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Christmas, Easter And Holidays
I have the highest respect for your opinions John. However, I am somewhat setback when you boldly speak the truth about such cherished holidays(cherished for the commercial interest in the world). As Christmas, Easter and other holidays.

Dinosaurs Built Pyramids
I do not know nor does he, however, I'm willing to let his idea be a stake in the fence of ideas that surround the building of the pyramids.

Should I Get Baptized Again
Were you baptized as an infant? If so getting baptized may be a good idea and will certainly your mind about this. When I am asked about this while witnessing on the street I always say," pray about it"

Why Are We In Iraq
Oil and revenge seemed to be the hooks that pull us into the Iraq, biblically speaking, the stage is being set for an unbelievable holocaust and loss of life. It now appears that the Arab nations will be the main ones to suffer the loss of life. Revelation indicates that about a fourth of the world population will be lost. Continued

Is China A King Of The East
Many Chinese believe that China is the king of the East(200,000,000 foot soldiers) but they do not believe that China at that time will be attacking Israel, in fact they believe that China will come against the Antichrist. The Christians in China are fully aware of what the Bible says. And they know that 200 million soldiers means they will play a part, what part? About that they're very confused.--- I personally believe that they come against Israel, because all nations,ALL MEAN ALL, will be against Israel in the last hour, but I've talked to several Chinese people who believe that their nation will be Christian and that they will defend Israel against the ethnic.

Kay Arthur Prophecy
Kay Arthur was the speaker at a woman's conference attended by 20,000 people in Atlanta, Georgia about a month ago. From her talk a fellow speaker(Beth Moore) sent a e-mail describing what she thought was a revelation to Kay Arthur about America's spiritual condition. But Kay Arthur denies she had a revelation. She denies that she said that famine would be physical and spiritual. She goes on to quote exactly what she said," we(America) are set for a famine". And she'd use many verses in Ezekiel that we should read. For example all of Ezekiel 14. I would say it was a prophecy but because of Kay Arthur's religious affiliation(definitely non-charismatic) I do not believe King Arthur will call it a prophecy.

Do Prophets Exist Today
To state that there are no prophets today is to make the following verse from first Corinthians 12:28,"And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues." Incorrect, wrong and a lie. Is that position you want to take regarding this scriptural verse in the Bible?

Explain The Great Delusion
I was impressed with Michelle's answer and now I impressed with Rick's answer.

Explain The Great Delusion
I am very impressed with the way---Michelle has explained herself in regard to this matter of a great delusion. Basically I agree with everything she says.

Do Catholics Read Their Bible
Jack wrote "I think the average Roman Catholic knows the Bible about as well as the average Protestant ". After spending on average over three hours a day for many years I believe this statement by Jack to be correct. Many times in Bible studies the participants do not know what the Bible says and this indicates to me that they have not read the Bible and certainly they have not studied the Bible. I believe the desire to study the Bible comes directly from the Holy Spirit.

Drinking Alcohol Moderately
I am not a drinker and never have been but I refus to be pushed into denying the very clear teachings in the Bible. When people who can see what you're drinking call you a wine-bibber you are obviously drinking wine with alcoholic content. Ever heard of a grape juice drinker being cold wine-bibber?

Marriage Is Over Rated
The purpose of marriage:
1 companionship
2 anchor for a family
3 legitimate outlet for your sexuality
4 unit of marriage establishes identity for the individual and when properly used offers a classroom for Godly teaching. Godly teaching should take place in the home not in the classroom of the schoolhouse as some would have us believe.

Do Prophets Exist Today
Yes! There are prophets today. I have met two of them myself.
A prophet of God normally does not have a sweet-tasting message to deliver, more likely it will be blunt and to the point and scripturally very correct. Most recently a lady named Kay Arthur(I do not know her) at a women's ministry meeting in Atlanta, Georgia has delivered a really depressing picture of the church and where this country is heading. In this particular prophecy Kay Arthur filled the role of a prophet. This is not normally her calling however with 20,000 women in attendance God used the opportunity to deliver prophecy through her.

How To Become Saved
Many people believe heaven will be their reward. There is at this hour even a popular song that says," Heaven will be my reward". Consider for a moment if you will the fact that a reward is given in return for something achieved. And if you are achieving something you are working for it and it ceases to be any kind of gift.--- Oh the many things that a deceptively lead us into works. Because of our experiences in the natural world we have a tendency(natural man has a tendency) to want to work for our gifts. But to do so is to make of no effect the grace of God. Unlike man Almighty God is not obligated to anyone for anything.

Saved Without Any Fruits

---StrongAxe in China I was introduced to a lady missionary who in 13 years on the field had never had one conversion. She was working in the colleges as an English teacher and apparently had never openly testified or witness to anyone at least that was the drift of the conversations I heard about her. I believe one on one witnessing to be the most effective way of witnessing however it is my hope and my wish(my stated wish) that the message does not stop with the conversion of the listener. But that they would carry a message on to others.

I Was Asked To Leave The Church
My mother(who was a Baptist) once had a Communion cup taken from her hands because she was not a member of that particular (Baptist) church. That particular Baptist Church's communion service was closed to outsiders.

Was Judas Forgiven
Gordon, perhaps you would want to retract or modify this statement,
"There is absolutely no mention in the Scriptures that Judas ever repented"

Because Scripture says in Matthew 27:3
" Then Judas, which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, REPENTED himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders".

Do Our Words Have Power
Different people have contacted me about the word of knowledge that Kay Arthur had in Atlanta, Georgia sometime in early July.
Yesterday while attending a prayer group, praying for our nation, when it came my time to pray I was led by the Holy Spirit to quoth the words from the Bible," Is anything to hard for the LORD?" Now of course these are not my words, but rather a direct quote from the Bible, and I believe that have great power!!!! This quote was like putting salve on the open wound.

Water Turned Into Wine
---catherine as you know people accused the Lord Jesus Christ of being a wine bibber. Now they were standing right there watching what he drunk. I do not believe that people would accuse a person drinking grape juice to be a wine bibber, But my question to you is do you believe that he was drinking wine or do you believe they were lying and it was really just grape juice?

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