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Why Do You Go To Church
First, because it's commanded. Second, because I love to be in God's house. It's not an option with my husband and I. We can count on one hand how many church services we've missed in the 23 yrs we've been married. We can't wait till Sunday, every week. It has never gotten old to us. What do I get out of it? LIFE! I couldn't face the world without my regular encounters with God's presence and the words he speaks to me through my Pastor

What Is The Bohemian Grove
Well, I THOUGHT this would get more attention than this, it will make your blood run cold. This is all tied in with the DaVinci Code folks, and the Illuminati. I just thought I'd start a conversation of REAL substance, rather than discussing did Jesus drink wine or grape juice, or is Benny Hinn fake for the 50th time each! Check out that website, Needless to say, "strange things are afoot in the USA"!

Moderator - Scary.

Have You Felt A Demon Before
All the time. If our spiritual eyes could be opened, it would scare most of us into cardiac arrest! I believe the closer you get to God, the more "encounters of the weird kind" you will have with demonic forces. They are scary when you're young in the Lord, but you get to a place where they just become annoying. If you just stay prayed up and powered up with the Holy Ghost, have the Word hidden in your heart, just saying "Boo" to the devil will send him running.

Biggest Sins In Church
The sins of ommision- apathy, laziness, uncommitment, unfaithfulness......

Believe In Latter Rain Movement
Alan G- explain what you mean by "latter Rain" movement, and moderator, why your comment on it?

A Woman Annointed Jesus
doesn't imply anything. What do YOU think it implies?

Who Forbids Marriage
I dont know about 'forbidding to marry', but I can list a TON of churches that the FIRST THREE things describe! (but there's not enough room on here, sadly)

Who Forbids Marriage
I dont know about 'forbidding to marry', but I can list a TON of churches that the FIRST THREE things describe! (but there's not enough room on here, sadly)

Christians Watching American Idol
Like I told some of our youth group once when a conflict arose about it, there's nothing wrong with watching it, as long as you don't put it before God- that's what the conflict was about. Some of them missed an important church drama team rehearsal to go see Kelly Clarkson in concert at her old high school here in Burleson TX. Those 3 kids attended the same school and lived in Burleson. They tried to tell me that the school made attendance at the concert MANDATORY- yeah, uh huh, RIGHT!

Should We Dance In Church
Melissa, YES. Children CAN and DO have "Spiritual experiences". They are very sensitive to God, even though a lot of times most of them that young are too young to understand right from wrong and therefore cannot fully understand the plan of salvation, BUT we adults can learn a lot from children, who don't have all the inhibitions we do sometimes, and aren't afraid to physically express what they are feeling inside- even thought they themselves may not understand it

Holy Spirit Moving More Today
2. I KNOW what I'm talking about, it's not only happening in our church and in just about every church we know personally, but it's happening everywhere. We constantly hear reports of it happening from friends or family or aquaintances who attend churches where its happening or from other Pastors or worship leaders as well. THIS IS the great falling away the Word Speaks about, you can't open your Bible and not see CLEAR PROOF of that prophecy

Holy Spirit Moving More Today
Donna: I'm not talking about a certain AGE group. I'm talking about people who have been "in church" for years, still claiming to be Holy Ghost filled Christians, yet they gripe and complain about everything from the music to the sermon to the carpet color to where the Pastor moved a piece of furniture! Then finally, they get so mad because they cant control everything, they just up and leave.

Holy Spirit Moving More Today
"The new and fresh movement is the praise and worship movement that is emotional in content. That is NOT the spirit of God moving."

Sorry, there's no other way to put this- no offense intended, but- Shira, what gives you the authority to make that sort of blanket judgement call upon millions of passionate worshipers who have chosen to come out of dead religion and into an intimate and deeper relationship with Jesus Christ?

ChristiaNet's Apostate Ecards
So, the e-cards are not only everything I've said they were, they are HYPOCRITICAL as well! Now, THAT's all I've got to say, go ahead an gang jump me if you all want to- like you always do. I bet there's a bunch of haw-hawing going on in the CN office right now at my expense, but we'll just see who's laughing on judgement day.

Moderator - T.S. at this point no more of your posts will be allowed in this blog as this isn't serving the Gospel.

ChristiaNet's Apostate Ecards
In fact, my comment about the toasted preacher?- What he was saying, "you dont have to believe everything thats in the bible"- I was referring to the Moderators, because I have seen them tell people that very thing every time they say we don't have to obey anything in the old testament.

ChristiaNet's Apostate Ecards
I MEANT every word I said and take none of it back. And "Elder" -bite the hand that FEEDS me?! You've GOT to be kidding. "ChristiaNet is NOT doing me any favors- I have never ONCE been helped or ministered to here, only attacked and crucified, and treated unfairly because I disagree with the LIBERAL minded moderators. If we DID have to "pay" to be here, don't think I'd ever give a dime- I'm a better steward than that.

ChristiaNet's Apostate Ecards
I want you all to know (the ones who have personally attacked ME) that the reason I am remaining silent is NOT because you are right and I don't have an answer for you. I am not responding, because if I did, it would be cut to shreds and none of you (except the moderators who read what I REALLY write) would see my full comments. Besides, my comment would have to be in at least 30-40 parts to get it all in, so in light of these facts, I am not going to DELIGHT you with a comeback.

ChristiaNet's Apostate Ecards

Living Waters Speaking In Tongues
2. #3 I capitalize some words to make a point, not to "yell", and I called people blind not because they disagreed with ME, but because they were coming against the Holy Spirit and his work in people's lives. And yes, I DO get upset when something that is so plain and easy to understand right out of the Bible is debated and attacked and ridiculed by people who claim to love God. It's about time God's people "got upset" about some things going on in "the church" today

Living Waters Speaking In Tongues
John T:

I think I made it clear that I was not defending myself particularly, which should tell you that I was not taking the attacks personally. #2: I am not so ignorant that I believe the Holy Spirit NEEDS ME to defend Him- but He is precious to me and blasphemic statements about him yes, DO tend to get my blood boiling, just as if someone were personally attacking my husband or someone else I love dearly- I'm going to stand up for them.

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