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Grandpa Comes From Dead
To say someone can't visit you, after they have passed on is denying scripture and is also denying that Jesus Christ himself was resurrected and rose from death. Was Lazarus not risen from the dead with all memories, love, and knowledge he had from life, disproving the remarks of everyone here. Is it also not written that after the crucifixion of Jesus that he went to the spirits that were in prison, that were disobedient at the time of Noah for the three days. Anyone that disputes that disputes the bible itself and they need to read what it says, not what others tell them. The body is mortal, but the spirit is immortal and the only thing you take from life is your memories.

What Should Pastors Be Paid
What a stupid question and that comes from the greed of the world, not God. The bible is explicit that NO ONE is to be paid, because they are profiting off the blood of Jesus Christ. Take ye no purse nor script and go into the world and proclaim my gospel. Feed my sheep, not for filthy lucre, but through love of God. It can't get any clearer than that, but man sets up churches to profit only. I have met many pastors, ministers that told me bluntly, "If I had to lead a church for nothing, I wouldn't do it and I might as well get a normal job from nine to five." Men run churches for profit, salvation of others is secondary.

Gospel Preached To The Dead
That verse is self explanatory. Does no one read the bible any longer? When the body of Jesus was lying in the tomb. "For Jesus went and preached unto the spirits in prison, that were disobedient at the time of Noah." There will be billions of people born into this world that will never hear the gospel. It states God is no respecter of persons. The moment he condemns one person who heard his gospel over someone who didn't he ceases to exist, because the bible becomes lies. EVERYONE will hear the gospel, have their freedom to accept or reject it and that is how they will be judged. If someone tells you that anyone will be condemned for not hearing it, flee from the person because they are a false teacher and follower of Satan.

Christian Women Look Attractive
This topic is one that I just started considering, even after being Christian for many years. Talking to male friends and my husband, even the jeans that women wear leave nothing to the imagination. I think "modesty" is now defined comparatively, instead of biblically. And the word "attractive", which is a modest word today, means to lure others or attract attention to your outward beauty. I'm just starting to open myself to the idea that society just isn't slightly wrong, but wrong entirely here.

Are All Dreams From God
After praying for a girlfriend my husband had a dream with him and I married living in a house. He was 13 years old when he had the dream and having no clue who I was. He lived in Florida and I was living in Iowa at the time. We meet in July 08 at rock concert. He was stationed in Nebraska. A little over a month later we started dating. Before we got married, we had bought a house. That we love! I just wanted to share with everyone. I love my husband and daughter. This is the happiest I ever have been.

Can Single Moms Find Man
The only bit of advice I can give is to write a list of what your perfect for you man would be and to pray over it. Put your faith in God and let him know that you know there is "your perfect man" out there. If you happen to meet a guy that you might be interested in...look back at your list and make sure he is everything...if hes not, move on, keep looking and praying. Never settle for less than best when it comes to your heart and the rest of your life...especially with little ones that also depend on you to make responsible decisions.

Mormon Temples Rituals
Jesus told the thief on the cross, Today thou shalt be with me in paradise. Paradise would be a grave with Jesus buried on top of the thief to be together that day. Second, Christ taught the spirits in prison, that were disobedient when the ark was built. You have heard of men going into prisons to teach inmates the gospel. I'm sure they weren't going into cemeteries to talk to headstones. In order to teach someone or talk to them, they must be alive in front of you. Our bodies die and are placed in the ground, but our spirits are immortal and have always existed before the world was created. Genesis is explicit when it talks about a spiritual creation of everything including men and women and then a physical creation on the earth.

Mormons And Joseph Smith
3- the Gold plates aren't available for the world to see or touch. Only one third was translated, two thirds are still sealed to come forth in the future. If they weren't in God's hands, evil men would try to open the sealed parts for their own advantage. The Urim and Thummin was used to translate the plates, it's the same device old testament prophets used. It's a breastplate with a white stone that God gave his prophets for learning. As stated in Exodus 28:30, Num 27:21, Deut 33:8, 1 Sam 28:6, Ezra 2:63, Rev. 2:17. Many christian churches are traced back to the reformation and were born through beliefs of man. That creates contradiction and is how Satan operates. Truth is then ignored for teachings of man.

Mormon Temples Rituals
Happy LDS made valid claims with scriptures to back it up. You either believe in the whole bible or you don't. Anyone that picks and chooses what they will accept or reject, rejects the son of God and his words through his prophets. You can't have it both ways. Jesus said you are for me or against me. You can't profess Jesus on sunday and live in the world following Satan during the week. It doesn't work like that and Jesus said, except Ye repent, ye shall NOT enter the kingdom of God. When we take upon ourselves the name of Christ, we promise to live in strict obedience to everything he taught as an example to others to follow Christ. Then we let our light shine. If no one knows you are christian through your example, you are following Satan.

