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Were Dinosaurs On The Ark
I think that the dinosaurs missed the ark, that is why we don't see them. I believe that cave man is a small group of people, who lived apart from others. "Hippies" of the day. I'm not a beilever of carbon dating, I think it has flawes. But these are just my opinions.

Catholics Allowed To Read Bible
After reading this Blog i think I under stand the upset in another blog where I asked about denoninations. How can a person truely be saved with out beleiving in the word of God. and reading it daliy? this was an eye opener!

How To Find The Right Man
I have the same Question. I geuss out there is some one looking for good christian woman. HERE WE ARE. I frankly have given up, so enjoy my life such as it is. if God brings me some one Praise God! other wise I no longer will allow, this to get to me. had many years as a wife and a mom. now a new chapter opens for me. I truly miss human contact, but, It could be worse!

Who is Joyce Meyer?
what are her false teachings?

Struggle With Honoring My Mom
How are we to honor people who do not honor us. my mother is simmilar. now that I don't live with her it is just mental abuse. I honor her by praying for her and keeping my words bible based. I say a lot of verses. In letters and phone calls, but can't bring my self to see her a lot.

Can A Cheater Change
My Ex is same way. problem is he does every thing I ask BUT go back to God. There fore I know it won't work. I give him lots of chances, but goes back to old ways. not truely repentent.

Divorced And Remarriage Issues
deut 24:1-4 can't remarry 1st spouse if one of you has married again. I don't know if this is after 2nd spouses death though as this releases vow. I would think that if spouse has married they then commited adultery and you are released of vow.

I Need Fornication Scriptures
Thanks for the positve feed back. I haven't looked up all the verses yet. I think that what Alan said about the kids is right. they go to church, but that doesn't make a christian.

I Need Fornication Scriptures
I'm looking for verses that don't have the words adultery or fornication in them. I am looking for verses that talk of sexually pure. they beleive that what they are doing is "natural" and "normal" not wrong. I need some thing simple and clear. I am not the person involved. I am an adult who is trying to keep kids from making mistake.

Moderator - Click the Bible button on the top of the interface and then click the Sex Quiz and you will have 25 scriptures. Also click on the Dating & Marriage Quiz for 25 more.

Two Turtle Doves In Christmas Song
true love is God the father
1 Christ on the cross
2 old & new testament
3 faith hope love
4 gospels Matt. Mark Luke John
5 pentateuch Gen Ex lev num deut
6 days to make earth
7 gifts of holy spirit
8 beatitudes
9 fruit of spirit
10 commandments
11 faithful apostles
12 elements of faith found in the apostle's creed

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