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Pure Heart In End Times
We need to sell out to Jesus 100 percent. The days of standing on the fence must stop. Jesus will spit the luke warm Christians out of His mouth. Our focus must be on seeking the serving the King.:)

Husband Became A Muslim
This is so sad! If he was a born again Christian and has truly converted, then I believe he has blasphamied the Holy Spirit. You will know because he will have NO interest in the things of the Christian faith or even a remote draw back to Jesus. If he has again crucified Christ to himself and denied the Spirit, even prayer won't change his progression downward. I hope I am wrong. Prayers and love, Jody

Frienship Evangelism In Acts
This does not apply as this conversion of that number was a movement of the Holy Spirit upon the Croud. It had nothing to do with lifestyle or friendship but rather the Holy Spirit speaking directly to each persons heart.

Evangelism At District Fair
Such great news!!! Can you tell us when this will happen so we can be in prayer? It would also be interesting to know how you will approach this. May God bless your every move.

Excommunicate Non-Believer
When a church sets one out for lawless acts which he/she will not repent of, it is for the individuals potential restoration and the churches protection(a little leaven spoils the whole lump). I am not sure of the history here of what has transpired between you and your pastor. wheather he advised you to not date this man and subsequently not to marry him. However, He is the Pastor and His authority must be respected. It is HE who will justify it before God for the sake of YOUR soul.

Prayers Tips
Well, to start with, the Lord hears the prayers of a "ferverant righteousn man". There are other scriptures too,but I always start by confessing my sins to Jesus for forgiveness and exmining myself thouroughly for purity. Then, prayer is simply communicaton with God. I pray for other people,the nation,local officials churches,family and personal growth and wisdom and just about anything. I also wait quitely and listen for answere. blessings

Can A Woman Be A Bishop
1)When paul told the women to be quite,it was because they were chattering/whispering in church. I don't know about Bishops but the Bible teaches that there is no race or gender in God's kingdom and that in the end times He will pour out His Spirit upon ALL flesh and your sons and your daughters will prophecy. Clearly, an example of women speaking out in assembly. God appoints servants at His discretion (secularly and in churches). So,Women pastors are appionted by God because God makes all appointments.

Someone Propecied For Me
Sometimes when we are not focused on the Lord and do not have specific goals or a direction for our life, people seek out something like fortune telling to give them vision and meaning. It gives them a false sense of security and comfort to know something is going to happen in the future. The problem is that seeking out so called Prophetic words is dangereous as they are most likely incorrect and cannot replace what you and God plan for your life. You need faith and vision of your own. Seek God.

Baptism Needed For Salvation
Eloy, we do not disagree on maintaining our salvation by obeying God. I mentioned before, I exhort people to be baptised and to follow commands of Jesus. Jesus IS THE WORD. His WORDS must be in us. We must seek our salvation with fear and trembling. Where are you not understanding that we agree on that. However, baptism is a command but not unto salvation. We must obey commands. Do remember that all that we say, is what we will be judged by, if one is given alot more or different knowledge than others.

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