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Spanking Teenage Boys
I am 16 and in the same position as most boys my age. Spanked by your father on the bare-bottom. Sometimes with the belt but that I have only been given that a few times for MAJOR punishments.

Who is David Jeremiah
He is a man of God and teaches the truth. All of his sermons are taught as his students follow the passages along with the teaching. I attend his church and am blessed to hear this man teach the word of God. The person who says google David Jeremiah for stealing should be ashamed . This man has led many, many people to Christ. His church runs a tight ship and he will not increase his own pay by his own order. He is a man of integrity.

Doctrine Of The Trinity Essential
One of the most convincing verses that I never hear mentioned is in Isaiah 9:6, "...unto us a Son is born... and His Name shall be called... the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father..." It obviously shows Who Jesus Christ is as well as when Jesus stated, "Have I been with you this long and you do not know Me?" after the disciples said, "Show us the Father."

Listen To Christian Music
All genres of music are not of God, my friends. In fact, rock and roll began as a mockery of Gospel music that was played in certain black churches. Study the history of it and you will see. Other music such as rap started as worldly and so it is still worldly. Mixing worldly practices and music with things of God does not win souls any more than mixtures of paganism with things of God won souls beginning with a certain church which tried to destroy Christianity a number of times. People still are deceived as they hold on to things of the world that are impure in God's sight. I am quite sure that these Words are of the Spirit.

End-Time Visions And Dreams
I had a dream that I was falling so fast, I could hear the wind rushing past my ears. I was falling towards hell! As I woke mid fall frantically praying to God to save my soul I have never felt so much fear in my life ever! I was not serving Jesus at that time. Other dreams were of A volcano erupting I think Mount Rainier, a tsunami, and a huge earthquake.

I Really Hate My Husband
There was a time when I was that other man. I was called abusive both emotionally and verbally. I denied it. I tried to get help and found it didn't help. but then I found a resource that changed my life. I had control issues. Sometimes the controlling spouse uses verbal and emotional means to hurt others because of his pain and anger. The spouse knows not to be physical but has usually grown up with emotional and verbal abuse.

And from another standpoint most controling spouses know something is wrong they just don't know what. They want it to be better but don't know how. It becomes self defeating.

Could he have control issues?

Just addressing these maybe all he needs to change and in turn change your life as well.

I Want To Divorce My Husband
Hi, As a husband who suffered for so long can i make a suggestion? Perhaps your husband is not verbally/emotionally abusive for the reasons you think of. i say that because I was that man, until i learned that I have control issues. Growing up i felt i had no control over anything. and that continued as an adult. But i got help. and let me tell you it changed my world. no longer trying to be in control and make everyone happy has freed me. Perhaps one day my wife will forgive me.

Can Any Christian Take Communion
To receive Holy Communion in God's Catholic Church, the Church that Christ instituted, is to say, "I am in communion with the Church and all that she teaches." To do otherwise is disrespectful to God and His church. One must be in a state of grace in order to receive Holy communion. This is why those wishing to enter the Catholic church must first participate in the RCIA process (approximately 6 months) before receiving communion.

I hope that helps.

Real ID Mark Of Beast ID
666 or 616? Both symbolic. The number represents a system. Current IDs match Revelations' description. The Mark is to be "on" the forehead or right hand. The Greek word really means "near" or "close to". Now, cut that strip off your ID and turn in over to see what part of your photo it's "near". But, the Mark is much more than just an ID. It too is a "system". I haven't had an ID for years, and I can't get a job, insurance, drive, etc.

Do Christian Prophets Exist
Did God make us?
Some Christans say yes and try to say how God works.Trust me sometimesI wish I'd been choosen to be a church bus driver.Nothing wrong w/bus drivers but to be a "mouth-piece"isn't the most popular calling,nobody runs from the youth pastor.To be a prophet of God is to avoid the centerstage, mostly go unseen/unheard until God sends us outw/a message/warning.Its ok if you dont believe,I dont serve you.

Violent Take It By Force
Jesus meant that to keep on the narrow path and gain access to eternal life in heaven, one must be "violent" against temptation and sin and must earnestly seek to live a righteous life. Remembering that God "spits out the luke warm", one must be fervent in their repentance, in their uncompromising faith in Jesus and the Word, and in keeping thier "eyes on the prize" and living as Christ lived. One must boldly witness to the world and be on fire for God!

Do Christian Prophets Exist
I believe there are people with the gift of prophecy.According to Romans 12 and 1Cor. But I do not believe there is an "office" of a prophet as in the OT. When prophets gave a prophecy( choose any of them) they had no room to try to understand what God was saying .They had to tell wahtever thus says the Lord. All prophecy is sealed by the Bible so there is no new prophecy because we would be adding a new book to the Bible

Son Wants His Ear Pierced
Now, I am not a Christian, but my girlfriend's family is and her mother has told me that I would look good with a pierced ear. There is nothing bad about getting a pierced ear, and I have no idea why anyone would say this is against your faith what so ever. Why is this even posted here? If you don't want your son having a pierced ear, then tell him no. Simple solution.

Am I A True Prophet
I Belive in deed that i am a prophet of god because i have visions and i see through the hurt people

Will God Punish Me For Feelings
My dear there is nothing that the good Lord can't do. all you have to do is pray and you will see changes in the life of your husband that is why you are there to support him both in prayers and otherwise.Don't ever think of having affair with another due to it is against the will of God okay. remain blessed my dear.

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