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What Is Burden Of Knowledge
personally "burden of knowledge" Is some thing that fall's upon the shoulders of an educated or fully informed person as they have more information then you do and with that the responsibility to act accordingly i.e. if you invented the wheel or had the knowledge to invent the wheel then its up to you to teach people how to create and use the wheel I use this simple example as a wheel would benefit every one who used it whether to transport them self's long distance or to carry there heavy wares that's what "burden of knowledge" is to me when you posses knowledge that would impact peoples everyday life for the better or worse its up to you too share the information and educate people on how to use it properly.

Praying For A Soul Mate
I am single and I dont believe in soulmates, but I am happy for those who find someone. some people are meant to be single, just remember that. singleness is a gift for GOD for some.

How To Read The Bible
Take note that most suggest two ways to read the Bible. Yes, a variety of views are offered, but the bottom line is, you can't read it effectively without God and other resources. I don't disagree, but I don't subscribe to one single way to read the Word. A skill, which is not taught, is required to read the Bible. This skill requires you to consider cultural and historical context, research, hermeneutics and exegesis, prayer and revelation, it also requires a willingness to be challenged in one's thinking. Your own perception or personal history can hinder understanding of the Bible! Being aware of these skills and reading flaws will lead to effective Bible reading.

Bumper Sticker Saying Blog
i like it. but if god was the drive wouldn't to worry about get there in one piece.

Can Sin Or Satan Enter Heaven
. It is indeed a mystery we may never completely understand in these human minds we think with. But I believe that Angels can sin, and if they did not possess the capability to do so, then why did lucifer take 1/3 of the angels wih him when he started to see himself as important as God. Demons are the fallen angels who CHOSE to follow Satan into Hell. I Believe that God created Angels with a free will just like he created us. Why would God create a bunch of robots? If u have to force somebody to live for you, then its not really their heart, We have a choice just like Lucifer and his followers.

Should We Consider UFOs
The Bible does call humans "angels": like people who carry messages (Job 1:14; Luke 7:24; 9:52), prophets (Isa.42:19; Mal.3:1), priests (Mal.2:7), and church leaders (Rev. 1:20). The word "angel" in both Hebrew and Greek means "messenger", so the emphasis is more on function rather than their diverse morphology. In scripture "angels" are often indistinquishable from humans, (Heb.13:2). So why would you not consider living humanoids to be "biological"?

Should We Consider UFOs
Jerry, I figured you were intelligent enuf to know what I meant by "Viking creator". Obviously NASA did it, but I didn't have space to type "designer of the LR experiment". My search uncovered his published paper rebutting the naysayers, but not what you claim to have found. In fact, I found the biological interpretation IS supported by other NASA scientists, such as David Warmflash, an astrobiologist. It only takes one example to prove other NASA scientists DO agree with Levin.

Great Falling Away Has Begun
Most of the list of sins are symptoms rather than the cause of apostasy. See Rom.1. Not giving God His proper place in our thinking results in abominations. Lost people might get less punishment than religious people who should know better.

Should We Consider UFOs
BW, thanx for helping clarify the position. Do you agree sometimes scripture uses the term "angel" to describe humans?

Jerry, where is your proof that NO other NASA scientist agrees with Levin's peer reviewed papers which skillfully rebuffed the theory of the detractors claim that Viking's positive evidence of microbes on Mars was "inconclusive" since it could have been caused by some chemical reaction rather than crobes?

Should We Consider UFOs
Brother W, I've watched your postings for awhile and appreciate your gift in creation research, and was hoping you'd help out here. I too support godly men. But saying "there is no intelligent life out there" (or what unbelievers think they heard), is the conceptual equivalent of saying "there is no God", which Ps.14:1 says is the voice of a "fool". Does "denying life" help unbelievers "deny God"? Is this what CMI claims is "Bible truth"?

Should We Consider UFOs
M: I understand what you're saying and think you are correct. It sounds like you have a spiritual gift which the enemy does not want surrendered to Jesus, so he tries to use it to scare us away from learning how to use it properly. Your gift could be very valuable in these days of deception when Lu will appear as an angel of light (with a UFO?). People with eyes for the physical stuff, but suffering from spiritual blindness, will be the most vulnerable. I will be praying for your victory.

Should We Consider UFOs
"Why men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up?" Ac.1:11. They who worship God must worship Him in Spirit and in truth; Jn.4:24. Looking for His return does not mean gazing up into the sky as much as looking into the nature of spiritual things so as to better know Jesus. Any moment you could find yourself standing in His presence.

Great Falling Away Has Begun
Billy: You are correct that Peter's Pentacost sermon said "this is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel". It would appear to Joel was referencing the start and endpoints of the church age. Any better ideas out there? If this is correct, are you saying the church is the "great apostasy"?

Ps.14:1 "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God."
According to scripture such claims of omniscience mark the voice of a fool. Man has the right to speak truth concerning what does exist, but only God has the omniscience to be able to declare what "does not" exist. So when one pretends to know that which only God can know, scripture identifies him as a "fool".

Should We Consider UFOs
You are thinking well Matthew. I'm happy to see people thinking at all. Better too much than too little? You are quite possibly correct that spirits have "morphing" capabilities, but I'm still searching for scriptural proof. Do you know of any versus? Some UFOs have actually been observed switching between forms like disks to orbs and stuff. So there's a greater chance that the ones who can't morph are more likely to be ones built by man; (hence not demonic??)?

False Rapture Doctrine
Elder, I'd like to see verses also.
I know at least three spots in Revelation that people claim is the rapture. I think you may have cited Rv.4:1 as the one you prefer? Do you think the great "apostasy" (which can also be translated "departure") is another reference to the rapture?

Should We Consider UFOs
I'll not repay in likemanner unchristian attacking of people, denigrating them, sniping about money etc.... Just deal with the truth Who is greater than I. Awaken ye sleepers and Christ will give thee light!! Eph.5:14.

A Google of Gilbert Levin reveals what Viking's own creator says; also try "mars methane" and "intelligent bacteria", (possibly smarter and more charitable than some of my so called Christian brethern.) Then lie again and say there's "no evidence."

Should We Consider UFOs
4KP: You agree intelligent life exists elsewhere and now request evidence for extraplanetary life "in the sense of biology". Viking in 1976 detected living organisms in Martian soil. Bacteria inside Surveyor's camera survived 3 years on the moon. Current Mars probes are finding evidence of microbial life there. And if crobes weren't there before, they are now since NASA didn't sterilize the Rovers. Evidence enough? Please refrain from unbiblical positions that make Christians look stupid.

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