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How To Get Back Together
If you lie, she cannot feel safe w/you now or in the future and a woman needs to feel safe with her husband. What you do today is an indication of what you may do down the road. Marriage is not a game and you cannot lie here and there and expect an "I'm sorry" to cover that sin. Yes, there is forgiveness, but were talking about integrity and character issues here. It takes a lifetime to build trust and just seconds to destroy it. PRAY & REPENT

Why Would You Feel Guilty
Bless your heart. No, it is not wrong to want the best for your child, not at all. I would say though, to pray to the Lord for the right person and for the right time. God's timing is prestine. In a couple of years or less, the time doesn't matter, God's choice for you does. He knows your heart and your/daughter's need. God does some pretty awesome things. God Bless

Marry For Love Or God's Will
Jessica, Jessica.....God's will includes love. If you are talking about love outside of a Christian family, then it sounds like you may have looked in the wrong direction. God wants you to be fulfilled and if HE wants you to go in a direction outside of what is in your heart, HE will change your heart to be in alignment w/ HIS will.

Information On Depression
I believe they are one and the same. Some people go through a maniac time, very happy, talk a mile a minute, excessive behavior and be depressive, very unhappy, withdrawn, crying all the time,suicidal, etc at different times (from one day to the next, it can change). I hope a professional answers your question so we can all be educated. Bless you

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
It sounds like you were not very specific in your petition to the Lord regarding a mate. Unfortunately, depending on age and background, when a person became a "new" creature in Christ, being a virgin, finding a virgin in the true sense may be difficult, but I would encourage you to search "your" heart, humble yourself and "find" who "you" are in Christ and where your love for this girl stems from. God Bless.

Can't Stop My Affair
"Then do the right thing"! And, yes, you do know how the affair started. First, you have to "be honest" with yourself. God already knows what you are doing, He is right there with you/watching you commit adultery. You may think you are hiding/sneaking, but there is ONE right along with you, Siara. "You" know what to do, "you" just don;t want to do it. "Words" are cheap, but "ACTION" will change lives.

Stop Sleeping With My Boyfriend
I think your bf is being convicted by the Holy Spirit and he is battling that war inside himself (Praise God) and it will continue until you both do the right thing.
God Bless you both.
But, you already this. Let God bring you together as husband and the right time. You will both have more respect for yourselves and each other when you do and this will strengthen your relationship as husband and wife.

My Wife Is Bipolar
Be Patient and look at some literature regarding Post Partum Depression, BiPolar, etc and find literature where it is sympathetic/understanding about the condition because people think it is a stigma/shame based/delicate situation for anyone to consider that this is their problem. It is hard for some of us to seek counseling without thinking it's a weakness. Pray, pray and PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens).

Walk In The Love Blogs
I agree, we may need to put their sandals on our own feet before we respond. We never know what is motivating them, but that is up to GOD to judge. Our comments/advice may be a turning point for them, one way or another.

Is There Mr. Right Or Ms. Right
I have learned that when God is in our lives, HE transforms us to be the "right" man/woman that HE desires us to be. People marry and divorce, does that mean they weren't "right" for each other? I know people who wanted to marry everyone they have dated, but didn't at that time. An attraction doesn't make a person the "right" one. Seek God first and foremost. Become the person you want God to bring into "your" life.

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
James, exactly what have "you" forgiven her for? Since when does a person have to be forgiven for their "past" to another person who was not in their past. If you want purity, then move on and find someone who is pure, for you will make your girlfriend feel like she is not good enough and if you love her, you wouldn't want to put that kind of condemnation on her. Let her go or accept her for who she is today.

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