Mormon Temples Rituals
2- Sally, When ordinances are performed on behalf of the dead, it is by proxy only. No one becomes the person involved, the same way you can marry the brother of the groom in a legal ceremony over the phone and as long as both legal partners have signed the documents, you are legally married. Did the brother become the groom, NOT. it was by proxy or as a stand in on their behalf. Many ordinances have to be performed or they have no hope of entering God's kingdom. Except ye are born of the water and spirit you shall NOT enter God's kingdom. My KJV bible teaches that God is no respector of persons and everyone is equal. That is why everyone will hear the gospel and receive the ordinances performed on their behalf to accept or reject.

Mormon Temples Rituals
2- Sally, an example. You are born and through no fault of your own, you live in an area of the world that prohibits the reading of the bible. You have faith and believe Jesus is the Christ, even though your knowledge is limited. You live your life to the best of your knowledge and do what you feel is right. Will you be punished for that? NO. God has prepared the way where others can perform the ordinances on your behalf so when you reach the judgment bar, Jesus says Hello sally, I am happy to tell you that you are worthy of my kingdom because someone performed the ordinances on your behalf when you were unable to do it yourself. As no respector of persons, everything was planned carefully to give everyone an equal opportunity to return.

How To Spot A Cult
It is very easy to spot a cult or church of satan masquerading as a church of God. If they teach that abortion is permissable, gays can marry and hold the priesthood, women can be ordained ministers of Christ, pastors have to be paid to preach the gospel, If pastors or any leader is involved in an adulterous affair with a member of his church, if they teach that baptism isn't required or you don't have to repent of wrongdoing, you have entered into a cult of satan that blinds you to the teachings of Jesus Christ. If pastors preach one thing and live in hypocrisy or follow the world during the week, they run a cult, not a church of God.

Mormons And Joseph Smith
2- it is interesting that people often condemn or criticize the church as following false Gods, living lives by example, being a light in righteousness so others benefit. Many people feel threatened by that because they live in wickedness each day and destroy lives and families through drug use, alcohol, adultery, fornication, abortion, alternate lifestyles, etc. For anyone that has read the bible, those are all worthy of satan's domain, not the kingdom of God. Jesus said: except ye repent, ye shall not enter his kingdom. Jesus will forgive our mistakes that we ourselves repent of. Nothing is a free ride. If that is the case, satan wouldn't be cast out, he would return to God's kingdom too with everyone else that openly rebels against God.

Living With My Boyfriend
The question was where in the bible does it state that a couple that lives together constitutes sin if they aren't married. For everyone that refuses to believe truth, it is called fornication or engaging in sexual relations out of wedlock, the same as adultery is engaging in sexual relations with someone other than your spouse. Fornication is evil and having sexual relations with anyone not married. People can twist the truth to suit themselves, but it is still an abomination in God's eyes and they will be judged for it. Satan laughs every time someone tries to justify an action for their own advantage. Fornicators and adulterer's will NOT enter the kingdom of God.

I Am 19 And Love A 42 Year Old
Im in the same boat you are. I like a 38 year old and im only 18 and sometimes I wonder how people would react..Some tell me age shouldn't matter but I often wonder..And How my family would view it..It gets aggervating sometimes cause im falling for him but at the same time im wondering if its right or not..Idk what to do either...

Trick Or Treat On Halloween
Actually ever major holiday once had pagan ties. But they have all been comercialized. I am Christian and I see nothing wrong in having kids dress up like power rangers or bunnies and getting candy. Where do you live where people still, at this day in age, give out candy with razor blades. And who accepts candy not in a wrapper. Personally I would not like my children wander around going door to door either, but if you are with them, then there seems to be no threat. Regardless, if it is unsafe to go to stranger's, throw a Halloween party at your house.

Was Jesus Born With A Sin Nature
Why do people continuously complicate simple things. Adams sin was disobeying God and a spiritual death or separation from God occurred. Everyone will die as a result. The atonement of Jesus Christ broke the bonds of death, meaning everyone will be resurrected to spend eternity with God if they are worthy. Do people even know what it means to be born again. Baptism cleanses us of all past sins. When you rise out of the water your sins are washed clean or you are born again, just like you were when you were born physically. Sin is a result of aging and learning right from wrong. No one is born from the womb condemned. NO ONE. That is why Jesus said: Suffer little children to come unto him for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Is Islam The AntiChrist's Religion
1st John 4:3 says:
"For whosoever does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, is antichrist"

they believe Jesus Christ was alive and was a prophet...but they do not believe he is the son of God... I respect your questioning...but please before posting, look up what you are saying.

Mormons Secret Underwear
I always enjoy reading the views expressed by others here. Many just repeat opinions expressed by others and say it is truth. What hypocrisy. Jesus said love one another and serve your fellow man. If ye love me, KEEP my commandments. Where does that say condemn others for living a righteous life, remaining true to their beliefs and actually living as an example to others so they stand out from the crowd. So many nowadays talk the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk, they love darkness over light.

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