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Are Tithes For Today
When we give, we should give with the attitude that we are bringing a present to our King Jesus. It's between you and God how much you are giving. God loves a cheerful giver and I also believe in the principle of sowing and reaping. God has always provided for me and my family when we give even though sometimes it's not making sense to give.

After I bring my gift (money) to God's house, I trust that God is happy with my gift. It is between the church pastor and leaders of how they use the money. God will deal with them if they have misuse the money.

What Is An Asherah Pole
I won't take your H & H quiz. This blog regarding the cross as an asherah pole is foolishness and how it's referred to as symbolizing a gun as well. The cross simply reminds people whether they are "Christ Followers" or not of what our God did for us. Sending us his only Son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins that bridges the gap between our uncleanliness and our Father God, so that we may have and share eternal life with God, ultimately having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and having the Holy Spirit live within us. I'm so sorry you are confused about this, misleading people on your blog. I like a lot of what you are sharing, but what you are sharing about the cross being some kind of asherah pole is blasphemy.

Strong Feeling For A Priest
Best to respect his vocation and his vow of celibacy. You can control your thoughts and feelings. He has dedicated his life to the Lord. If you love him you should support his vocation and not read too much on his actions. Respect his choice. He belongs to God.

Can God Forgive Satan
According to the book of Enoch, Satan (the fallen angels) DID ask for forgiveness...God denied them. So much for mercy...

Does Purgatory Exist
Per the Bible - Man is appointed once to die and then the judgement. There is no purgatory.

Man Made Church Traditions
Anything not found in the Holy Bible (King James, New King James) is man-made.

Forgive A Cheating Spouse
God would have to you reconcile if you can. However, if you cannot, this is the only area where God gives grounds for divorce.

Spank About 15 Times
Sounds like you are way over-doing it and quite honestly that borders abuse. God teaches spanking for teaching and correction, not until you feel satisfied that you have hit your child enough.

Lord's Name In Vain
Not only is curing using God's name in vain, but also something like telling somebody you will pray for them when you wont.

Is It Sinful to Watch Cartoons
My own personal conviction is that watching something like Family Guy would be, watching Spongebob or Mickey Mouse is fine.

Praying To The Dead
From scripture: anybody who consults with the dead is detestable to the Lord Deuteronomy 18:10 & #8209,12...Jesus is our only mediator (only is the key word there). 1 Timothy 2:5
For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus (it does not say and also Mary, Peter, Christopher, etc). We are not given instruction anywhere in the bible to pray to anybody other than the Father through the Son.

How To Identify Cults
Anything that does not line up with God's divine word is a cult. That could even be a religion that masks itself as as Christianity.

Husband Addicted To Anger
My husband has the same problem. He throws things and threatens to hurt me when we are in a heated argument. He has never hit me (yet) but he has pushed me away and made me fall to the ground. When he gets this way I find myself to be someone that I do not like and am ashamed of...yelling back and scratching him to keep him from hurting me. Usually the fights are over our infant son...he says I always make comments when he has him and won't let him take care of him in his own way. I don't mean to be nagging or always giving my opinion. I, like you, don't want divorce, but I hate that we bring the worst out in each other and don't want our son to be raised in a home like that. I need prayer! Has anything worked for you?

Scripture For Suicide And Heaven
My heart knows that once I asked for forgiveness...I got it. Once I asked Jesus into my heart...he came.

There are things that happen to some of us that are not recoverable/heal-able, at least in this life on earth. There are some rapes or abuse that kill just as surely as cancer. Depression is another disease that sometimes conquers these earthly bodies.

If healing is not given here on earth, it is given in heaven. To say suicide is a sin that cannot be forgiven is akin to saying obese people who have fatal heart attacks cannot be forgiven.

Who are we to ponder who enters heaven and who does not? Surely that is not in our job description.

Forgiveness For An Abortion
There will not be a baby waiting to ask you why. This baby is in the arms of God and thus all is revealed to him. To have thoughts of earth and its worries wouldn't be heaven.

Healing from an abortion is not an easy thing. The hardest part of it is forgiving yourself. God has already forgiven you.

While we are forgiven if asked, we sometimes lose sight that our actions have consequences, like the distress you now feel.

God is faithful and able. Someone here mentioned getting professional help and that is a sound suggestion. Let God work in your life, even if it is through the gift of a caring therapist.

My Husband Does Drugs
I cried many tears. There is hope. You see God was telling me that if I leave my husband than he could take a turn for the worse and it is my strength that will get him past the drugs and living for Christ. He did finally after 3 1/2 years get healed from his addiction. The Lord will not give you more than you can handle. Stay in prayer for your husband. He needs you now more than ever.He is sick,addiction is a sickness. Leaving him is simply not the answer. He needs you now more than ever. He does drugs to cover up pain. Some where in his life is pain find that and he can be healed.I will be in prayer for you and your family. There is a deliverance Revern I took my husband to. His name is Revern Herritt his number is 717-545-4550 call him.

I Am Depressed And Sad
I would recommend counseling for both you and your husband. If he doesn't want to go to counseling than you should still go. If you go to a church talk to your preacher, minister,etc. They will pray for you and your marriage. Pray for your husband for the next 30 days. Even though your husband is withholding affection and is critical of you. God can change that. Trust in God and go to him with your concerns he will never leave your nor forsake you. We all have power and authority in Christ, when he uses the bible verse to back up a criticism, ask him who died and left him judge and jury, surely God frowns upon people who judge others. Get in the bible yourself and point out scriptures, trust me he will stop criticizing you. God Bless You!

What Are Charismatics
Thank you, Jack. I really appreciate it. What do the schools of thought entail, and what denominations are they associated with?

Supernatural God Experience
I am 14 years old. This past summer i went to a church camp in Chico. I came in search of my calling that God has on my life. I prayed every morning and night and everywhere in between. I had prayed that He would tell me who I am supposed to be. Odd enough that week the "theme" for the camp was "God's Will". I went up on an alter call to find my calling. I began to to worship and then there was this deep voice inside and it felt like it was just rattling my bones. All it said was "Evangelist" 7 times. It was so powerful and I knew it was the voice of God. I just began to cry and thank God. He is so amazing. This goes to show that just because you are young doesnt mean God won't use you to do something amazing!

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