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Once Saved Always Saved
What does it mean to be SAVED? according to question

What Day Is The Sabbath
i want bible verses not general knowledge or reasoning. Quote verses for me Like those who are supporting Saturday

What Day Is The Sabbath
I sense some One sided questios here, can someone a bible scholar show me where Sunday is the Sabbath and why we worship on Sunday. I only see Saturday being supported

Why The Sabbath Is A Big Deal
Sabbath is an important issue only if you really sit down and read the bible with an open mind, not reading to defend your faith. I was a RCC then changed to Anglican church now i am an SDA.i nearly attended seventh day Baptist church, but The truth will set you free if only you ask god to help you, not men

What Day Is The Sabbath
I went again this past sunday to ask about sunday being our worship day, and they told me that all churches branched from RCC, so ask the Pope. which i felt wa wrong answer, can someone from RCC assist

Baptized With Tongue Speaking
Can someone prove with scripture that tounges exist and where there.

Why Do Churches Baptize Babies
May its coz they dont know what baptism is all about. You dedicate a child to the Lord, not baptise.

Baptized And Spoke It Tongues
Its not possible, There is no link between the two during baptism. Whoever did this was trying to blind you that you may think being baptised makes one speak in Tounges.

Thiefs On The Cross Baptized
Well all i can say is the other one who confesssed will be with Jesus, when he comes to take the righteous on his second coming. Well with my understanding of Baptism, none was Baptized it was being saved.

Are Adventist A Cult
Well to John T and other fellow christians i say, why not trace your own church and find out if its a true church and not worry about other churches. and secondly Know where you stand with Christ( if you belive in him) and let him show you the light and make you understand the Bible.
Thank you

Are Adventist A Cult
John T, you are misinformed. i am not an Adventist but certainly know what they believe and what JW believe. I personally am an Anglican who moved from Catholic church. My understanding is that any person who is waiting for the second coming of christ is an Adventist, and JWitness dont believe in Jesus, so cant be same with Adventists.

Why Don't I Speak In Tougues
reply to Elder:
Yes we can, you have just written in a Tongue- English is one of them. I can speak in 4 tongues, English, french, Greek, Portugeez. How about that

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