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Signs Of Successful Marriage
Yup,never ever a girl friend. I had alot of one-nite stands when I was younger. Thats what pisses me off, at 15 I prayed for that reason that I would'nt end up running around whoring, and thats exactly what I got. I was the last virgin from my friends, then ended up whoring while they all had girl friends or got married. Stopped at 32 nothing since, zero, no hugs, no kisses,a big fat zero. Now I'm 55 and I'm very angry at Him.

Is God Real
Provides for everyone? sofar He provides for us "in the land of plenty" but for them, no water no vegetation no rain showers ... HEAT thats what He's giving them.

Millions are praying for how long now? for this famine to stop. He does'nt answer.

Adam and Eve never had a chance. They were so stupid they did'nt even know they were naked. Like putting 2 toddlers in a beautiful garden with satan the beast, as if they're going to out-witt satan.

Is God Real
If God is real, why does He not help all the millions of starving children who are surrounded by bugs flies and sickness. Who cry out daily with swollen stomachs for something to eat. I thought Jesus is so merciful? What kind of Father would let this horrible thing continue when so many are praying for this to stop. Does He not care.

Signs Of Successful Marriage
Prayed for a wife from the age of 15, also prayed for a brother or sister when I was younger. Today I'm 55 and lived my whole life alone. Not once was I ever in a relationship. I gave up hope after the age of 40 or so.

Did God Create The Devil
God created devils demons snakes and hell plus horrible animals that rip and tear each other apart, ofcourse he created satan. He's a tyrant thats why.

Demonic Dreams At Night
I have had the same experience many times. Sometimes I would be asleep and the demon would wake me up, then I would pray and ask the Lord to help me. At first I thought it may be an angel, like when Daniel fell down afraid, but during a nasty sexual dream I fought it and when I woke up the demon was in the room and I could sense that it was angry. On other occasions I have woke up and could feel the demon kissing me, quite creepy. This happened for a long time until I got advise to rebuke the devil audibly, which I did. I am not sure why this was alowed to happen to me, but it definately makes you have a desire to stay close to the Lord.

The Spirit And Soul The Same
When Christ saves, He saves completely, He saves the whole person. It is not a partial salvation. More people should read John Calvin on the Hebrews passage, he gives a sane and sensible interpretation. No distinction is given in Scripture between soul and spirit.

Obama Gives Muslims Power
People are scared not because Obama is black but because of his policies.Radical-socialism-Big Gov't taking over the private sector.Muslims he praises while he's destroying this country"by design". He surrounds himself with radicals.Liberals.His color isn't the problem-Isaiah ch10-unrighteous decrees/laws.Read it beloved.God bless

Is Jesus Upon The Throne
No this doesn't need to be an actual physical throne. This is a metaphore.

Christians Know The Anti-Christ
I believe Christians will have to suffer for the first part of the Tribulation, and hold out for Christ like the Bible says. However I also believe we will see and know the deciever, however he will have no power over us and we will be raputred out before He begins his reign of terror as described in Revelation 3:10. But Christians are not getting off scot free we must go through the birth pains. The Bible clearly tells us that many times. However it does say the church will be kept from the hour of trial, which means we as Christians will not have to go through the worst part. Jesus in Matthew 24:22 tells Christians our time in that era will be shortened, not eliminated.

Heard The Voice Of God
A true audible external voice,was what I heard at the age of 6. Just a child climbing a tree, determined to go to the very top. Almost at the top I heard my name spoken clearly from above me from all directions above. God simply said my name 3 times. It caused me to stop climbing. I looked up, down, and up again. I believe he spoke to keep me from danger. I do not know why this occured, but it did. This was in the country and my mom was in the house, no one else around. This was a true divine encounter.

Still My Wife In Heaven
The Sadducees asked Jesus about seven brothers who married one woman. "Who's wife will she be, for they all had her?" Jesus said, "Ye do err not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God, for we will be as the angels neither marrying nor giving in marriage." So I'd say, "No." But I love my wife very much too. And Heaven would seem so much less "heavenly" without her by my side. So I hope we can be best friends for eternity.

Stop Sleeping With My Boyfriend
Oh come on! You've got to be kidding us, or fooling yourself. You don't need to ask anyone if you should stop sinning. And yes, premarital sex is sinning.

Abortion For A Deformed Child
My wife was a special ed teacher and dealt with mentally handicap children of all ages. Interesting enough every parent of nearly all these children stated that if they had to do it all over again, they would have had an abortion.

Mentally deformed or handicapped children can really wreak a marriage and eat up needed resources for other children in the family.

Regardless of the sanctity of life, we need not adopt a Hinduistic view of life where even the lowest types of life are valued.

Do You Go To Church Of Christ
My background is 25 years in the church of Christ. I am no longer of that persuasion, I am now a part of the larger evangelical community. Maybe I can offer some info on the cofc beliefs. Thanks Bobby

Elvis Presley And God
I never saw Elvis live. I always wanted to though.

Recently Cheated On My Wife
Well Bro,you messed up.You need to ask God's forgiviness and also your wife.Have yourself checked out with a Dr.You don't need tp pass anything along to your wife.You need to start being honest with yourself and your wife.God,knows your heart,so now repent.I'll keep your wife and you in my prayers.I hope you don't have kids,it will be hard enough on your wife.

Sheperding Churches A Cult
Be very cautious. Weigh their doctrine on the word of God. Search the Bible and if it's not there, it's not truth. I accept Jesus and the New Testament love of Christ. Even the Apostle Peter got off track and needed loving correction (1 Cor 1,2,3). God placed us here to love Him and love our neighbor. That doesn't include condemning man or their choices on education. God has chosen you for a special annointing to fulfill His plans. Spend quiet time with Him and He will direct you.

I Stopped Praying To Mary
I used to pray to Mary but I only talk to God now.

Stop Sleeping With My Boyfriend
Oh come on! You've got to be kidding us, or fooling yourself. You don't need to ask anyone if you should stop sinning. And yes, premarital sex is sinning.

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