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Is Kissing Ok While Courting
Kissing is fine but be Quick to let it go no
on to long.

Can A Cheater Change
Sure How much Mercy do you want from God?

Step Father To Spank Kids
Practice only to not leave a Mark but leave an impression

Bible Is Hard To Understand
God loves you so much and gave the Holy Spirit to help you understand the bible

Tithe On Sundays Only
Tithe with your life not just with money

Half Of Population Raptured
Interpret the Bible literally not on this one it was just to show people working at the same task being taken

I Just Became Unemployed
Go for a new job .
Offer them more than a body be a God GOOD HONEST EMPLOYEE

Demon Caused Diseases
Are mental diseases such as bipolar, depression, ADHD or schizophrenia caused by demon oppression?
yES The devil comes to kill steal distroy and confuse ...

Who Is Jesus To You
Janze: The challenges to the Deity of Christ are not new, just repackaged for a new generation. However if you feel that under exposure is the key to the masses then by all means expose away. I would rather be part of a small bunch of wheat then be crowded in with a large bundle of chaffe.

Who Is Jesus To You
Scott: Scripture twisting for me is any verse that is used for the purpose of arguing that Jesus is not God. Scripture twisting for you might be any verse that is used for the purpose of arguing that Jesus is God. Given the fact that you and I are on differing sides of one ideology, it is logical that either you or I are twisting the facts in order to prove our position. There can only be one truth to the one book, someone is twisting the scriptures and someone is wrong regarding the deity of Christ. I surely hope that I am not the twister, however given the present statistics I am feeling pretty confident about my position. And any distortion of an accepted norm is described as cultic. Jesus as God is clearly the accepted norm.

Are Apocrypha Books Needed
I often wonder why God didn't physically write a Bible and drop it on the earth or why Jesus didn't sit down one day and write the Bible by hand. No, God decided that the Bible was to be scribed by man's hand and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Why? Isaiah 1:18 "Come now, let us reason together."
And, Proverbs 27:17 "Iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another". I think that by a healthy debate of these issues a man can form his own defense for his own beliefs and faith or align himself with a trusted interpretation. As for me, I will use the statistical argument, as failed as it may be, that most modern Bibles leave them out so that's good enough for me for now.

Christians Required To Tithe
OBEWAN: My point is give what you can even if it is very little or just a time donation, I specifically stated that the 10% doesn't matter. My response was meant for those that don't tithe at all thinking that this it is legalism yet attend the church anyway. I'm sorry if my post was unclear.

How To Choose A Church
We recently moved across country and had to find a new church home. I thought this would be an easy process, I was wrong. Given our struggles my best advice would be to review the Doctrinal statements in great depth and meet with the Pastor personally, meet some of the members as well. Also trust your first impressions as they are often more correct than not. Make a list of "must have's" and "can do withouts" as no church will meet your needs 100%. But most importantly pray that the Holy spirit guide you in your search. I wish you the very best with your search and I will pray for the proper fit.

Who Is Jesus To You
MarkV: I appreciate your blog and you are correct. Many blogers feel as if they have discovered some new way to interpret the Bible however it is just the old stuff repackaged. I dealt wit the scripture twisters in college over twenty five years ago and they are not presenting anything new. There are some very well established authors for their philosophy out there and I have seen qoutes from their GURU's show up in many of their "original" thoughts. Anyway, the litmus test for these sideline groups is the same, do they deny the divinity of Christ? If they do, then they are not Christians, they lack the annointing.

Diets Don't Work Anymore
Just keep in mind that the procedure is made to be a supplement to a changed life, it is not a magic wand. The procedure will result in immediate weight loss however many patients are no more healthy because they have not changed their habits. The surgery in combination with a lifestyle change can be of great benefit. I find nothing heretical about improving the quality of your life however pray about this decision first as with any major decision.

Altar Calls Every Sunday
I am not comfortable with altar calls and switched Churches in part because they performed them every service, they became disruptive to worship and study. The same people would go up every week so I found the ritual to be an enabler to people that were simply seeking attention. My present church allows for alter calls after the service and I find the participants to be more genuine and sincere.

Christians Required To Tithe
Why are churches the only place that Christians feel that stealing is not a sin?
You pay for what you use at every other establishment then why not pay your way at church? Simply stated, if you attend a local church on a regular basis then pay what you can when you can or stop going. If you are poor then don't pay or pay what you can, pay with your time or service. If you are rich, then pay more with money and service. The ten percent doesn't matter, doing the right thing matters. Stop using the goods and services of your local church if you will not pay for them, stop using the Bible to justify stealing from God.

Who Is Jesus To You
Scott: Simply stated after twenty five years of study and living the Christian life I simply see the denial of the divinity of Christ as wrong and outright scripture twisting, possibly cultic. I am willing to go to my grave and stand before God on my position that Jesus is God. Now, your not going to convince me and I most likely am not going to convince you. What your presenting is not new, most grounded Christians have studied it many times before in many forms and we all know your position. However I have enjoyed our debate and I wish you the very best that God has to offer. God Bless.

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