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Husband Using Drugs
Sis.Rita guess what ? Sis.Rita in no way was that answer to you from me becuz my fon broke down3/7/2014 and just till today 4/1/20
I had NOT been.on CNT. Sorry my sister, someone else try to.imitateme..those who know me if you really go thru that text...nothing like myself. I am upset but not going to lose sleep over it! Going to.chsnge my m.o again on CNT. This is not right. I do not know is but definitely not me! Love agape goes out to you Sis.Rita.

What's Up March 2014
Wow! New fon is a breeze, yipe, having a,party...wonderfull, to be bk. The Lord has blessed me to find a nice church & I met a lady in the hospital, she help me- in a weird way find my new church.. funny story..ok here goes ,she attends another church but, since I now can't see ha, ha I fell down & some lill kids helped me up & I fell down nxt to a Quaker village,and the Baptist church next door welcomed me..heartily, open
invitation..I went in :),lovely folk. Thank the Lord! He is good.

thanks, working on my jokes..
Got a,funny hat and going to get a funny granma dress..
Love of Jesus!

What's Up March 2014
Sorry, about any problems like Sis.darlene1 mention, hope she ok , I have been keeping you all in my prayers.About that movie, yes it' very gory, full of really hard to look at scenes but, really puts our faith on the map, Jesus bleed, suffered immeasureable pain..we can not imagine.. good to see you all here.
Love of Jesus' anybody heard from Trish?

What's Up March 2014
Hello Shira4368 im late getting on here because I can't get the part to my android and in about two weeks I'm going to get another phone and this will be the communication for today cause somebody is helping me for today cause u know I cant see thank u for the gifts and tell everyone to pray for me my health is up and down i'm back to playing my music i'm planning if my health gets better to do clean stand up comedy I was fasting and praying on St.Patrick Day that nobody had any accidents Love Of Jesus

Can Christians Have Demons
To all, Satan been around a long time. He knows when how - distractions to trample our faith,our hope,etc..
people even (christians )tell me all the trouble here...maybe some "voodoo" put down.. Deu.18:9-12
I saw a clip about how rich,all the wonderfull housds and land,etc... riches a famous woman evangelist
Some TV ministries People have made " idols" out of them.
That seems demonic to me..but, their eyes will be opened,too! Sooner or later. Rom.1:25 Ps. 115:3-8.

Are Christians Confused
Hello, all. We are humans and God knows our hearts. We all get say things at times CAN BE taken wrong.

OurFather in heaven. Cluny told me, "cats can run wild" while they are not my cats.

Let Go and Let God..

Now " Thick skinned" ,I used to get hurt , then said " God bless you'!"

Later said she was " high" at the

it not same type in words online as in person.
I agree.

God sees our hearts and a person has to be able accept an apology as well, as forgive forget move on.

We are human not divine.

Love of Jesus!

Is Wine A Sin
To 1st Cliff, Thanks for the little
tid bits, we need a little chuckle once in a while.. with all respect Bro.Aka good see ya! Be happy,brother.

Love of Jesus!

Is Wine A Sin
Hello,Cluny,great about how wine is made, as for the cats Bro.Cluny I had many cats through the years..never did I have a complaint from anyone.
The cats are to be kept in his apt. I told him,I am very ill ....he is on crack cocaine Cluny, you mean well.

people who use drugs they do not care about anyone unless they get off drugs and get help! These people are completely out of reality,

5 sets of folks with cats and dogs..they never let their cats out to use my area for the potty! I know you are very intelligent,you read alot but this is not good for me to be worried like this and this neighbor feel he can take advantage!

Love of Jesus!

I plan to move anyway..soon as possible or pray they move.

Am I Christian Living Like This
Shira4368 Bless the Lord - Be in touch. I am so,cold, we have had warm weather, yet I am cold. I am going get on my coat.. it' kind of funny my greatgrand mother was like that in the hot summer she all wrap up like it' cold.
Smiles, good to see you alright.

Thankyou again for being so kind to me. Love of Jesus!

Do You Attend Church
Hello Darlene1, you know Sister I can remember when the Pentecostal
Church you could not cut your hair & if you had kinky or really tight curly hair like me,you could not get it straighten everything was a sin..
The church where I went,it all sort of changed when the asst.Pastor' wife got b.cancer then she came to the service with a wig...Nobody said nothing. Then later on I came with a wig when I got married. The Pastors daughter got married all kinds of makeup on her wedding day, it ended the code..
He never preach against pants,hair & all that any more...
They were so,strict..a woman could only have her wedding ring on,NO other jewerly.

