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What Is Born Again Mean
caring you,re the one who is brainwashed. I can safely say that you are not a Christian. Not a good example of your faith. You have no fruit and you need the love of Christ in your heart. I don't think that any genuine Christian would disagree with me. May God have mercy on your soul. I love ChristiaNet and I enjoy corresponding with other Christian's here and being able to minister the truth of God's grace. You can not destroy what God has done. He is my strenght and I love Him. Praise His name forever!

One Way To Heaven
Exzucuh, You bask in your self-rightousness. Genuine Christians can see right through you. I'll be back.

Mary The Blessed Mother
Emcee, Mary is out of the picture now. You need to get born again and meet the real Jesus. Your life will change, I promise.

Mary The Blessed Mother
Emcee, you have no right to judge peter that way. He happens to be exactly right. You are quick to judge something you don't understand. Your treading on dangerous ground and should beware.

Celestine Prophecy New Age
What should we do here, condem J P and his daughter, maybe call a mob and stone them, or at least get a selfish depraved satisfaction of finger pointing at them and gossiping about them, or have a joy in our hearts of someone's demise, and give ourselves an excuse to hate them or ....... love them and pray for them?

Do I Need A Bible
I am not saying that if you don't read the Bible regularly, that your not saved, but you can't grow as a Christian if you don't. I get my instructions from the Bible which is Holy Spirit inspired. But if you say you don't need the Bible, your not transformed yet (Born Again). A lot of people died so we could have the Bible as it is today, and one of them was Jesus. God said that His Word will endure forever.

Do I Need A Bible
duane you have a problem. You don't get it, therefore you cannot be Born Again. I don't care who you are, if your not reading the bible regularly you can't grow in the full grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus christ. We need the Bible more then we realize. By the way, yes, the Holy Spirit leads me to and through God's Word by the reading of the Bible.

The Holy Spirit would NEVER tell anyone that we don't need the Bible.

Anything else is from the devil.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
Maybe they think that Rosary Beads can save the world. That's what they told me when I was a child in Catholic school. Mary is dead. Christ is risen and alive! They need to wake up, get born again and be about our Fathers busisness. We are commanded to spread the Gospel to the world.

Is The Pope The Real Deal
Lorra, as a born again Christian I cannot believe that. I was a Catholic. I know of all the pitfalls and untruths. If you want me to bring them up, I'll be glad to. The list is huge.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
Lorra, this prison that Jesus was talking about is debtors prison, right here on earth. Back in those days if you didn't pay your debts, they threw you in prison until the whole debt was paid. Jesus did not mention anything like Pergatory, because it would be impossible. He came to save us from Hell, which He spoke of, a lot. He only warned us of Hell, which I'm glad He did. He's good and He loves us all, and He doesn't want any of us to perish.

Statues Of The Virgin Mary
Emcee, What does that remark supposed to mean?

Catholics And Protestants Same
Tony, I was a Catholic, went to Catholic school and had a pretty good experience there on the most part, but something was missing. It was a real closeness to Jesus. It's the Catholic Church that we must warn others about, NOT THE PEOPLE, and I think you know some of the warnings that were brought to your attention. The Bible says that Satan is the God of this world, and yes, he does get into churches. Read the book of Acts. Pergatory goes directly against the Gospels. God bless you.

Ashes On The Forehead
Did Jesus tell anyone to honor Mary? Don't you think He would, if it's the way that you say. I wish you folks would exalt Jesus. I don't see that too much among Catholics, unless they are reminded to. I was a Catholic for 37 years, I know what's going on. I thank God He revealed the truth to me before my time was up. Praise the Lord, in Jesus name!

What Do Roman Catholics Say
Alan. I appoligize. I was sure that you said that you started out in an rcc. It doesn't matter anyway. Maybe I was wrong about you.

Prayers For A Race Horse
Lorra8574, You sound angry, child. I's all right to love non Catholic Christians. We don't bite. We love the Lord and believe it or not we are commanded to love everyone.

What Do Roman Catholics Say
Alan, I believe that you mean well and that you love the Lord. With that said, there are things that you don't understand, spiritually. I remember that you said that you were a Catholic at one time, so you should see this clearly. This is not about keeping the peace and we all walk together into the sunset, skipping and holding hands. This is not true love. Love is warning people.
It's about the practices going on in that church that take the glory away from God. Can you at least see this, brother?

Ashes On The Forehead
kathr4453, Thank you - thank you- thank you for exposing some of the lies of the Catholic church! These rituals that the Catholic church practice are authored by man for man. They have nothing to do with God. I know this because I was a Catholic and now I'm born again by the Holy Spirit through our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you sister, for exposing these lies. Keep in touch, we need your continued input.

Ashes On The Forehead
Madison 1101, Plesase don't get down on Helen for calling the practice of ashes as cultish, because it is, and you are taking this personal. Read the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 6: verses 16, 17, 18 . These are the Words of Jesus Himself and they are right in the Catholic Bible. There is no way that anyone can twist the meaning of this around unless they are trying to change the Word of God. Everything in life changes. God does not change. Read Hebrews 13:8 Helen was not being childish at all.

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