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What Is Theophostic Prayer
TPM is "Intentional and focused prayer with the desired outcome of an authentic encounter with the presence of Christ, resulting in mind renewal and subsequent transformed life." The direction and flow of the ministry session is completely dependent upon the ministry recipient's free will choices and the leadership of the Holy Spirit and never guided or directed by the facilitator.

How Can God Send People To Hell
Hey Mickey..hate to break the news to ya..but I died..on March 25th of this year..I was standing beside the God of the Universe, and he took me and showed me Hell. I was dead..for I feel sorry for you because in hell..there are no ATHEISTS..If you continue in your will spend an eternity in a place that you do not believe exists being tormented by things that you do not believe exist. I will pray for you. In Jesus name!

How Can God Send People To Hell
Mickey, by the way..the lord so graciously allowed me to go to Heaven for 15 is so sad to think that you will not be with the rest of the saints..unless you repent. In Jesus name. And can say what ever you choose to..I went to Heaven and CAN NEVER EVER CHANGE THAT..EVER!!!!!!!! In his service.

Can The Devil Repent
No,the devil cannot repent because he is not human. Jesus died and rose again for the sins of MANKIND..not angels and demons. In his service.

Could Jesus Commit Sin
Amen, righteouswarriors!! In his service.

How To Lose Your Salvation
Mima, are you without sin?

Do Smokers Go To Heaven
I smoked for 23 yrs, I have been smoke free for almost a year with absolutely no desire to smoke. This came about because I wanted to live a clean,Holy life before the lord. The lord granted my desire and blessed me not to smoke. Hallelujah!!! I cried out to the lord until he took it away. I now cannot stand the stinking smell of cigarettes and can smell it a mile away. Living Holy and serving the lord with all of your heart will change the direction of your life.In the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

Do Smokers Go To Heaven
The bible says that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. The bible says thou shalt not kill. Based on scripture, what do you think? In the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

I Hate God For What He Did
David and everyone else here,Please read the book of Job. If you hate God because of something that he took from you (which is his in the firstplace)than you are going to die and go to Hell. If you put things ahead of God, then you are committing Idolatry. I have lost several jobs but did not blame it on God. Stop blaming God for the things that you did to lose the job.

I Hate God For What He Did
The bible says that we must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.David has made up his mind to go to Hell. All we can do is to pray that his heart be changed,and even then God will not change his heart unless he repents and turns back from sin. We do not want him to go to hell, but he has said out of his own mouth that this is what he has chosen. He is trying to force the hand of God which is an impossibility. He is lost unless he repents. In the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

I Hate God For What He Did
David, you said, in order to GET YOU BACK TO SERVE HIM! Wow, what demonic arrogance as if you created the worlds and judge sin! God is Holy and created all things for him and by him was nothing made. I have literally been taken out of my body to see the flames of Hell. If God did not bless me anymore, Just being saved from those eternal flames is cause for me to worship him in spirit and in truth for all of eternity.In the name of Jesus Christ. Those flames are your future home unless you repent.

Can The Holy Spirit Leave
Hello Mark, according to scripture, I must emphatically disagree with you. God gave man free will, He will never take that away from man,if so then we become robots. We are to obey his laws and commandments as believers on our own accord. As a believer you serve the lord with your whole heart by making a conscience decision to do so. You will never be forced to serve the lord, EVER.In the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

Can The Holy Spirit Leave
The Holy Spirit is Holy and will not dwell in an unclean temple, ie,a human body partaking of and/or living in sin. If you are a believer and start sinning and continue in that sin without repentance then the Holy Spirit WILL LEAVE as he cannot stay in filth. You CANNOT SERVE SATAN(SIN) AND EXPECT THE PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD TO STAY IN YOU, you then grieve him and he will leave. In all of your getting,get understanding Lupe.

How To Lose Your Salvation
The bible says that no fornicators,liars or such like will enter his Kindgom.
You actually believe that you can Live your life as YOU choose,committing all kinds of Sin against a HOLY God,not repent, which means to turn away from, and still enter a Holy Kingdom? I pray that you recieve the TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT so that you are not lost in the fires of Hell because of disbelief which is sin. NO SIN WILL ENTER THE HOLY KINGDOM OF GOD.

How To Lose Your Salvation
The people that come to this website with all of these demonic doctrines is a confirmation to the scripture,2cnd Peter,3v3Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts.

How To Lose Your Salvation
Matthew chpt 15,v7 Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying,8 This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.9 But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.10 And he called the multitude, and said unto them, Hear, and understand:11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man, but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.

Affair With My Wife's Sister
Be worried about your relationship with Jesus Christ as only he has the power to forgive and save. Then,you go to your wife and tell her the truth. You committed fornication,adultery and must repent and be washed of these sins before you can move on, but the lord is faithful and just to forgive us for our confessed sins. The only wall that can ever be between you and the lord is the one that you build for the bible says that he WOULD NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE YOU. Sin separates, repentance binds again. .

Suicide Heaven And Hell
Suicide is self murder, thou shalt not kill is one of God's ten commandments. If you die before you repent of any unconfessed sins, Hell will be your home. In the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

Does Hell Exist
Like I said, and I will continue to say, Hell is real, I have seen it, the bible confirms it, many others have been there as well and lived to tell about it. You choose to believe the entire word of God or not, that is your choice. In the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Your disbelief or non conformity will not change his word,one day you will find out that The lord's word is ALL TRUE, not just half.

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