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My Three Year Old Not Walking
Am so blessed to read this Blog. I have the same problem, my child has the same problem walking while been held, can use her knees to move. The most amazing point, she started to talk at three and has a welcoming character.

Spanking Teenage Boys
I agree with the "pants down" for teenagers , But I think it should be over the briefs (underpants) ! The boy being disciplined should be ordered to : "Drop your pants' & bend over the table so I can spank you ! 2 to 3 moderate swats should be enough to get a behavior modification !

How Old Is The Earth
Moderator: Your comment about the eyeball (which can also be said about a number of other 'major changes' - invertebrate to vertebrate is the other one I can think of. Is a big problem, because the eyeball needs a number of things to be even partially useful - it can do without the lens, but it still needs the transparent vitreous something to work.

How can that all start slowly?

Christian And Muslim Dating
I suggest you stop now, unless you plan on converting or don't mind your children being raised Muslim. I dated a Muslim man for the same amount of time and I feel like it was a waste of time. He wanted our kids to go to an Islamic school and there is no way I would ever allow this. He was not a bad man, in fact he was very sweet. Save yourself the heartache and move on now before you invest any more time and feelings.

Tea Party Party Biblical
Jed: Would you care to inform us of which specific constitutional rights they want to take away from others?

While I have not actually HEARD THEM say this, I think that some, at least are disinclinced to give all people the right to believe in whatever belief system they want (separation of state and church).

Your view on this?

Is Obama Or BP Responsible
BP is responsible for lives lost,injured and oil spill in the Gulf could have been prevented. I worked on drill barges in La.
This accident was caused by skiping safety procedures to prevent this by testing safety features before going further.
This proved fatal for 11 members. I witnesed carelessness on a rig I worked on.
A crew member wearing a new welding shirt, was cutting piece of iron. These shirts are starched and can be flamable. He turned on the torch before lighting, gas fumes entered near the shirt and caught fire as he flicked his stricker for a spark.
So now he had two problems. Turning off the torch or ripping off that shirt. His safety precaution would have been to let us wash that shirt before he used it.

False Teachings In Church
Some churches teach that Jesus is not God. They say that Jesus is like a go between God and men, or a prophet. These are false religions, flee from such.

Men Interested In Large Women
I hope there are Christian men who like large women. A good Christian woman is more important than being fit. She can be honest, loyal and loving and most of all faithful to her husband without other eyes looking upon her and that her companion will know that they can have an honest relationship.

Should Jews Become Christians
Why? Have you ever really studied the origins of Christianity's celebrations? What does Christmas have to do with Christ's birth? Easter with the the resurrection of Jesus? Jesus? A Jewish Messiah named Jesus, isn't the name Jesus possibly Greek? The Jewish people look at these things that don't make a lot of sense. They keep the feasts, which God commands. They wonder why would a Jewish Messiah permit the pagan parts of Christianity. No, thanks I will love Messiah and keep steeped in Judaism.

About To Marry A Non-Christian
I'm a Christian who married non-Christian, and I'm rather disappointed by the cruel tone of most replies

it's not a sin to marry non-Christian. Please don't feel like you're doing something wrong. (Ex: I Corinthians 7:14). However, marrying non-Christian DOES add extra difficulties. But what's really important is you're compatible and can communicate (and not that she should end everything solely because he's non-Christian).

Before marrying my Non-Christian, we had in-depth talks about how we'd allow each other to practice their religions, accept each other's families, and raise kids. Although it's been hard, he's truly the kindest, most considerate, and understanding man I've met and I couldn't have married a better person.

I Am Lonely Without A Mate
It is simple and complicated to answer your question. I have asked myself why my marriage failed and if my punishment is now lonliness for the rest of my life. But in response to your question and my own I say that the reason why we are alone and cannot find a mate is due to a very human emotion-"depression".

Forgiveness After Divorce
I don't know at this time about the forgiveness but I know my main non-forgiveness was being left to raise my own daughter without aide from the father. My tears were of sorrow thinking how divorce has torn me apart from my daughter and made me in debt and poor from time to time. As far as the Christian walk I have gone back to basics and am currently reading the bible by myself and some things are starting to soak in now for me.

Have You Seen A Demon
Yes I have seen what appeared to be Satan and looking not much at all like any of the pictures that depict his image. And I did see all black horses-big horses with his legion sitting on their backs holding black flags and they draped all in black. And I did see the sky was red and it appeared they were on a battlefield with smog everywhere. And I did see him as he looked so red and naked and black eyes and pitiful looking but I did not see wings or horns or a tale or hooves on it.

How To Make BoyFriend Love God
I have a friend and her husband was Christian, but he didn't had a personal relation with God and was somehow confused. But now he is changed. She helped him to discover the love of God. Even if you date someone that is not sure about his eternity with God, you can be an example, cause you'll know how to act so that you'll be a joy for God and also make the guy to ask some questions about you and your guide in life ... :)

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
Just because He made wine, doesn't mean He drank it.

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