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Jed, Kathr4453, and Others ...

2 Timothy 2:16, 2:23 -- "Avoid foolish arguments that lead to strife and fights"

Titus 3:9 -- "Avoid worthless tak that leads to more Godless behavior"

I don't think that all the bickering is doing anyone any good. And it is not pleasing to God.

What do any of you hope to accomplish with all this stuff?

Why Are There Poor People
Jed, Darlene, Trish:

I'd like to join the discussion.

What does the Bible say about my collecting Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for a work-related disability?

What about children who collect Government assistance, like Suppemental Security Income (SSI), for medical conditions such as: Autism, Military and/or Chemical related birth defects caused Agent Orange, Weapons production, etc.?

If I understand things correctly, these people, myself included, all chose our disability conditions? It's all poor choices? Really? How much fun! NOT!

How come I've been to God knows how many healing services and I'm still not healed? Hello God! Where are you?

Obama Dislikes Christians
Social Security Disability has become nothing more than life-long welfare for people who have never worked.
---Jed on 3/28/12

You sound just like my ex-Wife!

When I was working multiple jobs, she found something else to complain about. I wasn't home enough to share in the child-rearing work.

When I had an on-the-job accident that left me permanently disabled, I was forced to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). My ex complained about getting little-to-NO child support from that. That's just tough.

Now, you come along. Complaining all the time too.

Makes me wonder if you were hired by my ex to harrass me.

The Bible says to NOT complain, Holier-Than-Thou, Jed.

Rick Santorum Next President
Obama has done well despite the opposition.

---joseph on 1/27/12

I've lived long enough to see that the "Cut Taxes" movement -- from Ronald Reagan to Bush II -- has wreaked havoc on the United States.

The GOP's intentions were good: Reduce taxes and Encourage more business investment. That supposedly would make the economy grow and become self-sustaining.

However, the GOP Presidents cut taxes TOO MUCH. The longer term result is a debt of TRILLIONS of $$$.

I don't think that President Obama has much choice but to restore tax rates to where they were before Ronald Reagan. It's either THAT or BANKRUPTCY.

GOPers, Which would you prefer? More Taxes? National Bankruptcy?

Church Membership Biblical
The Bible has several illustrations for God's "covenant" with people. Examples: Moses, Abraham, Noah, and David.

I believe that we should only make "covenant" with God. At the time of: birth, confirmation, marriage, etc.

A "covenant" to join a church sounds silly and un-Biblical. Same goes for "covenant" to give additional monies for what seem like church luxuries: New vehicle for your pastor, New pews and sound system for the church, Building Projects, etc.

Rick Santorum Next President
This guy sounds like a hypocrite to me. Trying to hide the truth.

Rick's own wife had an abortion in the 1990's.

Now, this guy is claiming how much he is against killing the unborn. When it took place within his own marriage.

Is that because abortion is murder?

Or, is that because Rick's wife is feeling awful about what took place?

Rick claims that his wife's abortion was different. No way. Whatever the reason, Abortion is Murder. Period.


Questionable Leadership Qualities?

Tithe And File Bankruptcy
Your own spending habits need to be looked into. Tithing isn't the culprit.

Consider other ways to tithe to your church. Avoid going Bankrupt.

At my church, tithing isn't just giving money, but also your time and talents/spiritual gifts.

God has given each believer gifts for building up his church. See these Bible verses:

Romans 12:6-8
1 Corinthians 12:8-10
1 Corinthians 12:28
Ephesians 4:11
1 Peter 4:11

At my church, in place of giving money to the church, some members volunteer their time, gas money, and vehicles for snow and ice removal. Saves our church the expense of hiring a snow removal business.

Other members cook church meals, do construction work, maintain the lawn, etc.

Why Remarry After Divorce
When a person is a Christian, the Almighty Holy Spirit leads us aright in our lives, and addresses specific situations that may not be detailed for us in the scripture.
---Eloy on 9/10/11

Very Well Said.

As a divorced man, I've come to realize that many people just don't understand what we're living through. Some seem to mostly understand, some not at all. This goes for Family, Friends, Strangers, etc.

It seems like a never-ending challenge to "keep my cool" in situations like when reading all the comments on this blog. Some are irritating, while others informative. I'd be interested in knowing what other folks think.

Thanks for adding your encouraging comment.

How To Punish My ExHusband
As a divorced man, I can understand the hurt and anger that you are going through.

I constantly have to remind myself that my ex, and other people, even at church, do not understand things. I don't think that they are trying to be mean. They just don't have all the facts and they also can't possibly understand everything that they should. Only GOD has the capabilities to completely understand each of us.

GOD commands us to Love Our Enemies. Matthew 5:43-48. Hard as it is.

We must forgive if we want to be forgiven. Hard as that is too. Matthew 6:9-15.

Punishing your ex is GOD's job and he'll take care of that. If you let him do so.

Your choice about what to do next.

Obama Declining America

I've lived long enough to remember one thing when it comes to politics.

Whoever is in office is just as imperfect as yourself. Bet you couldn't do any better than they are. That includes Obama.

Instead of complaining, trying to find faults, spreading rumors and gossip, etc. pray for them. Whether they are democratic, republican, or independent.

