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My Son Just Doesn't Like Me
My son won't speak to me we were always so close then he met this woman who couldn't accept our relationship, he had a child by a previous relationship and she can't accept her either, their relationship started when his ex was pregnant. My son cannot accept that we won't turn our back on our grandaughter, I found out last month from a friend that him and his partner got married in Cyprus in August, he's turned his back on his whole family and its breaking my heart

Lakeland Florida Revival
i am an old fashioned pentecostal who has difficulties with these new manifestations i.e dust, teeth, feathers what is the point? but personallyand as a church have been praying and fasting for revival and god to move. had bobby sullivan my husband and myself experienced god falling, shaking, laughing. why would god allow something counterfeit/satanic to happen me, his child, when i am true?

Benny Hinn And RT Kendall
charles stanley, ok but even he is divorced now contrary to what he preaches

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
judge yourself so as not to be judged. i listen to JSM and am finding relunctantly he is one of the few who preach the cross,sin and hell in entirety. and does not mind the stigma associated re paul.the gospel is an offence to many and this is frowned upon these days. so keep going jimmy

Benny Hinn And RT Kendall
this as all very discouraging. could anyone tell me who isn't a false teacher !! because as far as i can see there is no one out there who is not criticised by someone. surely we are looking for those who preach christ crucified and all was done calvary that it is nothing of ourselves lest any man should boast.

Good Time To Refinance
Hi u really have to be careful. if possible get a lawyer to help you understand the terms well before you refinance this will help you not to make mistakes that could bind you.

Do You Believe The Rapture
I do also believe in the "rapture". And more evidence is found in Mathew chapter 24.
My Pastor just this last Sunday spoke on this, stating that the latin word for caught-up is rapture.
And in the twinkling of an eye.
We are Blessed.

Will A Degree Help My Career
be careful... take your time and research throughly

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Mary didnt have other children. When The Bible refers to the "brothers" of Jesus it is a general term that was used for cousins or any relatives. Martin Luther and many of the other "reformers" believed in the perpetual virginity of Mary it was only much later that this truth became distorted by the many non-Catholic Christian sects that began emerging after the 1500's.

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Ted, Nobody is saying that Mary is a co-creater. The question is, "is Mary a Mediator" between us and Jesus? The answer is yes. In the same way that I could go to your mother and say put in a good word for me to your son. She could do that, right? If you remember, Jesus did his first public miracle at the request of his mother when He changed water into wine at the wedding in Cana and she was confident that he would honor her request when she said do whatever he tells you.

Statues Of Saints In My Home
To have sacred images in ones home is no different than having pictures of your loved ones in your home. You are not worshipping the pictures of your family but the pictures serve to bring them to mind just like the pictures and statues of Jesus, Mary, and the saints do. Veneration is not the same as worship which knowledgeable Catholics know is due to God alone. Mary, The Angels and the the saints are deserving of honor because they are holy.

Pope Praying Toward Mecca
Do you that Christians are being persecuted in Moslem countries especially in Iraq where the Chaldean Bishop was recently kidnapped by Moslem extremists and found dead and many others have been murdered, churches destroyed and shouldnt we try to find a means of promoting dialogue with the Moslems to facilitate peace? We are all relatively safe here in the US but what are we doing to help our Christian brothers and sisters besides critisizing the Pope.

Pope Praying Toward Mecca
Peter is always first when the apostles are listed. He is mentioned 150x in the NT more than any other apostle. He is given the Keys to the Kingdom of God, John allows Peter to enter the empty tomb before him even though he arrives first.Peter calls the meeting to appoint the successor for Judas (apostolic succession). Peter has been given the knowlege of who Jesus is by the Father (infallibilty). There has to be a leader among the apostles just like any organization has a leader to make decisions.

Pope Praying Toward Mecca
The Pope as the Christian spiritual leader of all Christians should facilitate dialogue between other religions and show respect for their religious practices.

If I Became A Christian
The true church would be about 2000 years old since it was instituted by Christ. It would adhere to the same beliefs as the early church fathers.

Parable Of The Ten Virgins
The parable refers to being(not in darkness) ready at the second and last coming of Christ or the judgement. The rapture doctrine came about the 1800's but prior to that there was no such teaching . Jesus will return once to judge the living and the dead at the end of the world. Everyone here before that will go through the tribulation. I agree with the moderator on this one. Many people who believe themselves "saved" are not.

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
Drinking wine is not sinful as long as you dont drink to excess or behave irresponsibly like driving under the influence. No where in the Bible does it say its sinful. Its a man-made law. there are much worse things that drinking wine---much worse.

How To Get To Heaven
Are you saying that all you have to do is believe because the devil does that much?

How To Get To Heaven
The woman in Gen 3:15 is the same woman mentioned in Rev 12:17, not Eve. Mary is the new Eve. The devil went out to persecute the woman's other offspring who is seen bearing the child (Jesus) who would rule the world with a rod of iron. (Rev.12.5)The prophecy in Genesis is fulfilled in Revelation. The devil persecutes the womans other offspring who are all Christians who accept Mary as their spiritual mother.

How To Get To Heaven
The Commandments were not numbered in Genesis or Deuteronomy. Catholics and then Protestants numbered them differently. The first Commandment includes idols so it's not necessary to make that two Commandments. It's redundant. Catholics dont see coveting your neighbors goods in the same category with coveting your neigbors wife because she is not property.

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