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What Is God's Love
Poopsey ... Most of us here have learnt to take no notice of JOHN/ PASTOR JIM's rants

Generational Curses In The Bible
Cluny .... You say "Protestantism is MUCH closer to Roman Catholicism than is Orthodoxy"

I am not challenging you, but seeking information.

Can you give some examples where the RCC is distant from Orthodoxy yet close to protestant?

Are there any areas where both protestanism and Orthodoxy agree, and are distant from RCC?

I would realll like to know ... you could PenPal me at

Who Invented Evolution
Jeryy and Larry ... sorry to have got you mixed up!

Atheist ... I welcome the clarity and honesty of yuor arguments here ... even though they are wrong!

Christmas Celebrates A Death
Scott ... Sorry for the typos! I was very tired.

Is Dancing At Church OK
Is there any waltz music rthat "glorify God"? Or quickstep?
Does that make them evil and unsuitable for christians to dance to.
What is wrong with dancing in public?
You must have very low self control if youo find dancing leads to immmoral lustful thoughts and behaviour.

Did Jesus Drink Wine
L.L. You have it right.
And did not Jesus drink wine at the Last Supper?

Daytime Or Nightime VBS
VBS? What's that?

Drawn To A Bubbly Church
Yes RitaH ... I think they are, and I also beleive that they are more alive than some would think.

Palestineians On Biblical Land
God "gave" this land to the Jews may centuries ago, then turfed them off, then allowed them back.
How do we know that it is at this time when God actually wants the Jews to have tghe whole of the area, when previously He has obviously not wanted them to pssess it??

Should Christians Offend
It is good to see that Mima continues to have his successes, and to report them to us.

What Is Born Again Mean
Catherine ... I think he mean the "helpful blogger" points.
You have 29 yourself

What Is Sound Doctrine
MikeM I am sure you are right & I am wrong ... or is it the other way round?
All I know is that when I see two people who are both right, completely disagreeing, and I then say they can't both be right, and I say I don't know the answer myself, I am accused by both because I don't know that they are right in what they know.
There's only one thing I know (apart from God's love) and that is that I do not know.

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