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Boyfriend Looks At Other Girls
I hate my boyfriend looking other women, i feel cheated on. My heart goes faster, stomach turns, sometimes feel i want to throw up or pass out. It really hurts that bad.iv told him this hr says he dont look but iv seen him looking at page 3 stuff. I really cant cope with it i know im worse than most, we cant go abroad cos i cant cope and id rather not be with him if he looks at women.wether im around or not. We have a baby and my body isnt what it used to be which has made it worse, its destroyin our relationship as i cant get it out my head. Is it reasonable to expect him to not look to save our relationship, it really is all i ask of him to make me happy. Or ill never be happy, i cry about it when im on my own i really cabt accept it.

Son Forgets His Homework
Set up systems. 1)ALWAYS carry backpack. 2)get agenda. Clip past pages.Write EVERYTHING EXPECTED IN BOOK! Every Day! 3) Agenda stays in backpack unless in use. Then it goes right back in. 4)Agenda comes out at end of day, student reads assignments, packs anything needed. 5)Finally, Mom/Dad: Take initiative to read agenda after Homework's done. INITIAL IT. DAILY. If he forgets something at school/home, DON'T RESCUE! Reprimands will help him become attentive to his own responsibilities. Routine critical.

Pagans Decorate Trees
to me a tree is just some thing I hang mementoes & stuff on. one time a year we get out this fake tree and do some thing as a family. we remember when the kids made the stuff. talk laughand have fun. to me it is more like a photo album or picture frame. I'm sorry this is hurtful to some. God Christ and holy spirit ARE here and they are who are important to me. to me my tree is just some thing that God made and the lights remind me of the stars that I can't always see. I don't feel condemed from God.

How To Confront Parents
I too read the book "toxic Parents" My problem is that they want me to move home after my divorce. I have been divorced 7 years now and they still think that I come home and care for them, my life and kids are where I live now. I thought when I became "one" with my spouse I was out of their "grasp" even after my ex left. now if I don't do as they say they cut me out of the will. I don't care for me. but my kids. now they say that I am the cause of their health problems.

Marriage The Perfect Will Of God
Well maybe if you have all your faults fixed, maybe your future spouse has stuff to fix yet.

Older Men Are Picky About Women
I hope that you know you reap what you sow.#1 my mom married some one 7 years younger. she use to run circles around dad. but now he doesn't go to many places as he cares for her.#2 my husband and I were the same age when we married, I still looked good, at 35 he left me for a "different" model. she drove him to bankruptcy [20 year olds tend to not be wise with money] #3 younger partners want kids. My Ex also has 2 more then ours, He misses sleeping.

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