxes for Himself and Peter.

The Rome tax, Jesus didn't pay, and He didn't tell anyone to pay it.

He asked to see Casear's coin. He told them to give the coin back to Casear.
That is not saying to pay the taxes. He is saying to give back Casear's coin to him if you pay his demanded taxes.

Casear would have accepted gold, silver and other items.
People paid taxes in other forms back in Casear's time.
Stock (animals) produces and the other valuables.
Jesus didn't tell them to give gold, silver, copper, cows, wheat or other items to Casear. NO!
He said the coin with his inscription on it, give back to Caesar.
The rest - DON'T!

Why So Many Mean Women
Nikki: Is Jesus in control of a person's life if she (or he) doesn't submit their feelings & thoughts to Him?---Leon on 7/23/13

Yes, Jesus is always in control.

If I allow you to destroy yourself because I respect your freedom I am still in control.

If I stop you from destroying yourself, I am still in control over you.

If you let a 2 year old run freely in the fenced back yard, are you not still controlling the 2 year old environment?

But, the 2 year old still can walk, run, skip, sit play my himself without having anything to do with you.
He thinks he isn't submitting himself to you at all, but
he only has limited control, and you have complete control.

Was Jesus Political
He paid taxes to Rome..and encouraged others to do so---francis

No, He didn't. He paid the temple tax. Matthew 17:24-26

The collectors of the temple tax, not tax collectors as Matthew was for Rome. That's why Jesus pose the question to Peter that subjects are suppose to be exempt.
Jesus never told anyone to pay Rome that wasn't already their monies. Mark 12:14-17
When asked about paying the census tax to Caesar/Rome Jesus DIDN'T SAY YES.
Only give back Caesar what was his.
Implying if you didn't have a coin with Caesar's image and inscription on it, you didn't have to pay Caesar.
Because there were gold without any image or inscription at the time.
Caesar would have taken unmarked gold for tax payment.

Why So Many Mean Women
Leon, I wrote: Our emotions get caught up and we start to imagining thing that are not fact or part of the solution
And you wrote: [Willingly believe a lie?].

If I cheat on my taxes, and someone tells me it is okay because everyone does it, so I believe it's okay to cheat on my taxes.
That's willingly to believe in a lie.

T. Martin's situation is an example of people imagining something not fact, or part of the solution.
Like when those speaking about repealing the law 'stand your ground' which had nothing to do with the case.
Even the President spoke about looking at the law while speaking about Martin's death.
The trail was tried on facts, not emotions.
Rioting in the street was from emotions.

Are Obama's Comments Unwise
Nikki: You appear very narrow minded.--Ms._G on 7/22/13

Believe it or not, I am very open minded. I don't follow a political party because I am Black. I think for myself.
I use common sense and reason things out.

The case wasn't about racism.
The Prosecutor even stated it wasn't about race. Martin's family stated it wasn't about race. But, Obama is going to make is about race??
That's inciting riots. He didn't get the riots he wanted thank God.

Obama, Martin and Zimmerman are all minorities.
All 3 had people follow them, lock their car doors and the like. But, Obama is pretending Zimmerman is white.
Zimmerman isn't any more white than Obama. But you wouldn't have knew that by listening to Obama's speech.

Are Clothes Worn In Heaven
In Orthodox theology, angels have "ethereal" or "unmaterial/immateriate" bodies. These last two words simply mean "not physical matter."---Cluny on 7/22/13

I never heard of those words.
I shall study them.
I will tell you if you are wrong :D

Jesus Suffer Hell On Cross
But it is not. To be baptized you must repent. Babies cannot repent.--Samuelbb7 on 7/22/13

No, not all have to repent.
Remember, the baby is being baptized to removed the original sin stain on him.
No personal sin has been committed. He is a baby. So, no need to repent.
Adults being baptized need to repent for personal sins, but needing baptism for the original sin as well.

Jewish converts had to repent and be circumcised.
But, not the Jewish babies.

Plus, in ACTS there are whole families being baptized at once including children after one person (head of the house) decided to convert to the Christian faith.

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