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Can Praying Save Another
The prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective. God for some unknown unfathomable sense listens to the prayers of the saints. He changes His mind. That is awesome to behold. We as Chrisitans must lay hold of this 'opportunity afforded to us by the grace of God on behalf of Christ' that we have the awesome responsibility to be able to change God's stance against a sinner, against a town, against a city, againt a country even against a world full of sin! Do we dare not take advantage of that even for the smallest portion of what prayer can 'effectually do in the name of Christ' and for His express Glory?

Explain Genesis 4:14
It deals with Cain's disgruntled whinning reply to God, knowing that Adam and Eve would have children hear the story and then take vengeance upon him. This he feared more than the act of him slaying his own brother. Cain was the first murderer, yet the sign that God put upon his head marked him as "a murderer" only. Much like the Scarlet letter. It said to all afters behold a murderer!

Will The Rich Go To Heaven
We know the words Jesus said, "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Mt 19:24 NIV Yet it depends upon the heart of the person who has wealth. For here in this Scripture some may assert that it would be impossible for any who are rich to go to Heaven. With men this impossible but not with God for with God all things are possible. It is the faith in Christ that gets us to heaven Hallelujah, not how rich we are or are not. For if we have Christ - what is wealth? What are the world's riches compared to the glories of Christ!

Assured Of Your Salvation
Oh Absolutely. For the Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are born of God. This life is about assurances of our salvation, however in that assurance it does not mean that we can not lose it once gained. Blessed Assurance Jesus Is Mine! As long as you are participating in your faith, active in the things of Christ, living for Christ, etc that assurance is as real as Heaven. But for those who are sidelines, who try to skirt their way into heaven by hanging on to Hell with one foot and having a hand on Heaven this assurance is not there for it is not one participating in the faith that is in Christ Jesus who laid down His life for sinners. Scorner the cross and its shame to give us such a Great Salvation!

Sin That Leads To Hell
It is not how many this is contrary to the relationship God has given us in Christ. We know no sin will enter heaven. Thus if no sin will enter there it means that one sin will send you to Hell! A person can't commit just 'one' sin for one sin leads to all sinfulness. It is not 'how many' I can commit and still go to Heaven. The fact remains the sacrifice Christ died for us is abundantly supplied to "overcome all sin". When people ask me this question I tell them it is the attitudes behind it suggesting that God would allow a sin in a Christian's life for which His Only Begotten Son paid the ultimate price for that very sin! He paid the penalty for all sin! He came to set the captive free! Not just let us wallow in our sins.

Take Communion
The Church is alive only as we participate fully in Holy Communion. The argument says if we take it too much we would become lax in its propriety. If we don't we lose out on it's power. We lose out on its binding substance that makes us one in Christ. Holy Communion defines the body of Christ as the Spirit defines its life and the Name defines Christ. If we are going to enjoy for a thousand years in Heaven, why can't we enjoy now continuously? Recognizing the full impact of what it means either builds the Church of Christ or destroys it.

Who Are The Faithful
My definition of faith is Christ. For that is what faith generates - Christ. For faith is the "Substance" of things hoped for: the "Evidence" of things not seen. Thus we see what faith is to generate a specific substance that is Christ in us the hope of Glory. Faith defines that we are where: in Christ. Faith defines are actions: Christ-like
Faith determines our walk: The life of Christ. Faith = Christ. Try it in the scriptures and see if he does not fit.

Fulfilled At The Cross
Jesus said "it is finished!" this has to do with the sin business, the penalty of sin was finished. The way to heaven was finished. Now Christ has finished the fulfillment of the Law, whereby faith establishes it in Jesus Name. What is finished? To come to Christ for the destruction of sin to live Godly lives. To overcome sin to demonstrate Godly lives. To say by faith in Christ alone - sin is finished! Hallelujah!

Old Versus New Testament
The Old was to bring in the need for the new. For the blood of bulls and goats could not take away sins. Therefore a new was needed because the old became obsolete to deter man from sin. The New is a better covenant built on better promises, a better sacrifice, a better life, a better way, a better law, a better truth, a better system to come to God. The difference is plain: It is Christ that makes the difference

Tenets Of New Covenant
Hebrews! Jesus is the New Covenant. Jesus not only fulfilled the Law He became the Law for the Christian. The Christian who is alive in Christ fulfills every law because they are doing the whole law of God. For Christ is living, working and abiding in him. The Holy Spirit is living, working and abiding in him. The Father is living, working and abiding in him. When we become born of God we fulfill the Law, when we are filled with the Spirit we overcome sin. We are in Him! Let us live accordingly!

Christian Embrace Evolution Myth
No. There is no reason why any Christian should embrace the Evolution myth of origins. First, why. Because it does not glorify God as the Creator. It does not allow the Bible to remain the inerrant word of God. It challenges man's inner nature where evolution says we are just a product of random design where God's says we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we were thought of, God has a plan for each member of the human race. In evolution there is no plan

Now why do so many Christians embrace it? Because of lack of knowledge the people perish. Because they believe more in the doctrines of man than in the Living Word of God. It is simply a matter of faith!

Bible Mentions Missing Books
Eventhough other books of the Holy Bible mentions books that we do not have in the Word of God, does not mean they "were inspired by God". The council of Nicea did not remove them. The books that were not included were found not to meet specific criteria: this was it had to be written by a known author such as Solomon, or Paul, had to be of a high spiritual content, and was accepted by the Early Church as the Word of God. Each of the books that we have today in the 66 books of the Canon meet those requirements. The others did not.

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