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What Is Apophtatic Theology
True Bible believers know the issue in Bible translation is preservation.
Without preservation there is no such thing as an inerrant Bible on any bookshelf anywhere.
Has God preserved his words throughout history and languages, or not?
If he has, then we should look for the right Bible that is accurate and inerrant in history.
If he has not, then we can never be sure the Bible is completely without error, or completely error,

Reverend In The Bible
People use reverend to draw attention to themselves, when biblically it refers to only God

Size Of Noah's Ark
Cluny, I do a lot of reading. There are many references to the antediluvians being larger. You didn't think they were the same as us and lived 900 years, did you?

Size Of Noah's Ark
If my research is right, then Noah was twice our height(12-14'). A cubit for him would be 36" instead of 18" we use today. The ark would have been 950' long not 450'.

Where Is Satan Today
Satan has been cast out of the heavens for the last days.
He cannot go back up. He is walking the earth now only trying to destroy all he can, for his time is short.

Where Is Satan Today
Satan counterfits Christ's return when he falls as lightning from heaven. Earth will think he's Christ coming as lightning from east to west. Satan is the antichrist!

Sinful To Be Cremated Christian
My grandfather is going to be cremated tomorrow and I have been searching the internet wanting to learn more about cremation and I have to say some the things people have written on here are far from comforting. Perhaps you should have some more respect for other peoples wishes and not judge. God loves us all and as long as we live as good honest people and love and support each other, then what els matters?

Who is Chuck Missler?
He is briliant and i thank God for him,the only way to know a false teacher is to know scripture and he always encourages you to not take his word for it and get to know Gods word for your self
I love him absolutley brilliant.

Are Magicians Demonic
It is of the devil all magic, another one of satans deceitful tricks the bible says if you have not the spirit of christ you are none of his all magic is evil

Young Woman Wants Older Man
I was 43 when I met my soul mate she happened to be 17. we are still together and I am 53 she is 28 . we are destined to be together (praise the lord) for we have suffered judgement and my friends and family accept it and all love us both . we will not have children but we will go on and I think the key for her was I was stable mature and kind , all the things these young bucks aren't. we had no problems being intimate and we are very devoted to each other. I have been married and women my age are often bitter and so tired of men and all the things me males have done to them. My life is complete with my beautiful young woman who has now matured and is alot more grown up thank god.

Last King Of Israel
Jesus was the last king.Serious!

Does God Have A Sense Of Humor
Two woman were having a baby on the same day at the same hospital, one a boy and the other a girl. Because the two mothers spent time together in the maternity ward they became close friends as did thier children who grew into sweethearts. On their 25th birthday the children decided to get married. when they were alone on their wedding night God appeared promising that as long as they kept their vows for forty years God would grant each of them one wish each. Forty years later as they went to bed God again appeared fullfilling His promise...the wife went first asking that she take her husband on a trip and two cruise tickets popped into her hands...the husband asked God for a wife 30 years younger than him and he immediatly turned 95!

Praying The Rosary Biblical


it is about the boy who was suspended from school bec. he was wearing a rosary. is that in a way being persecuted bec of a religious symbol?
what about if a student is wearing a flag on his/her shoulder, wouldn't that be the same bec. of a 'symbol'?

Anointed By God Or Satan
Our spirit bears witness with their spirit that they are sons of god. Just be in your spirit by reading the word, pray reading and fellowship with other sincere believers in christ.
If your a believer in Christ you are annointed, because christ is the annointing, it is all christ a-z. Keep it simple, be smart.

Anyone Tortured In Hell
Yes, in a manner, weeping a nashing or teeth, another no brainer, but a good question. I assume you are a new believer ?! Good, very good, amen !!

How Long To Build The Ark
Noah took 120 years to build the ark? This could not be so because:
1. The Bible never mentions 120 years in connection with Noah, as is clear from Gen. 6:3.
2. It is clear from Gen. 6:18 that when God told Noah to build the ark, his sons (Shem, Ham, Japheth) were already grown and married (Gen. 7:7,13, 8:16,18)
3. Shem had a son when he was 100 years old -- 2 years after the flood (Gen. 11:10). This means he was 97 when he entered the ark, for the flood lasted 1 year and 17 days (Gen. 8:14, note). It was impossible then for Noah to spend 120 years building the ark.

Prayer For Reconciliation
if it's wrong to ask for reconciliation then someone needs to show me in the bible where it's at. all i can find is only reconcilliation regardless of the sin. for as we are christians if we repent and ask forgiveness he likewise is forgiving. who can truly say what will happen tommorow,only he can.

Gifts Of Healing Flowing
The sign gifts (meant for Israel," The jews require a sign") When you study the ministry of the apostle to the gentiles' you see that the sign gifts that he had diminishes to the point.Phil2:26,27.
II Tim.4:20. Erastus abode at Corinth: but Trophimus have I left at Miletum sick." This did not happen in Christs earthly ministry to the Jew. Something changed.

Jesus With Water Baptism
eloy, did you not read Mk 16:14? How many did Christ address? Who was Peter speaking to in Acts 2. If you are a member of the tribe of Judah, I'm pleased to meet you, for I'm a member of the Body of Christ

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