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God's Will For Osama Bin Laden
The only thing I know for sure is that God wants Osama to come to a knowledge of the truth, recognize Jesus as God (not Allah) and be born again. Now, that would be a miracle!

Jesus Walked On Ice
It would be interesting to collect some of these "scientific" facts that "explain" the miracles of the Bible. Some are pretty amusing. Did you know the reason the Israelites could walk across the Red Sea? Somebody mistakenly called it the Red Sea but it was actually the "Reed Sea" which was only a few inches deep. They never go on to explain how the Egyptian Army drowned in a few inches of water. :-)

Will Pets Be Raptured Too
IMO animals were created by God and glorify Him just by BEING what they are. Some provide man with food or a livelihood, some protect man and some give companionship to the lonely. I've prayed for my pets, seen them love unconditionally as no human can. The "unbroke" colt that Jesus rode was somehow calmed and knew to obey Him. In Heaven, we will need no food, nor protection, nor companionship, nor reminders of God's love...nor the pets that served so faithfully and so well.

Who Was Norman Vincent Peale
I read The Power of Positive Thinking years ago. I believe it was written in the 50's. It really had nothing to say except it's better to be positive!(duh) Norman Vincint Peale was a liberal clergyman, not a born-again Christian.

Delivered By A Rapture
It seems to me that the tribulation, at least in the beginning,, is not due to the wrath of God, but due to the apostacy of the church and the rise of the antichrist. Reading II Thess Chap 2 gives me the impression the wrath of God does not come until the "son of perdition" is revealed. See II Thess 2:3-8 .I believe it is some time after this that the saints shall be "caught up".

Has The Holy Spirit Talked To You
Donna9759's post reminded me. I was a new (weeks old) the first poor job performance review of my life. I was shocked,hurt,cried (literally)to the Lord. He had me calmly re-read my evaluation to see if some truth might be there. I did. There was. And I repented. I asked why I was so hurt. Gently, he told me, "Pride". Who but the HS could speak like that! The next evaluation was great. The Boss asked how I had managed the change. I told her about Jesus in my life.

When Is The Next Revival Coming
IMO is that we are living in the end times, a time the Bible says there will be a great falling away, a great apostasty, leading up to a one world government headed by the Antichrist. Some preachers like to predict another great revival (beginning in their own church, naturally) but I see no indication of such. I may be wrong. I PRAY that I am wrong. Only time will tell.

Moderator - I see no indication either.

Okebaram Note To The Bloggers
No, I believe tithing was mandatory only in the Old Testament.

John McCain Too Old
No. I think he's younger than Reagan was when he was elected. We need someone with his kind of experience (particularly military) and the perspective of age.

Shameful Long Haired Men
RebeccaS--Yes, pay attention. Long hair could be a sign of SEPARATION UNTO GOD. Some took the vow of a Nazarite. This required staying away from dead bodies and also (Num 6:3) He shall separate from wine and strong drink, and shall drink no vinegar.. (Num 6:5) All the days of the vow of his separation there shall no razor come upon his head.
For most, the vow was for a limited time. But Nazarites for life were Samson, Samuel, and John the Baptist
( Jdg 13:4,5; 1Sa 1:11; Luk 1:15).

Influential Political Leader
"Political Christian"? Sounds like an oxymoron to me. (i.e a contradiction in terms).

Listening To God Important
I wouldn't be able to put a percentage on it, but MOST of prayer should be praise.
Prayer is really not about me, it's about HIM, seeing His will and learning what He wants of me.

When I concentrate on praise, I don't feel the need to ask much of the Lord. He knows my needs and I am content. I do intercede for others...those I know and those the Lord brings to my mind.

Jesus Walked On Ice
Scientific? Israel is on roughly the same latitude as Florida and it is at sea level. The Sea of Galilee would need a climate like Minnesota for ice to become thick enough to bear the weight of a man. There's no record of the disciples ice fishing! Do you remember where you heard this?

Am I Going To Die
Jack, Do you mean ..."hold back" from death? Sure, death is the best thing that happens to a Christian. But when you hear the news,your first thought isn't "Oh good, I'm going to heaven!" For me, sitting around just waiting... for either death OR God's healing was unthinkable. Pesonally, I felt responsibility for my life as long as I had it. If my efforts failed, O.K.,I'd accept death. I think Lanson will KNOW when it his time. If he's ready to die, he won't need anyone's opinion.

Am I Going To Die
Lanson-I've fought cancer for almost 3 yrs. Was stage III, but the cancer was agressive and fast growing...I now consider myself cured. Your doctor is not the final word! Find out what treatment might be available and go for it! You can stop treatment later if you want (people do it all the time). Don't need the nourishment. Spend time in prayer. You'll get lots of advice from friends, but listen to God and do what seems best to YOU! (I put my affairs in order..that's wise anytime)

John McCain Too Old
No. I think he's younger than Reagan was when he was elected. We need someone with his kind of experience (particularly military) and the perspective of age.

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