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Demonic Dreams At Night
Kathy-I have experienced this same demonic issue in the past-IT IS NOT A DREAM!! The name of Jesus will cause this demon to flee but will return, It's purpose is to instill fear and terror. Speak to the demon in the name of Jesus -command its demonic assignment to be broken in Jesus' name and to never return. Command it to go to Jesus for Him to command it where to go. Repent for fear-ask God to replace wherever fear resides in you with His perfect love. Seek Him in all things!!!

Do You Have Unforgiveness
Yes I am. My mom has repeatedly hurt me and she says I do the same toward her. I have never hurt her. I have only told her how she has treated me and have cut her out of my life as much as possible. She only puts shame on me and makes me feel awful and that she is a victim of some kind. The family then tells me I need to talk to my mom and make it right. I am always the one that apologizes even when I know I haven't said or done anything wrong. I'm so depressed because my mom acts so angry toward me. I don't know what to do.

Remarried To My Husband
Never lose hope! I have been married for 16 years and the last 3 years I have managed to destroy my marriage. I was a lost soul! You can

How To Grow Spiritually
I have had an amazing experience with the lord that has changed my life. It was a month ago that my life was spiraling out of control. I was drinking and having sexual relationship outside of my marriage. This was a continuing behavior for 3 years and I was lost. When the lord spoke to me my life has been transformed!

Divorce My Lazy Husband
My husband has a great job however when he gets home all he does is plop down in front of the tv and ignore the rest of us. We've been married over 15 years and have 2 kids together and I feel like a single parent as he does absolutely nothing to contribute to the family. I don't feel like I'm married, I feel like I am the maid!

My Husband Hits Me
I personally know a woman who was abused by her husband. He broke her nose,left her bleeding profusely while having two miscarriages, and this is just a sample of his usual behavior. She had 4 kids with him. When he wasn't out with one of his girlfriends he was assaulting her. The children are all adults with families of their own now but have NEVER forgotten the things they saw when they were between the ages of 5 years and 12 months. He never helped her to raise the children by paying any child support. She did it alone with God's help. This woman was my mother. She made it and so can you.

March 29th Temple Sacrifices Begin
My MIL just told me about this tonight, I am wondering if the "animal rights" people will try to stop them. I truly hope not, if Israel feels this is what they should do in the time, then I support them.

Husband Became A Warlock
We worship the God of the Impossible! Do not give up hope! JESUS CAN SAVE YOUR HUSBAND AND YOUR MARRIAGE AND MAY BE EVEN USE YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND TO MINISTER TO OTHERS LATER ON. Trust Him. Seperate for a while, but never stop Fasting and praying for your husband. AND PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS EVERYDAY! IT'S SO VERY POWERFUL! The Blood that Jesus shed 2000 years ago has never lost it's power, and satan and all the demons hate and are fearful of the Blood because it was the Blood of Jesus that defeated them! Annoint your home with oil, and let the Holy spirit lead you. FEAR NOT! GREATER IS HE THAT IS WITHIN YOU THAN he That is in the world AND YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUORER THROUGH CHRIST JESUS!

Favorite Christian Songs
He Hideth My Soul is my current favorite.

Reconciliation Years After Divorce
Wow I found your story and many others very interesting and inspiring. I too was married to an alcohlic for 7 years have been divorced for close to 5 years. I had to take my x back to court to get him to stop drinking around the kids over a 1.5 years ago. He has since been sober. During my time away from my x I became a Christian and I felt the loard convicting me to own up to the mistakes I made in the marriage of not communicating. To my surprise my x confesed he made a mistake and now we are contimplating getting back together. I am scared but know God hates divorce. My x isnot a Christian. I know women at church who's husbands are not christian and they have prayed but stuck it out. I am open to hear stories and biblical wisdome.

Non-Believing Husband Issues
Here's an update, I moved my furniture out of the apartment today and now he says he wants to try counseling again I really think this is only because he thinks Im seeing someone, my 7 yr old told him about a friend of mine I took to the store last week, so I must admit Im kind of weary of his change of heart so I really feel weird about the whole thing

Non-Believing Husband Issues
Im sorry to sound so ignorant with my choice of words first of all but my mind is totaly spinning in circles. What I mean is "he" (my husband) doesnt want to work things out. I scheduled counseling and he came to one session and never came to the other two that were already scheduled. He has put me out of the house ( I stayed as long as he would allow) and now he's told me he doesnt want to work at saving our marriage. But yet he wont divorce me, I just want to be free from this marriage without going against the word of God. Any suggestions or insight is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

I Suffer From Depression
Dear Suffering Soul..

Find someone who has compassion and the love of God in them and go and have them pray over you. This is not something to take lightly when you suffer depression. You suffer inside because you lost your inner yourself. You wont find that anywhere but in compassion and then will you find the strength and love of God within yourself to overcome this bad habit. You only steal to get attention. You feel guilty cause you wish to feel something because I do not feel that you felt the true love of a compassionate person in your life.

Cheating Lying Abusive Husband
This is like Im reading my own words, my husband has done the same thing to me, Im trying to live by the word of God and not divorce him and Ive been praying and asking God what to do and He keeps telling me to wait, and I feel you should do the same, not saying you should stay there with him Im currently living at my dads Ive been here for almost a month because of a fight we had where the police had to be called Im trusting and believing God is going to work out my marriage there is nothing impossible for Him so keep the faith find a safe place to go and try bible based counseling, we have our 2nd session coming up and Im praying that he'll show Good luck if you want to talk more e-mail me

Divorce, Separate Or Lie
Kenny this is so sad somebody else said this and I totally agree, if you have moved on move on all the way you need to just go ahead and divorce your wife, and there is no justifiable reason for commiting adultery it's obvious that you care nothing about the word of God so you may as well divorce your wife instead of including her in you and your mistress' sin sorry to be so blunt but fantasy is what ppl want but reality is what they need

Books Missing From The Bible

Mormons may claim that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, but it contradicts the one true Word of God-the Bible. This is the same reason the other "books of the Bible" were not included. God is infallible, He doesn't contradict Himself.

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