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Watching Crime TV A Sin
What about Comissioner Rex? It's about a police German Shepherd, who help the police track down criminals, also help to some people from oppression. Of course I do not watch every day, but from time to time. Of course I know that might by vulgarism or bad scene. To avoid it I do it this way, first I listen to the dialogues (the series I watch on the Internet) and check when the vulgar word will come out. Then as soon as I watch really, then at the right moment I mute the sound. But if you see that it is getting ready
Inadequate scene, I'm scrolling forward. On tv if they have to censor text is also after all must know it. In addition, in such series are discussed such issues as domestic violence, drugs, alcoholism, rape, etc.

Demons Attack While Sleeping
A demon is an unconscious manifestation of the shadow self. In other words, as human beings we have a light or angelic side to our nature as well as a darker shadow side.

The reason you dream you are chased by demons is because their are shadow aspects of yourself that you refuse to own and embrace as your own. The demons you are running from are in fact those shadow aspects of you that you are running from.

Once you come to terms with the fact that we all as humans are a perfect equlibrium of darkness and light including yourself, you can begin to love all parts of who you are no matter how dark they are and no matter how much you have been trained to fear and disown them.

God Will Bring My Wife To Me
I think the one that remains singles like me are God's angels. He will get jealous if we get married. Did u ever see angels in pairs?? So think of it as we are the "Chosen one" those who get special love and special treatment. As we just have to carry the duty of an angel...... to love other so that they can feel the love of God. We are angels afterall lol I think i am pretty blessed in life. Whoever do me wrong got punished pretty bad... i guess thats God's will.. lol

Social Moral Code Christianity
Atheist: you are impressive in your defence of your views, though I disagree with them

It is good that we Christians are reminded of what others believe


Autistic or Asperger Christians
I suspect Aspergers in my life but have not received a formal diagnosis. I am seeking a diagnosis. What I do know is that I have had a struggle with interpersonal relationships all my life.
Anna, 61

My Boyfriend Died
Im so sorry and i know how you feel. The man i loved and was planning on spending the rest of my life with died on February 22 2009 of an accidental overdose. We were living together and i found him when i woke up the next morning. All i know is that time will heal. There isn't a day that goes by that i don't think about him. It helps to talk to somebody or someone that has gone through the same thing as you. It will get easier But for now think about how much he loved you and how he would want you to be happy even if he isn't here with you in person he is here in spirit. I think of my boyfriend as my guardian angel looking down from Heaven smiling. Time does help heal. R.I.P. baby, i miss you so much. - 4 ever and 4 always

Should A Pastor Counsel Women
Most pastors are grown men over 18 and if they feel like God is calling them to counsel people and they feel comfortable counseling a woman alone, then that is their business. Stop putting up fences for other people to stay within. And if you are worried about people gossiping about that pastor - then don't start the gossip with, "I'm concerned about... It isn't wise too..." For crying out loud, let grown people make decisions for themselves.

Am I Free From My Husband
That's a very difficult situation you are in right now. Sure, you have to pray. But also tell your husband that you don't want a divorce. And many couples have difficulties. But does he want to work on your marriage? And though it would be difficult if there is no any other option you have to let him go. And Catholic doesn't mean born again believer. May God be with you.

Should She Date A Disabled Man
I think she can date with a disabled man because God looks at people in the inside not the outside. If the man is a strong Christian and she is prepared to handle and look after a man who is disabled then i don't see why she can't date with him.

Why Didn't God Make Us Gods
God is love! All the qualities of I Corinthians chapter 13 are His characteristics. We will never exhaust the knowledge of God, because God is infinite and we, by nature of being created, are finite. However, God can and has given us everything possible for us, His children, to be like Him in character, but we will always be "creatures" that have been created by Him, and as such we can never be God, but glory to His holy name, we may reflect His wonderful qualities! annam4654

I Am Having Visions
In 2005,I had a dream of a man holding a baby and crying. When I woke up, I felt led to draw a picture of this man. In October, I was praying and fasting during Rosh Hashana. Remembering the drawing, I went to get it from room. As I exited, I looked down at it. This drawing instantly came to life. It was a face of a man. This face came up off the page, came forward, paused, then slowly fell back into the page. Once even with page, it became the drawing again. Thank you.

Pastor Husband Can't Stand Me
If your husband is a Pastor and suddenly cant stand you, 1. Check yourself, find out where you went wrong.2.Ask him why 3. Try your best to be the (Proverbs 31 verse 8 to 31)woman. If this doesnt work, Pray for divine direction and live your life for Christ

All Marriages Are Not Covenants
I don't think he has good standings wit God right now,he has to repent and do right with you so that his prayers won't be hendered!That is God's word!If he chooses otherwise and ignore the truth.or pick and choose then God will use discipline and God's wrath is greater then ours.I will pray for God to give you Guidence.Psalms 46:10 comes to mind.It says be still and know that I am God.He is in control.Also I would ask him to seek christian counseling as last resort.God could turn him around.God Bless!

Women Wear Head Coverings
From what was said to me when I got married was that as a mother and/or a wife, there are so many things to pray about that one should always wear a head covering for one never knows the time that prayer will be needed. I know that there is a verse in the bible about a woman wearing a head covering but offhand I don't know in which book of the bible it is.

My Husband Isn't Bright
We all make mistakes. Getting counseling now or get going. My huaband's lack of common sense has only gotten worse over the years (44). I should have gotten counsel since I wasn't going to cancel.

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