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Obeying God Brings Blessings
In the Bible we see the great controversy between obeying God or man.
Daniel 3:3-5. Daniel and his companions are invited to the dedication of a large image. When the music sounded, everyone was
to fall down and worship the image but Daniel and his companions remembered God's comandments forbids false worship. So, Daniel and his companions refused to
bow down and they were thrown into the fiery furnice but they did not burn. Three men were thrown into the fiery furnice, but now the king saw four men.
What a wonderful example of obedience to God who used the opportunity to show us that if we ever should find ourselves in a similar situation we will obey God rather than man.

Explain Revelation 17:4
The "other woman"
Every marriage must rely on trust and likewise in our union with Christ, we must remain faithful to Him and His word.
REV. speaks about the true bride of Christ BUT there is another woman who is trying to seduce belivers away from God's Word. REV.contains a shocking message about Babylon, the other woman. Babylon is fallen, and Christ's people must escape her charms or perish!
The ID of Babylon:
1. She persecuted the saints.
2. She was dressed in purple and scarlet.
3. She ruled over the kings of the earth.

The Lords Name In Vain
There are people who KNOW when they are taking the name of the Lord in vain.It is not a question of FEELING!

Will We Know People In Heaven
You are right on.The Bible says that in heaven we will know one another, including our loved ones. The disciples recognized Jesus after His resurrection.

Rapture Of The Church
There is no such thing a "the rapture of the church."
What the Bible tells us is that at the time of Jesus's second coming the saved will be lifted up in the sky to meet Jesus = raptured
up in the sky...PR

Judgement Day On May 2011
We should not set dates for the return of Jesus.
The Bible says: no one knows the day or the hour of the Second Coming! Math 24:36. PR

Feelings Of Guilt For Past Sins
Go back to the Word and look up several texts that affirm the complete cleansing of our 'filthy rags' as a result of His blood and His wilingness to forgive and FORGET!! Let there be no doubt about it! P.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
You had to be difficult, Lee! Of
course some experienced an early wake-up!
Ex. Lazarus. P.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
Cynthia1: When a person dies, he/she does not go anywhere! He/she rests as in a sleep, waiting either for the 1st or 2nd resurrection depending his/her judgment outcome. P.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
Cynthia1. Your answer is correct about the PURGATORY but it is not correct in that you state that a person who dies goes directly to heaven or hadis! P.

Death Of Jesus Christ
It has changed a hopeless situation into one full of hope! P.

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