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Judge Roy Moore Apologies
StrongAxe, actually, most Americans do want those changes.

Aborts And Miscarriage
Planned Parenthood and any one, man or woman, who makes a choice to abort their baby, and anyone who supports legalized abortion should be punished.

How can liberals have anything to say about Donald Trump being "unChristian" when they support such a sick and perverted organization that would make such a sickening statement like this?

Is Senator Warren A Native
Kathr, there are 3 official branches of government, not 4. They are the executive branch, the judicial branch, and the legislative branch. The power of the executive branch is vested in the President of the United States, who also acta as the head of state and Commander-in-Cheif of the armed forces. The president is the head of the executive branch and is reaponsible for appointing or firing the heads of federal agencies which includes the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Judge Roy Moore Apologies
Unfortunately, the voters of Alabama bought into the hype and forgot one important thing: even if Roy Moore we're guilty of everything he is accused of, he would still not even come close to being as big a pervert as his liberal counterparts. Even if all the allegations about Moore we're true, the bigger pervert was elected.

Is Senator Warren A Native
StrongAxe, no. I am calling YOU a liar for falsely accusing Trump of making a racial slur. Shame on you for your lies.

Is Senator Warren A Native
Calling Warren "Pocahantas" was not a racial slur. Only a liar would try to twist it into that. It was comedic poke and call out of her obvious lie. If one of your wimpy friends claimed to be a black belt in martial arts, you might say "Okay, Bruce Lee". Or if one of your nerdy friends claimed to be a ladies man, you might say "Yeah right, Casanova". If your friend claimed he can dunk a basketball, you might say "let's see it, LeBron". Thats exactly what Trump was doing when he called Warren "Pocahontas". It was a poke at her obvious lie, not a racial slur. And you know it and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Finish Here December 2017
One of my friends recently adopted a baby due to infertility issues. It costs them over $30,000 in adoption and legal fees. THIS is the problem with adoption.

Most older children I'm foster care went in as older children, not infants. So they are irrelevant to an abortion discussion.

Finish Here December 2017
What would you do to stop abortions?
---NurseRobert on 12/6/17

The only thing anyone really CAN do to stop abortion is vote for pro-life law makers. So you do that? If not, then you are part of the problem.

Finish Here December 2017
Male Democrats are dropping like flies due to sexual abuse allegations. Which is great, honestly, since Democrats are the ones who started this whole "destroy your political oponents with sexual accusations" business. And Democrat feminists are the ones making any woman who has ever been flirted with in any way, shape, or form into a victim and any man who has ever flirted or told a joke into an abuser. Now they are reeping what they have sewn. It's as if they fired a gun, but accidentally pointed the barrel back at themselves. They're own tactics are now being used against them. It's times like these that we are reminded God is just.

Finish Here December 2017
You can't be a Christian and pro-choice.

Eastern Orthodoxy Roman Catholic
I literally laughed wmtje first time I heard a Catholic say that the Catholic Church is the original Church established by Jesus Christ and that when the word "Church" appears in the Bible, it is talking about the Roman Catholic Church. I couldn't believe that anyone could be so ignorant and arrogant. I felt the same way again when I later heard an Eastern Orthodox make the same claim about their church. Some people are literally THAT ignorant.

Feminist Bake Cakes
StrongAxe, I didn't realize you asked me a question. What was it?

Christian Baker Wedding Cake


Depictions of illegal activities are not illegal. Otherwise, many books and films (even the Bible) would be banned. -StrongAxe

Never said they were. I merely pointed out that LGBT marriages were illegal at the time of the incident because you used the fact that polygamist marriages are illegal as reason for a feminist to refuse to cater a bigamist FLDS wedding.

Also to point out the irony in the state dining and putting an entrepenuer out of business for doing the exact same thing the state does.

Feminist Bake Cakes
If Christians can refuse to bake an LGBT couple a cake because of "seriously held religious beliefs", a white supremacist couple who believe race mixing is sin can refuse to bake a cake for a black+white couple because of THEIR "sincerely held religious beliefs". Do you think THAT is right?
---StrongAxe on 11/29/17

StrongAxe, do you think the same mixed black+white couple should be able to refuse to bake a cake for a white supremacist event with white power slogans on it?

Feminist Bake Cakes
StrongAxe, I notice you have avoided actually answering the question. In keeping with your "if you accept A you must also accept B" rule, if a Christian bakers is forced to bake or cater an illegal LGBT wedding that goes against their beliefs, should a feminist, or any person who believes polygamy is wrong, be forced to cater a polygamist wedding? Should a black caterer be forced to cater a KKK party? Should a Christian wedding singer be forced to sing satanic songs at a Wiccan wedding? Should a Jewish wedding planner be forced to plan a Nazi themed wedding? I'm eagerly awaiting your non-hypocritical answer to these questions.

Right Versus Left
When I read where the most money is collected by the Salvation Army in the U.S. It is at poor and middle class neighborhoods. They give more. -Samuelbb7

Conservative poor and middle class who work. Non-working liberal poor are usually the recipients of the charity.

The conservative rich give less -Samuelbb7
Completely false. Tax records indicate the conservative rich give more to Charity than anyone. The liberal rich give the least. Mitt Romney and Donald Trump give massive amounts to Charity. Obama gave a far smaller percentage of his income to the poor. The Clinton's gave only to themselves and claimed it as a tax deductible charitable contributions.

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