Am I Christian Living Like This
Thankyou,Shira4368, good hearing from you.I am going thru alot here with my neighbor who is on drugs.
I feel bad for people,on any type of drugs.. pray that God be my protection. I am not afraid just frustrated. I am going to see my therapist,tomorrow. Thank God.
This crack cocaine,meth..all the rest is destroying peoples lives. God help these people.
My neighbors don't want me to move but,I am tired of it all.
I don't have any family here, really I know how unpredictable drug addicts are..
I have some appts. Urgent coming up, someone helping me get to appts. I can't move right away..
But, pray for me..
I am really depressed about all this.
Love of Jesus! Lidia4796

Is Wine A Sin
Hello,well, I tell sure do not make thiings anyways good in some instance,alcohol and drugs.

I am see "red" bout right now! My neighbor upstairs lives in a bottle and he ain't no genie!

He stays drunk & his wife have lost all respect..the bible talks about the wine ( strong drink) is a mocker!

They let cats in my area messing all over.. he cursed me out, I was left a notice to clean it .

had no idea the others complain. I do not go out much.

I got mad, he hit me. it didn't hurt, I want God deal with him,
he did NOT care I am sick!

he NEED keep his cats his side not filthy mine. God speak to his heart. I been a good neighbor.

On God I stand.. Ps.37 Ps.91:1

What's Up March 2014
Hello,Darlene about your mother.My prayers, God bless all her needs be taken care of in the nursing home,Had alot experience / nursing homes, volunter & visit alot.

The folks who have families,get the best care -someone is there most times,if anything amiss!

the people who have no one or are at RISK...trouble.
I pray NEVER go to one. Thankyou for let us know,you all in my prayers.

What's Up February 2014
Hello,Shira4368 If you could see me laughing,this guy you speak of sure reminds me of my stepdad. We kids at first( You know who the leader) was? I told my brother,sister,etc..let's give' m a hard time, we were lill' kids but I always the brain ha ha how to get rid of anybody close to mom.I was really jealous & starve for attention, mistrusting!
Long story,short we became really close by the time I was getting ready get out from home. He was more a dad than,My real biological dad.
My mother went down hill when he left.. he was funny all his family very close and happy people..
You know them Louisiana people are very close..far as I know, thankyou!

Love of Jesus!

Am I Christian Living Like This
For Sis.Rita, kept waiting,yes, I am very glad.I have begun going to.a mental health clinic, they have their own a commadations for anyone participating & in good standing the clinic. They have special housing for anyone and have a special team that works with clients with Bipolar.

There are other people there elderly and with chronic diseases just like myself. I thank the Lord,because I am really not sleeping well.
Thankyou,very much Sis.Rita
May the Lord help strengthen and
Keep you.
Love of Jesus!

Banned Christianity In Public
Yes,Shira4368, You are right.I tell you I have been through alot, yes! I agree 100% plus we live in a weird time,but like Bro.Samuell7 yes! He is exactly right too.. the Bible already tells us all this is set and the whole Book lets us know.Honestly, I say yes, it really true, millions of feelings, the city where the clinic was they had a lot of problems, protests,up.risings ( NOT from those middle eastern people) Out siders!

other religions coming in and insulting them. Avoid' get caught up in some histeria .
So, I did what I felt best at the time. It's a "hot bed "there...trouble so,Cluny can get it.

Love of Jesus!

Easter Egg Hunts Biblical
Hello,1srCliff , All respect Brother, far as I could say mostly Easter egg in the grass, that' for the real small little kids.. maybe I will get " the lash" but I can not see how it bad for little kids playing in the grass looking for easter eggs...
Being so,horrible. Halloween that's horrible..scary and devil like stuff...

Love of Jesus!

Banned Christianity In Public
TO Cluny We have lost freedoms.the gov't is in your fon, your computer, you in about another 2 years ( No More a land line phones In USA..That will be ended.) They tell me the TV wall Flat screen..THEY WATCH YOU!
Must insert your address in the TV.. We could on and on you are searched yes,planes...public buildings..esp. if you pay child support they make the men take off shoes belts..

just this week I am try to get help..for see a psch. Doctor they told me I can not go to another doctor! If I try to go to.see another Dr I will be refused treatment in this state. .

We could go on and on...Shira4368, thankyou..I thought I had answered but, guess not sufficient. Ok.let me try again.

Banned Christianity In Public
We are all subject to no.privacy..
It'wrong. I have gone to the doctor in a middle eastern neighborhood mind my own business..
I noticed a few times, a small child had his cell fon over and over seated in the office, he was talking MY picture over and over. Nobody said nothing! Why was he doing it? Just to me and NO one else?
He must have been taught! There were only me and the rest of the people were middle eastern people. Nothing against them but then why? Was he only snapping my face??
I got up and left. He is a child I can not say anything to.bring problems.
I never went bk.

Banned Christianity In Public
Well,Now I rested some Cluny basic what I am saying bring it to the forefront The freedoms we once had in the USA are NO more, since the HORRIBLE ATTACK 2001..

We are under siege like all other countries.. the fact that what a dmall few band of people have changed the whole country USA we live in...

The time is winding up!
Our belief here we were dicussing the muslims want full control..worldwide. be blessed Bro.Cluny

Love of Jesus!

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