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Lonely Since Husband Died
OK, the last thing you want to read or hear is "I'm sorry for your loss"It is so on my nerves.Its all anyone ever says..My hubby died in 2014 and all I ever hear is "Im sorry for your loss..Yeah we know you are sorry for my loss..But do you really know what its like..If you did you wouldn't keep reminding me of my loss..I am sick of hearing it..

Is There A PreTribulation Rapture
Matthew 24:29-31

Husband Has Female Friend
U need to put ur foot dwn he married u u should b the only female in his life. He's not a single man n if u know her u need to tell her to leave ur husband alone bcuz she should kno that it bugs u . N if he gets mad oh well.

Kissed Another Man
I do have feeling for this man, he works with me. My husband is not christian and this man is that is what attracted me the most. I have 3 kids from my husband and we have been together for 10yrs. I did tell this guy i could not do nothing with him other than what happened and he has left me alone. and we try to avoid each other because we know it is a sin BUT I cant stop thinking about this man and I really want to be honest with GOD, my husband, and this man.

Jesus Born On December 25th
you all are forgetting that Jesus was the passover lamb and when was passover for the jews the first of april if you know the jewish calendar that is why the world as april fools for this time and yes i believe that dec 25 was slated because they wanted to celebrate the pagans hoilday and not offend the christians

Sinful To Eat Too Much
i agree that gluttony is a sin and not taking care of your body/health. our body is a temple and we are not supposed to abuse our bodies with food, sex, drugs, etc.

I Want To Divorce My Husband
read your bible on the subject look in the back of bible under marriage, husbands and wives and pray for guidance, God will direct you. Maybe just stay at your family while he alone and you alone are getting help only Christian help, don't run to get a divorce all things are possible for thoughs who love the Lord,,God Bless :)

Cheating Husband And Two Kids
I've been in your shoes, as a matter of fact I'm in the same situation right now. My husband did this 7 years ago and I just recentely caught him again. The first time I allowed him to come back home and we managed to move on. However here I am again. Ask yourself, Do I really want to do this ever again because I KNOW from experience. Cheater once......Cheater always. My prayers and thoughts are with you. You are not crazy or to blame. He made a choice that he will have to live with. You make a choice now to move on and live your life without regret & worry about what is going on behind your back. I'm moving on! Stick with your "gut" instinct. God gave that to women. It is a tool to help us survive.

Forgiveness For An Abortion
everyone prays for a cure for something and god saids i sent you someone to cure that and you aborted them. how do we know why that soul was brought to this earth. if we keep abortion we may never have the cure for cancer or any of the other diseases

Great Falling Away Has Begun
When my grandparents were young Church was the main entertainment,and it was the place to be three times or more a week.It was easy to invite others to church . But now it is offensive to people to ask if they are saved and they count it improper to invite them to church.As a minister I see fewer and fewer churches open in evening or mid week service Im sure this grieves the heart of God .

How To Properly Spank My Kids
There are many better methods than spanking children. It is thought to be sexual and abuse by some. So you need to be careful. I do not spank my boys aged 4 to 12.However my husband uses spankings as discipline. We find that time out taking away special things work as well as spanking. If you spank you have to be consistant and use it every time to be effective. For small children the hand on the bare bottom is effective. Children 8 and older the paddle with clothes on.

Who is Creflo Dollar?
Dr. Dollar is a man of God not a false teacher.Most of the men of God had wealth.This is Dr. Dollar assignment from the Lord. His key slogan is wisdom is the principle thing and with wisdom understanding.Search the scriptures for yourself and pray for wisdom before you call this man of God a false prophet. I thank God everyday for Dr. Dollar ministry.

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