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Are Roman Catholics Christian
One minute waiting on just the right mate, been waiting for years and in the next breath talking about your children, all grown now... which is it, and it's the same person telling the stories. It is becoming a series of stories and random chapters, here, there, everywhere.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
I know Donna is on this particular blog, but don't tell me Donna is another personality of Kathr4453's. Is it possible that all of this time, she has been pretending to be Donna as well as the other 25 people on this site?
I realise that catherine and Katherine are one and same. Is it possible that Katherine and Donna are one and the same, also?

Are Roman Catholics Christian
At times, I've had a hard time telling Kathr and Donna apart, the styles seemed so similar. The coconut fell and hit me on the head and I saw Katherine in catherine. Now, if this doesn't beat all, Holly4JC, Donna sounding so confused like Katherine - do any of the personalities ever tell the truth?
Not remembering if you were jewish or an ex-catholic, a mormon, or an SDA, a JW or a fundamental holiness - does anyone else find this more than enough.

Judged By Our Knowledge
This really came together for me today. I thought back on all the problems that Kathr4453 has had with ministers and churches. It all makes sense.
catherine/Katherine had no use for ministers/preachers/pastors. I believe they'd told their share of them off and had been told to leave churches/congregations. catherine was another personality of Kathr4453 and now Prodigal24 and catherine are leaving, starting their own church. Yep, I see it now, with not too many wrinklies.

Judged By Our Knowledge
"I CAME TO BRING FIRE ON THE EARTH. And how I wish it were already set ablaze! Not my words, God's words.>>>>
Now this:>>>Death and Judgment will be very terrible to all wicked people, but especially to WICKED MINISTERS. It will be a surprise to them: at an hour when they are not aware. ---catherine on 8/19/07 "

I do see it today. Now I know Kathr is not really leaving. We are already seeing new names and new demographics.

Do You Have Any Fruit
CattleProd was on here a couple of days ago.
She said she was getting ready to preach.
You know catherine, I think you're getting ready to preach, too. And those Bible helpers will come in handy. As I look back at your page, some of those answers sound very, very familiar.

Do You Have Any Fruit
Marcia Andrea, you are talking about CattleProd's fruit, the "gift". "Prophet".
I do remember well when Kathr promised the great name reveal, "I will reveal myself".
Well, it only took about a year, but you have revealed yourself, you sure have.

USA Founders Spirit-Filled
It's not nearly soon enough for a drive-by fruiting.

Once Saved Always Saved
My family would like to thank Lime-in-the-Coconut for Lime's steadfastness for mental stability and clarity during these tough times we are in. Lime has provided so much relief for bellyaches and headaches, we can't thank you enough. Your spontaneity and off-the-cuff answers fill our hearts with happiness. We can't wipe the smiles off of our faces. You're brilliant, flexible, and unrehearsed. Thank you for your contributions to CN, Lime.

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