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How To Tell My Husband No
Divorce're unequally're already going against God by even being married to him.

Husband Is Mean To My Kid
My husband has been acting the same way.
I think it has something to do with the way he was raised. I tell my husband he is overeacting and he tells me to butt out. I am not about to stand by and watch him mess up my son self confidence. If it is really bad and your sons is very unhappy divorce is something I would consider for my sons sake.

How To Have Communion
We can do this at home , or from house to house, but not weekly as christendom churches teach. Acts 2:46-47 states it well.As far as "remembering Jesus" he broke bread & drank on passover & that's when we celebrate "communion" annually at Passover, now individually as long as we're right with God we can partake by ourselves with communion.

Divorce Or Loveless Marriage
Well that depends - what do you want your children to learn? One day if they tell you when they are grown - that they are in a loveless marriage - what would you tell them to do?

Who is Charles Stanley?
charles stanly is true brother man precheres the truth

My Husband Put His Hands On Me
you should be a better example to your are at present teaching your children , that's how a husband behaves and a wife should just accept it.once, is once too many times.YOU AND your children should not have to put up with it . the reason men misbehave repeatedly is because wives keep silent; giving these problematic so -called men ,permission to misbehave.get him out of your and your children's lives. PLEASE.You and your children deserve better.Don't be afraid. .GOD AND your children will give you strength ...fear no one ...fear nothing.PLEASE make that leap.GOD BLESS.

My Husband Tells Me I Am Wrong
you are his wife..his partner.tell him in no uncertain terms that you do not like what he is doing .ask him how he'd like it if you pointed out his "wrongs" as often as he does .no one's not keep silent."silence gives consent".do not give him permission to hurt you in any way because love should not hurt at all.learn to communicate/talk in a positive manner...or call it quits!

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