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December Christ's Conception
Part 1

There is no way to really tell when He was conceived. There is little evidence in the Gospels regarding His birth. There is, however, an astronomical account that is consistant with what could appear to be the only Biblical referance from Revelation.

How To Stop Being Lonely
Loneliness is something that many of us can relate to. Imagine now having parents you can talk to, not having any close friends to share things with, and not having any (for me) g/f. "Lover and friend hast thou put far from me, and mine acquaintance into darkness." Psalm 88:18. The only recommendation would be to find a friend that can become your best friend. There is also a promise that if you stay in His Word that He will bring others around you. Hope this helps Lady Rebeckah.

What Is The Left Behind Series

Yeshua preached more on the Kingdom of God than any other subject. This is what He went around preaching everywhere He went, not Hell fire and brimstone. (cf. Luke 8:1; Matthew 4:23; 9:35 etc.)

Paul who was the greatest Evangelist never went around putting the fear of Hell into people to convert them.

You don't want me to post comments on the study of some of these fire and brimstone teachings from His parables. The Greek words for torment have nothing to do with eternality.

Books Missing From The Bible
Show manuscript evidence of YOUR Bible. When was it written? You have said that the Mishna HaTorah (2nd cent. AD) is false, you have said the Septuigent (3rd cent. BC) is false, you have said that the Greek New Testament (4th or 5th cent. AD) is false. Please enlighten me as to the earliest Bible. Why are there no Bibles, according to you, prior to at least the 5th cent. AD?

Moderator - Please study the history of the Received Text as mentioned in my prior post. Then get back to me.

Books Missing From The Bible
Moderator... Not Roman Catholic. Came to faith in a Lutheran Church, currently attending a Pentacostal church. Have worshipped with many believers from Charismatic to Greek Orthodox... Why?

Moderator - Just wanted to know so that I can better answer your questions.

What Is Christian Courtship
Dory Lory... Who is the author of the book you mentioned? Please, if you would, give me your ideas about the book.

My Mom Rarely Takes A Bath
Have a friend that I was rooming with that had the same problem. He was working in the steel mills and would stay at a local hotel where he worked until his days off when he came home. He had worked 7 days of 12 hours straight and was home just in time for Christmas Eve and church service. All he did was spray lisol (sp?) over his body and under his arm pits.

Talked with his Pastor's wife that night, she had a nice LONG talk with him.

Books Missing From The Bible
You teach me where the Apostle's Creed originate from. There are references to it from Iraneous and Tertullian as two of the earliest examples. Have also read Rufinus' commentary on the Apostle's Creed, he was a adversary to Jerome (Vulgate). What evidence do you have? Show me evidence in the Fathers to it's origin.

Moderator - Are you a Roman Catholic?

Books Missing From The Bible
Moderator... Please teach me what the Codex Alexandricus and Codex Sinaiticus were since you claim they were not Bibles. Would you say the same about the GNT or the LXX or the Mishna as well? If we take out the foundational evidences of Scripture, then where does your Bible come from? What reference points do you accept?

Moderator - Textus Receptus or Received Text.

Were There People Before Adam
If incest was considered a sin before Moses then we would have to say that some of the biggest sinners would include Abram (Abraham) who married his sister, Isaac who married his 1st cousin, Jacob who married 2 (not 1) cousins. It was actually considered the norm when the population of the Earth was still small and growing.

Is it possible that genetic diseases occured after it was prohibited? Do we have any records of genetic diseases prior to say 1550 BC?

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