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What Day Is The Sabbath
If you read Acts and the letters in the New testament very carefully,you will find that the original church kept the Sabbath(Saturday)as the day of worship. Sundays were used for Church business like collecting offerings from church members. It was Constantine of the Catholic church who changed the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. If you find the right website, you will find them bragging that God gave them the right to do that. Which I don,t believe for a second.

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
It is because they haven't experience being Baptized in The Holy Spirit yet for themselves. I was Baptized in The Holy Spirit,but was not given the prayer language yet. But as I learn maybe I will recieve someday.

How Do We Grow In Christ
What I have learned is one has to learn how to surrender everything to Jesus and learn how to walk with Him in His Power and not our own. Check out John 15:5

Is Lifestyle Evangelism Effective
I have been using Yahoo 360 under the screen name of Darkhorse2055 to witness for Jesus by blogging on my thoughts and what He has been teaching me in the hope it will help others.

Are All Humans Saved
Babies and very young children don't know right from wrong yet so when something happens to them, God takes them home with Him. For the rest of us,only the ones who have truly accepted Jesus as their Saviour will be saved.

Do You Feel God In Your Life
Yes and I feel Him more as His Holy Spirit draws me to a closer relationship with Him and fills my heart with the overwhelming desire to surrender all if myself to Him.

Few Find The Narrow Gate
That there will be very few who will learn to make Him number one for real in their hearts and lives. there are many who call themselves Christian who are only that in name only. To walk "The Walk" takes surrendering to Jesus completely.

Are Adventist A Cult
During my late teen years until I was 30 years old, I was a member of the Adventist Church. I knew a young teen who I could feel The Holy Spirit was very strong. So no Adventists are not a cult, just a different interpetation of God's Word. I still believe in The Sabbathe but not the food laws of Exodus.

Do Tongues Regenerate You
I am glad for those who have been baptized in
The Holy Spirit and have this prayer language of which I don't have yet. I have offered my mouth several times but nothing yet. Would like to learn more about this prayer language thanks

Tongues Needed For Salvation
I am a true follower of Jesus,baptized in The Holy Spirit and I don,t speak in tongues and yet I know I am His.

Is Jesus God
Yes Jesus is God read John 1:1-3

Is It A Sin To Eat Pork
Go to Mark Chapter 7:1-23-here it says in verse-19 that Jesus purified all food. So to eat pork and shellfish not wrong. but you read these verses and judge for yourself.

Your Personal Testimony
On May 6th,2007 I recieved the Baptism of The Holy Spirit and I am looking for places on The Net where I can share what The Lord is teaching me as He helps me recover from mental illness from the abuse I have suffered with since a child. I am hoping that sharing might help someone else who has gone through similar events. I'd like to do so in blog form as it will be Jesus who will be showing me what to say. Thank You-Rowene

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