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Should Christians Be Perfect
Even though we are Christians we aren't perfect the only person that is perfect is Jesus Christ. As long as we are in the flesh we are not going to be perfect.

What's Up November
well for me my birthday is this month, and then there is Thanksgiving. Oh the fun of it all when family members and friends get together and not saying the least the drama which family's place to eat when the big day arrives and also with the drama yep good old fun. Go with Jesus everybody.

What Are You Thankful For
I am most thankful for him to putting my husband in my path, letting me wake up each day and also for the most amazing beauitful day.

Santa Claus With Christians
Personally there is no such thing as Santa Claus, but I know some parents that teach there kids that there is, instead teach them about what Christmas really means instead of telling about something that isn't real, tell them about someone who is real. If u want to participate then thats up to u and God not us to judge.

Is Dancing Wrong
I personally don't see anything wrong with dancing. David danced, but it also depends on how u dance, some dance way to nasty, and dance respectfully. If you dance respectfully then I don't see anything wrong with it.

Pay Money To Witness
No I wouldn't give or receive money for somebody to get saved. Jesus gave us the message freely and we should do the same, and even if u did give them money how would u know they were actually saved or not? Remember Money is the root of all evil and giving somebody money to hear about Jesus is wrong to do.

To Do Before Jesus Returns
Sing, Praising, and dancing. Then tell everybody that he is coming back tomorrow and u never know he might be.

What Will Heaven Be Like
Heaven will be no more evil and no more suffering, We will be praising and worshiping Our Lord all day and night.

Pastor Lies About Affair
Sorry Nana I only saw your comment I didn't see her's.

More Athiests Or False Cults
I agree with Whisper. And in my opinion Im going to say its more of both.

LDS Not The Tribe Of Isreal
I used to be Mormon and I read their Bible and it is to confusing and I can say that they believe that u can baptist those that are already dead and can save those that haven't been saved, which isn't true so I got out quickly. So it doesn't surprise me if they make another book that is false.

Christian Fortune Telling
I see nothing wrong for just reading it, but don't believe in what u read or have your palms read. If your just doing it to poke fun at it I don't see anything wrong, but if your doing it to believe it then I don't think its a good idea to do.

Pastor Lies About Affair
First make sure it is true, and if it is true then I would look for a different church. But make sure it is true about the affair, because there is 2 sides to every story.

Explain Romans 8:20
here is the rest to what I was saying. Christians see the world as it is-physically decaying and spiritually infected with sin. But Christians do not need to be pessimistic, for they have hope for future glory.

Explain Romans 8:20
We look forward to the new heaven and new earth God has promised, and we wait for God's new order that will free the world from sin, sickness, and evil. In the meantime, we go with Christ into the world where they people's bodies and souls and fight the evil effects of sin in the world.

Explain Romans 8:20
Sin has caused all creation ("the creature") to fall from the perfect state in which God created it. It is subject to futility ("vanity") and bondage so that it cannot fulfill its intended purpose. One day all creation will be transformed. Until that time it looks forward to the resurrection of God's children.

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