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Acceptable Not To Have Kids
The great thing about becoming husband and wife is that you make decisions together. If both decide that they don't want children, it is their decision. It would be awful to have a child and resent it.

40 Day Fast Shake Spiritual
Anytime you sacrifice something you enjoy to spend more time with Jesus in Word and prayer is awesome! The fact you lost 125 pounds is an added blessing!

Anyone Here Play With The Occult
When I was in my early teens, I received a ouija board as a gift one year. I played it once in a blue moon. Anyway, several years later, when I accepted Christ, my pastor told me to burn it and I did. You're not going to believe this, but it screamed! Glad it's gone.

Too Much Pastor Problems In Blog
I know you are right and I stand guilty of asking pastor related questions. Instead, I should be praying more and complaining less.

Will You Take The Chip
My family & I will be raptured out of here before I have to make a decision like that!

Your Favorite Saint And Candle
oops! I didn't answer the question completely. My favorite candle scent usually smells of vanilla, cinnamon, or apple pie.

Your Favorite Saint And Candle
Whenever I have quiet time with Jesus, I like to light a candle to honor Him with in those quiet minutes. It's just set the atmosphere for me to worship.

Prayer For Breast Cancer
Lord, I ask for you to extend your healing power and mercy to Rosie. I don't know exactly what to ask, but I pray that the Holy Spirit/Jesus would intercede on her behalf. Thank you for hearing my prayer, Lord. May Rosie know how loved she is.

They Make Fun Of My Weight
People will always find someone or something to talk about, but your sister is my concern. Pray for her. As for your weight, just take baby steps. Do one small thing for yourself each week/month such as walking/dancing a few minutes or reading the Bible instead of reaching for a snack. Being tall is a blessing! You can carry more weight than most.

Who Wants To Sign Up
You can count me in, too! Every person/church on the face of this planet should be doing this!

Be Angry And Sin Not
When someone is treated unjustly, it's o.k. to be angry, just don't lash out with you mouth or fist! I think we are being told it's alright to be angry at injustice, just don't react in a way that causes you to lose it and sin with your anger.

Friend's Dad Is A Satanist
Satan is worming his way into our churches. I recently heard of a church desperate for a S.S. teacher. They chose a new lady who had only been coming for a couple of months. Years later, it was revealed that she had been teaching students about tarot cards and palm reading. The children thought this was part of the Bible!

Are There Generational Curses
The Bible teaches us the power of our words. If a family is constantly claiming that everyone for years in their family has done this or had this, their words may be used to manifest this. God is in control of our future, not our past relatives.

What Are You Thankful For
I'm thankful that God has supplied everything my family needs and for His love and mercy towards me.

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