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Minister Wants A Non-Christian
What will you do when your husband finds out?

Advantages Of Homeschooling
For our kids the disadvantages of being homeschooled were........well.........let's see.....mmmmmm.....?

Wear Pants And Earrings
Aside from what scripture says, Your dad doesn't want you too. I would just look at it from that point. Its not that he is hammering down laws, he loves you and maybe its hard for him to let go of you as you grow up. If you don't do these things because you love him, you will never regret it. Dad won't be around forever. you'll have plenty of time to do what you want later.

Adjusting To Husband's Death
My dad just died a couple weeks ago.I took care of him for the past year to keep him out of a nursing home. Its a big adjustment for me,but I keep reminding myself what I believe and who I believe in. Heaven is real and we will all be there together someday and the things in this life that are important to us now won't mean very much then. I look to the future and the reality of it. It doesn't take away the fact that I miss him but it gives me hope that I can continue this life with happiness.

Salvation Without Baptism
If it is required for salvation, how is it that the thief on the cross was saved without being baptized

Bikini Swimwear For Christians
Everyone is assuming this is a girl. I hope it is or there is a really serious problem here!

What Church Do You Attend
Merne-Could it be that Catherine has a gift of discernment. A gift that is not very plesant to have.

Is It Sin To Be Fat
It depends on where you live. If you live where I do and 50% of the men in churches are tobacco farmers it's a sin to over eat but not a sin to smoke.

What Is Catholic Lent
I thought lent was the stuff that ends up at the bottom of my pockets or in my belly button.

How To Stir Up The Holy Spirit
Fasting and prayer.

Want God To Speak To Me
susie has a good point, maybe God hasn't spoken out loud to you is cause you can and possibly are hearing him just fine in the quiet.

What Is The Rapture
I appreciate your responses but the question I asked was, if you say heaven, where is heaven? Is there any scripture that tells us where it is? Peter speaks of a new heaven and new earth. What's the point in a new earth if no one is going to live there? My research about heaven always comes back to the realm of the atmosphere that exist below the mountains or in the clouds. I asked is there scripture to back up where Heaven is.

Who Is Edgar Cayce
Jack--- I'm laughing so hard right now, you crack me up!

What Is The Rapture
If the Christians are being rapture, where are they going? To be with God? Aren't we the dwelling place of God? If you say Heaven where is that? Does it say anywhere in scripture where heaven is? thess 4:17 says we shall from that point on" Ever" be with the Lord so we will go behind him where ever he goes. Like in Rev. when he makes his appearances we will be following him around?

Favorite Superbowl Commercial
Pr 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine; but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Maybe jesus didn't laugh but if it is a sin, then I shall never make it to heaven.

Science Textbook A Myth
Why do some of you think that by putting a child in a homeschool or Christian school, they are not going to be able to think for themselves or they won't learn the same subjects as government funded schools? Do you really think in the school system where they are in a class with 25 to 30 other kids, one teacher,that they are going to be taught as an individual?

Science Textbook A Myth
As for the question about what this parent is asking, I have never heard of this subject of the stone age being taught in a government school where evolution was not the theme.

Science Textbook A Myth
It has to do with the stone age and evolution. I wouldn't want my kids taught this garbage in the sense that it is real. I have taken all of my kids out of school. If you really look at what is being taught now in school it is ridiculous

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