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Engaged Son Living With Girl
Yes, I know he is too old and I can't tell him what to do. I was maybe wanting personal stories or things that might help explain? They seem to think since they will be engaged - it is ok.

She Speaks In Tongues
Rita: I'm sorry that my posts haven't been very clear or I've neglected to state certain facts. Some of that is on the space limitations at times. Again, my apologies. My son is a Christian. He is a new believer in Christ (just over 2 years), but attends bible study and is very serious about his faith. She has stated that one MUST speak in tongues or they are not Christians. That is what her church teaches and EVERYONE there does speak in tongues (or their version of such). I hope I made things clearer and thank you again for asking!

She Speaks In Tongues
Thank you all so much! My son did end the relationship. His heart is hurting, but he knows he did the right thing. God bless you all and thank you for your wise guidance! It is truly appreciated.

She Speaks In Tongues
Lots of knowledgeable people sharing their understanding and I thank you all! My son and his girlfriend are ending things. She has come out and said that she does not think he is a Christian/believer and that is not truth. She believes the only way you can *prove* you are a believer is to be baptized in the holy spirit and that shows through speaking in tongues. Asking for prayers for my son, please.

She Speaks In Tongues
Wow Karen. That is scary stuff. I do know that she questioned my son's Christianity because he doesn't believe in speaking in tongues and I was not happy about that. She wants him to speak to her pastor about it. He has agreed -- but said he is very sure of his beliefs and is only going to ask the pastor how he can discount scripture on this topic. :(

She Speaks In Tongues
Thank you for the clarification so far. I only know that her church is an apostolic church and they do speak in tongues (I thought this was only a Pentecostal church thing, but as a new Christian myself, I wasn't sure). The rest of their beliefs seem to be in line -- except for the tongues thing.

What Is The Third Heaven
Third heaven is found in 2 Cor 12:2. I am also trying to find info on it. Try googling it....I did and there are different theories..

Can I Divorce Over Abuse
in response: abuse breaks the marriage vows you swore to God. you would not hurt something you really cherished. also for consideration, the penalty for adultery was death. If my adulterous husband is dead then i am a widow and free to remarry.

I Need A Christian Friend
True friends are a blessing! Hope I can be one for you!

Treatment For Narcissists
Dear Suz,

I am praying for you. It is very difficult to live with narcissism. I have lived with it for the past 20 years and it has not been easy. I am a strong Christian and my husband just asked me to leave yesterday. He wants to seperate because "I have not supported him emotionally." You can never support these folks emotionally ENOUGH. I pray that you are safe and that you will find your strength in the Lord. He will guide and direct you...In Christ, Debbie

Gestational Surrogacy Biblical
I personally do not see the problem. Many couples do not have the money required to adopt in foreign countries. Some mothers are unable to adopt because of health concerns (diabetics are often not "good candidates").

The Lord gives us our medical knowledge. Of course I do not believe all of that is good (I'm thinking of cloning), but for a couple that adoption isn't an option -- I do not feel it is some sort of "sin" to use surrogacy.

The previous posters do not give a real reason why they believe it to be wrong, so it is just their opinion as this is mine.

Massachusetts Goes Republican
FINALLY -- people are starting to see the light!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord.

Bi-Polar And Unfaithful
I am bi polar and I suffer every day even with medication. I am saved and on my way to heaven and I am not demon possed. I cry out to jesus to help me and sometimes I settle down, sometimes not. I have been married for 10 years. It can work. I have put bible verse all over my home and it helps, all things are possiable thur jesus. I wan't to be healed but it has not happend yet but it will. maybe not hear on earth but in heaven. all mental issue are not due to demon possion. light and dark can not dwell together. I know my family suffers because of this but I say i am sorry and they understand. sometimes we get a few laughs after my roller coster emotions. we laugh about the stupid things I do.

Are Catholics Doomed To Hell
If they are lost they will be doomed to hell, yes. I know many catholics and love them dearly, but most believe if they do their sacraments, ask forgiveness from a priest and attend mass weekly -- they are assured heaven. When asked if they have asked God into their hearts and such -- they look at me like I have 3 heads! They tell me that was done for them an infants in baptism. It is sad how so many are so lost.

Bad Fruit Is Not A Christian

I'm sorry, but you have misinterpreted my statement when I said, "I will continue to keep you and all those who are lost in my constant prayer."

I specified "you" as being Shawn and then also those who are lost. I was not implying Shawn was one of the lost. I pray for many people (the lost, confused, sick, in need of prayer, etc.). Sorry for the misunderstanding. I do not judge others, I may KNOW them by their fruits, but I do not judge them. To be honest, I do not know enough about Shawn to know much about his fruits, so I could not even guess if he is saved or not. This whole post was not about just one person.

Hope I have clarified!


Bad Fruit Is Not A Christian

Well said and what I have been saying in this blog. Scripture says we should KNOW them, not we should JUDGE them. There is a big difference, but some assume that to mean the same and that by KNOWING them, we are also judging. I suppose that is also true sometimes.

Anyway, well said and thank you for backing what I had said earlier. I think I allowed the post to get off course when I made a comment out of context and confused other posters.

Husband Texts Old Girlfriend
She is old friend from school. He said he never dated her. He does not call or text her in front of me, only when away from home. When he calls her while working, he talks 1 to 4 hours at a time with her late at night. This is what concerns me. He says they are just friends. She is single and knows he is married. I don't think is appropriate for either one of them to be doing this, but I don't think it says much for her since she knows he is married. I think he is telling me the truth, but I still have doubts of her feelings for him.

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