The Holy Bible commands us to do just that in 1 Timothy 2:1-2.

There are many other verses in the Bible about this. I'm sure that God would prefer you follow these instead of debating about Obama, Biden, Clinton, etc.

Husbands Praise Your Wives
Divorce isn't the end, in a lot of cases it is the beginning.
---paul on 8/6/11

I needed to hear that.

For me, divorce has been the beginning of understanding how difficult it is to forgive an ex-spouse.

At the same time, it is an awesome understanding about just how great God's love is for us. Even when we've really messed up.

I know that the Bible says that God hates divorce. Yet, He still loves me. How wonderful.

The My Husband Doesn't Series
This blog question, and everyone's anwsers, or lack thereof, struck me hard.

Everyone, man, woman, or child, is imperfect and saved by the grace of God. John 3:16

When it comes to marriage, there must be mutual love and respect. Ephesians 5.

All of us, married, single, divorced, widowed, etc. must be openly forgiving if we want God to also forgive us. Matthew 6:14-15.

I believe that the Bible has many more verses that support this. However, this blog doesn't have enough room to list them all.

As a divorced man, I hope that my advice here will help some other men, and/or women, avoid the hell that I went through.

Not forgiving and praising your spouse should be a red flag that you're headed there.

By His Stripes We Are Healed
The other posters have answered this question correctly: HEALED is in the spiritual sense.

I've attended, and left, several churches that taught that this verse referred to physical healing.

When I wasn't healed after several folks laid hands on me and prayed, I was treated like a leper.

Several others experienced the same treatment in these churches. I would imagine that the problem continues in churches around the world.

Many people are spiritually healed, but not physically: Quadriplegics, Diabetics, Epileptics, Amputees, etc.

I believe that God CAN heal if He so chooses. However, that doesn't mean that He WILL. The reasons are often known only to God. And Him alone. Not to people.

Hurt By A Church
If someone doesn't give me thanks for helping...well, was that my motive for helping?
---Donna66 on 7/19/11

You seem to think that we should help for nothin.

Working For The Lord or Giving Out Of The Goodness Of Your Heart. That's all true.

But remember that people are people. We are encouraged/uplifted by praise, including thanks. And we are discourgaged/depressed by silence, criticism, rebukes, etc.

A marriage counselor discussed all of this with myself and my ex before our divorce.

Even in Christian circles, like marriages, churches, Pastors, etc. Giving Thanks, Praise, Encouraging Words, etc. goes a long way towards building others up. And strengthening the marriage, church, friendship, etc.

Should Christians Be Depressed
Anyone who has been through a divorce will suffer through hard times. I know firsthand because I'm divorced.

Spouses can forgive each other for what they did wrong. Children can forgive their parents for splitting. Yet, some degree of hurt remains. As with other sins, GOD forgives us, but we live with the results.

One of those results is depression. Even among christians. Laws often make tough situations worse. Divorce is one of those. If not one thing, the legal system goes for another.

Studies have shown that children of divorced parents suffer depression a lot too.

Husband Works Too Much
Your situation was what led my ex to divorce me. She exptected that things would getter better. Instead, things got worse for all of us: Me, Her, Kids, Friends, etc.

My ex was able to be a Stay-At-Home-Mother (SAHM) when I was working 70+ hours a week at minimum wage jobs.

Everyone told me to just get more education and I'd be able to earn more. I found that that is much easier said than done. Schooling led to even more time away from my family and I eventually had to drop out. I just couldn't handle the school load anymore.

Today, my ex has to work Full-Time to support herself and the children who are still living at home. I can't afford to contribute anything. Our divorce worked out the worst way ever.

Is Your Life A Failure
You can trust in God. Turn to His word for counsel such as Psalm 46:10
"Be still and know that I am God".

---Haz27 on 7/1/11

Thank You!

I hope that I'm not cutting down churches by saying that I've found many to be very critical and unhelpful to men in our situation. Then they wonder why no men go.

I think that a person is a failure only if they let themselves think that way. As GOD sees it, everyone is a success. Where they are.

The Holy Bible says to be content. Philippians 4:11-13. When we don't, that is when we start ourselves down the road to depression and feeling like a failure.

In this world, my marriage may have failed, but I am a success before GOD. Alleluia!

Is Your Life A Failure
I'm a middle-aged, disabled man. Stuck in the aftermath of a nasty divorce. My ex took everything for herself and our children. I keep trusting GOD for a miracle. That I could move on with my life. I have yet to see anything. Legal court issues make things even harder.

I'm sure that many other divorced people, especially men, can relate to the problems that I face.

How do I let GOD take the lead so that I get to play in the background?

In situations like mine, tt's easy to just "Give Up" and feel like you're a failure! Help!

Wife Just Divorced Me
I went through a nasty divorce after several years of marriage too. Divorce sucks!

Were you and your ex Christians? If so, the Bible says that you should remain Single and wait. Mark 10:9 God might bring about a reconciliation. Or, your ex might remarry and then you're free to do so as well.

If you, your ex, or both of youe, were Unbelievers -- you didn't KNOW Jesus Christ as your Savior, then the Bible says to let the other spouse leave. You are free. To remain Single or Remarry. 1 Corinthians 7:15-25.

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