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Passover Feast Celebration
Betty8468 - I can tell that you have never celebrated a Passover Sedar. It is an awesome celebration of the death, burial and reurrection of our Messiah. Y'shua, by and through the sacrifice of his blood, made final atonement for the sins of the world. The law he fulfilled was the law of the sacrifices for the atonement of sins found in Leviticus. A lot of Gentiles have not idea what they are missing by not celebrating the feasts that G-d gave to US ALL in his word.

Favorite Christian Blogs
I have been wondering why we have so many blogs with the same subject and we just keep hashing the same stuff over and over - such as the Sabbath, 10 Commandments, SDA. Seems the same people blog the same answers on all of them. I enjoy most all the blogs - some make me laugh and others are sad. I see some for a while, then they disappear. I have tried to post a new blog 3 times, but have never been posted and have no idea why. I enjoyed the one about to Edit or Not to Edit. It seems to be gone now.

Is Jesus The Passover Lamb
Phil the Elder, only the John account says it was not Passover - look at the other gospels and they show it to be a Passover meal. The symbols of Passover are - The Matzah, the Unleavened bread. The Israelites fleeing Egypt had no time for it to rise. It is the bread of affliction, made without leaven, made of fine wheat flour, water and oil; the Roasted Lamb Bone is a reminder of the Temple Sacrifice and the first Passover Lamb;

Is Jesus The Passover Lamb
2 - bitter Herbs recall the bitterness of slavery. Traditionally made of Horseradish, grated by hand by the man of the house as he sheds a tear. This makes up for the ones shed by the wife during the year; a Green Vegetable represents the hyssop branches used to apply the blood of the lam to the doorpost. It is also considred a bitter herb. The Clay of apples, nuts, cinnamon, and wine, represents the brcks nad morar the Israelites were force to make under Pharaoh's taskmasters.

Is Jesus The Passover Lamb
3 - A Roasted Egg is a reminder of the Temple Holiday Sacrifice and also a symbol of life. It was offered at the Temple during the Feast of Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles; Salt Water symbolized the blood of the frist Passover lamb, also the tears shed by the Israelite slaves. Only the Lamb, Matzayh and Bitter Herbs are commanded by the Torah for Passover, but the other foods have been part of the Passover tradition for centuries.

Is Jesus The Passover Lamb
4 - There are also many other wonderful parts of the Passover such as the Four cups of wine - (sanctification, plagues, redemption and Praise), the washing of hands, the 4 questions, eating the Afikomen, looking for Elijah and the wonderful music. In a Messianic Jewish Passover, you will find the Messiah throughout it all. It is a wonderful celebration and as with any Jewish celebration, would not be complete without dancing in praise and worship to our precious L-rd, Yeshua.

What Church Do You Attend
Steveng - the gospel is found in 1 Corinthians 15:3b-4 - How that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures; and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scritpures.

Red Cows Raised For Israel
There is a lot of understanding that must go along with the red heifer and how she must be totally unblemished - not one white hair. It is true that there have been some born in Texas and sent to Israel, but as they grew older were found to be blemished. Look up red heifer on the net and you will find many Jewish sites with a wealth of information. Time of Messiah's return is certainly drawing near. Not enough space here to give good explanation.

What Are Orthodox Churches
Elder, Moses and his brother Aaron were from the tribe of Levi - the priesthood. They were most certainly Jews. Moses was raised by Pharoah's daughter, but he was born to a Hebrew mother and is from the House of Jacob. What makes you say he is not a Jew?

What Church Do You Attend
I attend Eitz Chaim (Tree of Life) Messianic Jewish Congregation, but on Saturday, not on Sunday. We are taught the Word of G-d from the first verse of Torah to the last verse of Revelation. It is AWESOME with wonderful praise and worship!

What Are Orthodox Churches
Who do you think wrote the Bible to start with? -- Jack.

Jack, the Bible was written by Jews.

Who is John Hagee?
So Chipper, what is the difference between Hebrews, Israelites and Jews? The are ALL THE SAME - all descendents of the 12 tribes of Israel (Jacob).

Lost In The Shuffle What's Up
I love the IDIOT joke. I sent it to my two brothers who are both preachers. It is cold here in Texas - and we had snow fluries yesterday and today. That was exciting for us. :)

What Should Pastors Be Paid
In my Messianic Congregation of almost 200 congregants, not one single person gets paid. All are lay people, including the Rabbi. Every member plays a very active role in the congregation and not everything falls on one person. It is really great. I think it is wonderful because no one can say "They get paid, so let them do it." We have no lack of workers and volunteers. It is such a blessing.

Is Israel Cut Off From God
Israelites (Jews) are the descendents of Israel (Jacob). He had 12 sons and they begat many children. G-d made Israel a great nation as he promised. A Jew does not become a gentile and a gentile does not become a Jew same as a German does not become Italian. Israel is the root - the goyim (gentiles) are grafted into the tree - adopted. Many Jews are coming to know Y'shua as savior today. All the first believers were Jews. I am a Jew, saved by the blood of Y'shua through his wonderful grace.

Thoughts About Dating Sites
I think you can find non-sincere people anywhere - even in your own church. I would say that a majority of us that have our profiles on these sites are not weird or anything like that. G-d can bring a husband and wife together through internet sites as easily as he can through your local church. Just let him do it.

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