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Can The Devil Talk To Your Mind
Can the devil pretend he is God by using God's name when speaking to you through your mind? -The Bible is from God. Nowhere in the bible, we see the devil pretending that he is God using God's name. IF YOU PRAY TO GOD IN THE NAME OF JESUS, YOU RECEIVE ANSWER FROM GOD ONLY. The Holy Spirit is the Master of communication. So if He wants to tell you something, He know how to do that. Meditate on the word and He will never leave you nor forsake you. Rebuke the devil in Jesus name and His voices will flee along with him. Blessings!

Was Satan The Music Director
Hey, guys, one of the above answers is correct. The mentioned verses are not talking about the devil. Lucifer was the King of Babylon and the other references are talking about real royalty, not Satan. A lack of study is where we get some false theology.

Not Doing God's Will
I believe that I'm doing God's will when I'm given the opportunity to witness for Him. I also believe that I'm doing God's will when I'm tempted to look at my own needs and feelings instead to looking to the Lord and continuing to witness for Him. I also believe that I'm doing God's will when I suffer persecution for His sake as a result. Always believe that the Lord works everything to the good - beyond our human understanding.

How To Make BoyFriend Love God
A man who Honers God is what you should treasure. He should be Hotter for God's
Love than just hot for you. His love for God must be warmer than your Love for God.

How To Have Deep Prayer Life
I totally agree about crying during prayer time. I like to believe that the tears are a sign of the Holy Spirit breaking through my flesh. I believe that it's a true sign of my connection to the Lord in times of deep spiritual reflection. Crying helps my mental health as well. God's promise to wipe away every tear is both awesome and somewhat beyond my comprehension at this time.
I'm alsolutely starving to reach out to other believers in a deep spiritual way. Perhaps it can ultimately help in my boldness in dealings with non believers out in the "mission field" - thanks!!

Affair With A Church Woman
My problem is with the Choir director at church, which makes things complicated because I love to sing - especially cantor. I still believe that the Lord is working through me so I can boldly witness to others in song. I confessed my sin to her and to my wife 2 months ago - and to God constantly. Although she denied it, I believe that had (has?) some feelings for me, and continues to have difficulty dealing with it (she's married also). After readings these blogs, I suppose I'll start looking at choirs at other churches (along the same lines as going to another church). Thanks for your time!

Wets His Pants During Spanking
Never leave a mark always make an impression.
Children learn best with Quiet praise.

Offended By Women Pastors
Women could be Pastors if the Men forget how to come to Church

Stay Away From Bad Christians
First of all..bad and an oxymoron. Secondly, the bible does talk about it in 1st Corinthians 5: 9-13 that if any man named a 'brother' or Christian, continues in the things listed, they you should not to even eat with such a person. Thing is, nowadays so much is swept under the rug without being checked is a major reason why a lot of people continue in there sin. Yes, the Holy Spirit checks, but we as fellow Christians should also. Greedy people stay greedy because no one calls them out. People who are supposed to be doing GOD's will and eventually turn it into a pocket fattening endeavor continue to do so because they are not checked. Sadly to say, some may not be checked until they get to the gates and are not allowed in.

Do Christians Fear Death
Fear is the opposite of faith and without faith it is impossible to please God.

Rise Of The Anti-Christ
The anti Christ is also rising up in the church, slowly leading folks astray. The devil is not wearing horns and a red suit. Sometimes he's in the form of jealousy, hatred, prejudice, bigotry and greed.

The sad part about it is a lot of people profess Christianity still possess these qualities and are not seeking deliverance on them.

Why is Sunday morning still probably THE most segregated day of the week...why is Christian people catering to their own kind....or their own kind first?

Why do you see the majority of white people on a site like this (If you go to the social section of this site, you will mainly see white people) and a majority of black people or other Christian sites?

Alcohol Rehab Treatments
Your friend will not stop her addiction until she face up to the truth that she has a problem. They need help from a specialist councellor who deals with alcohol addiction. Think this sight gives help about this. It does not however mean that she is not a Christian, 'all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God'. None of us is perfect and many Christians have been through this kind of addiction. Will pray for her.

I Need A Good Pastor In Church
Intriguing blog. Is the entire congregation looking for a new pastor, or are you and maybe a few wanting a pastor to replace the one already there? The way you worded that isn't real clear. Also, you stated that you need a Pastor to lead and teach you. Have you sought out an elder, spiritually secure and Biblically grounded Believer to disciple you and be a mentor to you?

Please Explain Revelations
Remember revlations is a prophecies of John a vison of end times. The detials are not as important as the message. If we do not choose Jesus over satin we are doomed.

The Letters Of The AntiChrist 666
The Pope's official title is VICARIUS FILEI DEI Which, if you take each letter of the name and add it up in Roman numerals will add up to 666. VICARIUS + FILEI + DEI = 666. add each letter in roman numerals. email me back pppllleaaaseee so i can explain other things to you. very interesting

When Should A Women Be Submissive
A woman allwase should be exstreamly submissive and let man allways do all of the leading and allwase be compleatly submissive to her man regardless no mater what.

Women Pastors And Bishops
Well the answer to that lies in two places; is she in the spirit or not; are the people she is ministering to in the spirit or not. Cause the bible tells us that in the spirit there is no gender, race, creed, or hierarchy. In light of this we know that Jesus left some to be pastors and the office of Bishop is one a person can will himself into by desire. So let the word be the word and reach for spirituallity and not carnality.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
Nno drinking wine is not sin but the lust for wine is. The Bible tells us to give wine to those who are of heavy hearts Prov 31:6; and yes Jesus did drink wine in celebreation not to get intoxicated. In finality, if you believ it's sin then it is to you. Dosen't not mean it is a sin to God. If it is you will see the result becuase the wages of sin is death.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
I think you guys have too much time on your hands. Whether she is a false prophet or not is of little relevance. You don't have to listen to her. Besides you should be listening to God and Jesus. Their word holds much more than power than anyone's exogesis.

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