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Marry A 2 Year Older Woman
Age is not the issue,love,maturity and respect is,no matter your age,it doesn't stop you from been the head of the home,because its not a function of age but office,for example a pastor who lead people way older than him in the church yet they still call him daddy even when they know they are older than him ,same applies to marriage

Tolerating Each Other In Marriage
Is man basically polygamous?. Is marriage in Africa/ME and the West the same?. Do Men practice Polygamy in different ways, the men in Africa/ME marry several wives at once, but those in the West marry several wives, but only one at a time.
No relationship can be "teary eyed" for ever. We all just have to work at it. Do you even like yourself the way you did when you were younger. Put God first in your choice of mate and you will love your partner no matter what. Always look on the bright side. Have a sense of humour about life and enjoy it no matter what.
Remember, that woman/man you are excited about, someone is already tired of them. You will too someday. Pray together and the Good Lord will heal your marriage.

Do Women Dress Appropriately
The Church is becoming more worldly. Christian men cannot tell their wives what to wear. Christian wives do not see anything wrong in exposing their bodies and permitting their daughters to do so also. When Christ comes, shall He find true faith upon the earth?

My Wife Wants A Divorce
If she has left you for another man give her a divorce. You cannot force her to be true to her vows. Thank God for your deliverance and draw closer to Him. Get a STD and HIV test as soon as you can.

Should I Confess My Affair
I am sorry that your marriage has gotten to this. To cheat on ones spouse for 3 years is not a good thing to do. You must know this already and the only way you can show true repentance is to tell him the truth.

You may never have your peace of mind if you do not tell him about it. I hope he is able to forgive you. If he cannot forgive, at least you would know that you did one right thing.

Pray that the Lord deliver (and forgive) you from selfishness.

Can God Forgive Satan
1. Forgiveness is one of the benefits of the death of Christ on the Cross, which is available to those who believe in Christ.
2. He does not have a part in the redemptive work of Grace, which is meant for Adam and his fallen brethren, and not for angels, whether faithful or fallen, I Peter 1:12B.
3. He has not repented and never will.
4. Although God is forgiving, He is also righteous in judgement; and finally
5. He has already been judged at the cross of calvary, John 16:11.

I Want Some Penpals
i am very happy to write u this letter please i am a boy who want to know more about God i like to hear from u soon Goodbye

Are Tongues For Today
Tongues are for today because the baptism of the holy spirit will help us to do battle against the powers of darkness in the last days. we are encouraged to pray in the spirit(which satan cant understand)daily.

Were There People Before Adam
Adam and Eve's creation story could be seen as a story that has hidden meaning. Many people interpret it as a story telling them that Adam and Eve were the first couple (people) to know God or have the knowledge that God exists.

My Life Is Hard As A Christian
Jesus had problems too but he took dominion by speaking to them. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Speak to the mountain of problems before you and they will become a plain. Dont give up. there is God's power inside you. Use it.

Generational Curses In The Bible
Generational curses are different from the curse of the law because they are Nation, tribe family and person specific. Its like a spiritual genetic inheritance. They occur when an ancestor is cursed or does evil. When you see a praticular evil cycle pattern,it means the family has a generational curse to deal with and needs deliverance.The blood of Jesus Christ is sufficient

Dr. Title Misleading For Pastor
Anyone who has earned a doctorate is free to use the designation Dr. or Ph.D. It is not misleading and a pastor holding a doctorate in a field other than theology is not different. Doctorate degrees are meant to stretch one's analytical skills. You will be surprised how it is influencing his ministry even if he studied agric economy.

Thief In Paradise For Three Days
This is a nice question. The thief was taken to paradise same day. Christ is not limited by space and time, so the fact that He was in hell for three days does not mean the thief was not with Him. If you are in paradise, you are with the Lord, simple. Also, Christ did not resurrect into paradise but to heaven. He went to heaven to show Himself to the Father. All who are in paradise are with Him, amen.

Can The Devil Talk To Your Mind
The devil has access to your mind even if you are born again. The real restriction is your spirit. He cannot contact and pollute a regenerated spirit, because this spirit is in Christ in God. The mind is an open arena, open to various ministrations. Look at the scriptures and you will find that he uses this method to tempt God's people right from Eden. It is possible he tempted Christ by suggesting those ideas into His mind. We are to renew our minds with the word of God. This is a continuous process.

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