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Wrong To Not Have Children
If you both agree to not have children, I think that's fine. It's better than having a child and not wanting one, certainly. Maybe down the road, you may decide differently, but so long as you BOTH agree, and that's the key, then enjoy your relationship with eachother without children.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
I was married to a man with an actual diagnosis of Narcissistic personality disorder, and a few others tacked on with it. Some might tell you to pray for this man, and well you might, but AFTER you've left him. I wasted more years of my life than I can recount on this person, and was miserable for it. He's now out of my life totally, and a weight has been lifted off me. Write me @Krist8654 and we can correspond better. God bless.

Anyone With Unsaved Family
Many of my family members are "unsaved", and I don't like the term at all. These people are some of the kindest, most decent people, and have lived their lives according to the ten commandments. I think decent people go to heaven, no matter what. Nobody can tell me Ghandi is in hell! Or Hitler is in heaven.

How To Know A Guy Is Trustworthy
Proceed with caution. And...getting to know someone, takes time. It's tougher over the net because people can project whatever they want. Follow your instincts and try not to be naive. Take time, mainly.

Happy Birthday Bruce5656
Happy Birthday to you, la, la, la, la, la la! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, and Jesus looooves you too! God bless and many more!

Anyone With Unsaved Family
My own son and daughter are not saved. They don't want my "religion" pushed on them, and I try gently to bring it up here and there, and pray for them, as well. It makes me sad and troubled that they are not believers. They are both good people, and do the right things, but will only partially take "God" into their hearts. I raised them to be believers, but they didn't follow. (Sigh)

Too Much Pastor Problems In Blog
I think it's an excellent idea to have blogs numbered, because it would make it easier to go back and check the ones we want. Also, regarding pastors, it's a sad commentary that there are so many blogs about indiscretions....that SO many pastors are apparently involved in. Priests and pastors are so trusted and can do SO much damage. Not to be looked upon lightly!

Tell Us More About Yourself
Hi, I forgot to add, I'm from Saratoga Springs, New York, USA, and am so grateful to be here. I used to live in Staten Island, NY, for 22 years, but through a circuitous route, I moved to upstate N.Y. I feel my life was saved up here. God knows where to place us, and why!

Tell Us More About Yourself
Hi all, I'm 55y/o and a former RN, till I became disabled in 1998. I'm also a breast cancer survivor, and can honestly say that nothing tests one's faith more than hearing the word "cancer". I never said "Why me?", or thought there is no God if this could happen. I want badly to live old to see children and grandchildren grow, but when the Lord calls me, I know where I'm Him! I didn't know how strong my faith was back when, but now I do!

Mention Affair I Would Lose Wife
Very difficult to answer this, but I will say this, according to statistics, most people who confess affairs to their mates, wind up broken up. I'd consult a therapist before I said anything to her. I assume you do not intend to see this person again, also. I will not be judgmental of you, but you need to speak to someone. Meanwhile, mend your bridges. Hope this helps.

Why Are Pastors Having Affairs
Thank you for all your sensible answers. My former pastor's actions didn't make me stray from God, however, I haven't been back to church since then, and the anger and hurt I feel, since a pass was made at me, keep me from seeking another church. I know it's being unrealistic, but it had a very, very bad effect on me. He was like a father to me, agewise.

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