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Pastor Didn't Help Out
It all depends. I really don't know what "help out" you are talking about. I do know that I might need help from time to time, like picking up the yard after the snows have melted. I couldn't reciprocate because of a bad heart. That, the bad heart, is the reason I might have needed help in the first place. If it's something like this, the problem is with those who helped but expected some return on their "investment."

Died As An Diabetic
A deacon in the church I attended as a child used to say that he could pray about a splinter in his finger. God would say, "I gave you two good hands. Get a pair of tweezers and don't be so lazy." Still makes sense. What we can do, we do. What we can't do, God does.

Non-Smokers Are Mean
Jody, let's be honest. It's not "throwing stones," it's "throwing stones back." Every single human being has the right to self defense. When we are attacked by the smoker's habit, we should be able to respond. No, smoking does not equate to alcohol, over eating, or any other habit that might not harm others. Smoking harms others every single time they are forced to endure the smoker's whim.

Non-Smokers Are Mean
The non-smoker is asking nothing by seeking a static environment where he may be comfortable. The smoker is attacking others. He can not keep his smoke to himself and cares not who he harms. My eyes actually hurt! when accosted by the smokers demand that he be given his right to harm above my desire to not be harmed. None smokers are not mean, they merely wish to not be attacked. Smokers are mean.

Why Do You Believe In God
In 85 words!! In "Days of Whine and Rousing," in the last chapter, the author explains that a belief in God is the only logical argument to explain the existence of the universe and us. If God isn't, I ain't. Nor, can I be.

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays
I have trouble with people who want to make merchandise out of an ostensibly Christian holiday and yet are so bigoted as to refuse to acknowledge that religious reality. Just venting. But, it does strike me as odd. This isn't "establishing" a religion that is already in existence, it is merely being polite to those from whom the business is profiting.

Creation Museum Denounced
Scripture was intended to tell of that which we can not know, the eternal and spiritual. Science is find the natural wonders of God in that we do know, time and physicality. Science can not speak to the metaphysical, when it denigrates the Scripture it has moved beyond its purpose and must continue searching for the fingerprints of The Creator.

Origin Of Catholic Church
Out of hundreds of thousands of priests the RCC has a only a handful of perverts. I was Baptist trained, and have served Baptist assemblies for over 40 years. The only KKK member I even met was a SSG in the army. Prejudice lies within the smearing of an entire group by the actions of few. I have black friends that can't dance and got no rhythm, should I doubt their ethnicity?

Apocryphal Books Of The Bible
Ted, I have a problem with the position that God might have written something that we've lost. Yours is a common feeling today as the rational for the newer English versions based on "new" textual basis. If God thought it important enough to inspire it, why would He be so powerless as to see it lost? Not a problem with you, just with the general faith of the times.

Older Men Handle Younger Women
Why is there an ad here that promotes a site which endorses dateing married women?

Marks Of Phariseeism
My guess... Ain't gonna claim any more than that! The Pharisee's tended to place "safeguards" on the Law. Don't do this because it will cause you to do this, etc., and that will cause you to fail keeping the Law. Ergo: I see a Pharisee as one who adds to the Word of God and places his own opinions in the place of inspired and preserved Scripture. Oh, he'll also reject the True, quite often, as the Pharisees did of Jesus. He didn't fit their molded theological conception.

Christians Support Extremes
When I reported during the Vietnam Conflict I was appraised of the words of Gen. Patton:"You are not being patriotic to simply die for your country.You are being patriotic to allow the other guy to die for his."Presently the adversary is barbaric.We must not tie the hands of our own soldiers to the extent that they are disadvantaged.I'd rather one of our boys said, "Sorry," than to have his voice stilled by barbarism.Everyone, even the soldier, deserves the right of self defense.

Paul's Letters From God
I should have mentioned the "faith of Jonah factor." Of the four I mentioned, the first 2 I doubt their standing with God, not the last 2. But all put aside their own mental prejudices and accepted God's Word, despite their intellectual arguments, and included that which God included. They saw His Will because they accepted Him as greater than themselves. Again. not blind faith but trusting faith.

Am I At The Wrong Church
Have you tried praying for the pastor? That is good for him and also very good, spiritually, for you.

Paul's Letters From God
I did a little searching on II Peter. Origen and Esubius (Spelled wrong, I know!) both had doubts but included it. Same with Luther and probably Calvin. Most who dismissed it were dismissive of the supernatural. Most who accepted were convinced of God's superiority. Same arguments used by both sides. I accept that God superintended His Own Scripture through the churches which trusted His Words. II Peter, canonical. It's a faith issue. Not blind faith, but believing faith in a God preserved Word.

Is Jesus Always Gentle
"He spent a lot of time screaming at pharisees and overturning moneychangers in the temple." This is the only class which I see Him as regularly attacking. These were the religionists who would have kept people from finding Him. Not gentle, but purposefully loving of the masses.

Paul's Letters From God
Peter (first century Christian and same generation as Paul) considered Paul's epistles as Scripture. II Peter 3:15-16

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